They are typically referred to as "HD- heavy duty" (BR6 factory build code), and standard (BRY factory build code). If you are not familiar, the ideal situation is to have a tall and flexible tire sidewall in order to absorb minor trail obstacles and protect the wheel from damage. It's a very impressive system, but also complicated and not conducive to modification.

There are aftermarket kits out there which turn these housings into additional tail lights, but I was not interested in that. Factory Lighting: There were some modifications to the Jeep done even in regards to OEM lighting.

The Grand Cherokee has been a standout in its class for some time, and this generation is no different. rated towing capacity.

A blackout “Hemi” badge was added on the rear liftgate with the custom “Trail Wolf” badge. Overall, it has proven to be more than adequate in the power department, applies amazing traction in nearly every condition, allows for driver input off road, but does suffer in fuel consumption when driven hard.

It is possible to get close to 4” of total lift if you Frankenstein your setup on a WK2.

The MOPAR rear fog light kit was installed in place of the plain reflectors in the rear bumper. However, it is still a Wrangler and has it’s own compromises in spite of being uncompromising in capability. There are multiple reasons why, but that subject deserves its own article. The particular vehicle purchased is a "Quadra-Trac II" which came with the 65RFE transmission, the MP3023 transfer case, and standard ZF axles. There are a couple different transmission variations and transfer cases depending on options. Any vehicle can certainly be streamlined or focused within it's capabilities, but you shouldn't have to re-engineer a vehicle to make it usable for overlanding. Fresh off my last Afghanistan deployment, a more suitable vehicle for long distance overland travel was at the top of the investment list.
Since the WK2 comes from the factory with an AGM battery and a 180 amp alternator, little is needed in the power production department. I'll say it again- the WK2 Grand Cherokee has FULLY INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION.

For the WK2, an engine driven compressor wasn’t very realistic, so a compact ARB 12 volt compressor was installed under the rear seat. Like most Grands, it had lots of chrome applique. The drivetrain and cargo capacity as well as durability of an overland vehicle should be the first things considered before a purchase. 2011-2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 Accessories & Parts. A tire inflation kit and tire repair kit (broken down into a MOLLE pouches) is installed and accessories kept under the back seat next to the compressor for easy access.

A couple more cosmetic, but functional additions were Bushwacker fender flares and some hood louvers.

Follow along as we prepare this wonderful Jeep vehicle for the next round of Flatwater Overland operations! Winch, Warn VR EVO 10-S Standard Duty 10,0000lb. What is meant by this is that ideally, the basic vehicle should be able to fit your needs stock.

One notable option this Grand Cherokee (and I would suggest for ANY vehicle used for overlanding or off-roading) is the factory towing package. However, an overpowered vehicle can have the tendency to break critical drivetrain components and be very inefficient for extended backcountry use. A smaller rim means more tire sidewall and wheel protection off road.

I was convinced it may even replace my YJ on the next big trip…. The FTM-400 is a remote mount radio.

This will allow you to install a permanent lift and heavier duty springs yet maintain a still impressive traction control.

Those links also required frequent greasing and maintenance.
For a rundown of WK2 transmissions in detail, go HERE.

There are a few additional skids I would definitely recommend.

I first used this setup in my Wrangler out of necessity, but it is still a great way to go. It is also possibly the most attractive fully functional snorkel I have seen on a 4x4. For a detailed description of WK2 transfer cases and 4x4 systems, go HERE. Flatwater team members have FCC licensing and utilize Ham radios exclusively. This should be considered the optimum size for all WK2s. I simply didn’t require this function.

Doing so isn’t just a selfish violation, they can cause very real hazards to other drivers.

The lighting configuration chosen for the Trail Wolf WK2 is based on personal needs and experiences. This is quite sufficient for even modified overland use and is a class leading rating. It has some truck parts underneath to give off road capability yet is also a quiet and comfortable unibody car. I must admit this fully rounded package may be a great option for some drivers that do not wish to permanently lift their Grand, or install larger tires. Factory supplied skid plates can be less than desirable in many circumstances, necessitating a strong aftermarket support of the vehicle or personal fabrication skills. Larger diameter tires are the only way that true ground clearance beneath the axles is achieved. Your aftermarket support isn’t nearly as diverse as with the Wranglers, but for some of us, what we can’t easily buy, we can build if we need it bad enough.

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