Kept it in my desk drawer.

I always shiver when I see images of the St. Louis Fed Courthouse, looking over the Mississippi, and its legacy leading to Ferguson. I know it’s futile.

abortion restriction, then elimination, is the spear point ( :) ) of patriarchal control of female sexuality; it is not the entirety.

Ha. Great. If you want to see purists, watch the zeal with which the Reps are pursuing their agenda. What a great opportunity it will be for them to attract the corporate cash their friends across the aisle have been enjoying! Reading has no pre-requisite to research nom de plumes. If it requires a vote for a horrid blue dog like Kyrsten Sinema, so be it. These assholes never go away, never stop. what krugman does not say, that i consider likely, is that the republican party’s behavior, not only in tolerating and enabling trump’s personal business corruption and his campaign conspiracy with russia, his mistreating of immigrants of all statuses, his severely damaging the economy thru his blunderbuss tariff policies; but as well in the party’s own behavior in the supreme court nomination game which will lead to greater destruction of individual privacy, in destroying the affordable care act and damaging medicaid, and in passing an enormous tax-break bill that clearly favors the rich may destroy the party as an effective political force for years. No files Kyle, chief of staff to ‘Fredo, who resigned in a hurry over the BushCheney US Attorneys scandal.

No question that Obama’s “look forward, not behind” — both with respect to torture and the financial system meltdown — as well as his due-process-free executions were tough to swallow for people who believe that law matters. Actual voters that exercise their plebiscite in a way that is not to your liking? We are no better than anyone else. in the third place not all those you whine about are lawyers. Thanks so much for the lecture. From yesterday’s twitter: I have mentioned other ways that “looking forward not back” has led to the current disaster. Knock off the whining. 5 million emails, including the ones about the fired AG’s, were “lost” by Gonzales. “Emails?

Just imagine how damning that magic bullet quote would be were Yoo serving 10 to 20. We are in a bad place, but it’s certainly valid to discuss the past, to determine ‘what happened’. I really do not understand holy political purity trolls.

it seems reasonable to view the trump administration supreme court appointments as being powered by a hidden dynamo of religious conservatism. There will be bumps along the way; can’t rule out a burst of Nazism which will try to crush non-whites. dice. But my grasp of French is growing only slowly.

Honestly, in the bleak landscape of current US politics, it’s hard to imagine where anyone can stand and feel arrogant, how anyone can be sure they have THE answer. You poor dear you. Notes?” Gonzales replied. Political comedy is where you go when you have the world’s most self-destructive client, when the law is against you, and the facts are worse.

For some context does anyone know what the “Irma Freight Train” might be referring to? […]. “…” They” are the arrogant, sneering Democrats who marginalize the left, who avoid arguing policy and facts by willful misreading of words, ignore substantive argument in favor of petty nitpicks, treat anyone with a different view as an idiot, and reliably fall to insults and condescension: shallow, purity, troll, tantrum,.. ”. there is nothing at all to remember proudly about the leadership of general george armstrong custer. nor am i a moderator here. Here is something I wrote damn near ten years ago. 3. // Kemp is facing a competitive and closely watched race with Stacey Abrams, a former Democratic leader of the state House, who is aiming to become the country’s first black female governor. That demolishes Kavanaugh’s and the GOP’s false claim that choosing a Supreme Court Justice is not a political act. In a way, he’s not a fraud: he was cultivated for this from his earliest days on the mean streets of Bethesda. We are doing nothing to address this even as Tucker Carlson, with the third most popular cable news show, foments white nationalist resentment; we have internalized the sacredness of speech to the point where we can’t see propaganda for what it is.

knowing the party’s past, especially in the realm of political tactics and trickery, is knowing its present and future. knock of the whining and fight it out. I and many engaged dedicated political types turned away from the Dems in disgust after being thoroughly shut out of power sharing in the most condescending way.

The (GOP) House wins, we lose. The only point that matters is that I don’t believe that and I never have. As for the others who have complained about the post or the content in this thread: move on to a new topic. Aaron Yoo was born in East Brunswick Township, New Jersey in May 1979. I don’t need lecturing on any of that. I did not forbid anything. It doesn’t matter that I’ve said more than once that I’ll be working hard to elect Dems this cycle, and I’ll be hoping against hope that while keeping the military industrial banking complex intact, they will manage to keep the Russian mob out.

I understand that you could agree with me on this point and still feel strongly that Clinton deserves your vote.

That is great. She is Main Vocalist and Maknae of the South Korean musical girl group “Cosmic Girls”. paul krugman makes another  of his thoughtful summaries of a major political controversy: Any time now we’re going to have Schlozman and Goodling pop up along with all manner of really ugly stuff we’ve buried. it was insanely long and detailed. I made an error. you mean kavanaugh’s “why….” followed by 54 question marks?

And that’s assuming that guilt would in fact have been found; don’t forget that half the country still believes (a) it wasn’t torture; and (b) if it was, it was justified. I think his comment that many people did not believe Mr Obama had the authority to be the judge and jury and decide who would be killed by someone sitting in a chair in Nevada by a drone is correct. Yes, we have had to make some tough decisions at the voting booth this century. Harlan Ellison – just died in June. sampson was a personnel guy. Oh Yoo-Jin (1981) was born on November 20, 1981 in South Korea (39 years old). Whether it holds up in 2018 is another question. This place seems more civilized, certainly more intelligent. I would argue that the current situation indicates more that I am right than that it’s the Sanders voters’ fault that we’re in the predicament we’re in. Gen. Alberto R. Gonzales, came up with a checklist. I had no idea Jackson Browne had been married to Darryl Hannah, let alone that he was an abuser, too bad she didn’t have her Hattori-Hanzo sword yet (just kidding, I know that movie is problematic especially when I heard that Uma Thurman was hurt during the filming). Yoo placed 11th with a total of 136,780 votes in the final episode and debuted as a member of I.O.I.

I’m listening and understanding your point of view. Ridiculing us and blaming us for the mistakes of the party is no way to regain our trust. On May 4, project girl group I.O.I debuted with the mini-album Chrysalis. **Warning: this article is extraordinarily difficult reading. [UPDATE-2].

“Apologies to all for … growing aggressive after blowing yet another game of dice” “Reminders to everyone to be very very vigilant w/r/t confidentiality on all issues and all fronts, including with spouses.” I have the advantage of my expertise, but it is usually unnecessary on this site.

In fact, extremely polarizing, disrespectful argument creates the perfect environment for Russian bots to create political chaos. 2. ah now, would our brett do something like this? For someone wearing religion on his sleeve as a badge of honor and virtuosity (or photo-op as it may be), I guess we should all revert back to the halcyon days of religious order orphanages. ), It was a light comment, because his name caused me to become embroiled with you guy(s) and gal(s), A more more trite comment would have been, “Please don’t bring up John Yoo again unless we are discussing how long his parole period should be”.

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