Wet-spray another coat of Autobase mixture. Jeep dealer said "Have you tried to disable the park assist?" 8. (Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. 3 Answers _-__-___-_ Level 3: An expert who has achieved level 3 by getting 1000 points. Reverse Sensing System installation manual - PDF format   (11-pages, 842kb) They are reprinted here for convenience and to give anyone interesting in buying this system an idea of what is involved for the installation. Install audio/visual display to the right D-pillar trim panel as shown. 20. This code means that the Park Assist Control Module A (PACM-A) and other control modules on the vehicle are not communicating with each other. Do not use rough or hard cloths. 7. Jeep Grand Cherokee Reliability and Common Problems, Although considered more reliable than earlier generations, J.D. Keep cables away from sharp edges and ensure they are not pinched under the fascia. Install sensors as shown and fully engage the clips. The Rear Park Assist Switch LED will be OFF when the system is enabled. 68164661AA. Install sensors as shown and fully engage the clips. When the obstacle is detected at a distance of about 59 inches (150 cm) from the rear fascia, the outermost LEDs of the warning display will be ON with increased brightness. Over time, these components can get damaged, interfering with the operation of your SUV's lights. Mopar Parts Giant is your prime online source with the biggest and best selection of genuine Mopar parts and accessories at giant discounted prices. Severity in this case is moderate due to the safety issues that arise from the possibilities of a PACM-A giving incorrect information regarding vehicle obstructions. Most noticeable changes in the new Compass are Jeep’s iconic seven-slat grille, which is now larger for. Connect the red lead of your voltmeter to each B+ (battery voltage) supply coming into the PACM-A connector and the black lead of your voltmeter to a good ground (if not sure, battery negative always works). Disconnect the negative battery cable and perform center splicing as shown. Discount Jeep Parts and Accessories Copyright ©2020 CarParts.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. All content © 2004-2020 OBD-Codes.com. Page 1 of 2: 1: 2 : Tweet LinkBack: Thread Tools: post #1 of 22 Old 06-16-2009, 03:24 AM Thread Starter. Open the liftgate and remove the upper liftgate trim panel. The ProTech I Package is standard across all Grand Cherokee models and includes Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross Path Detection to help detect the presence of other vehicles in your blind spot zones or when crossing your path as you move in reverse. This is located in the passenger side under the cargo mat in the trunk. Each side of the warning display has 6 yellow and 2 red LEDs. 5. Remove the rear fascia and place it on a protected surface. Check all grounds for the PACM-A. Enable/Disable the Rear Park Assist System. MSRP prices are current as of March 2013. $341.00 google_color_link = "0000FF"; Pin On Computer Chip Cruise Control Car And Truck Parts. Cigar lighter power outlet fuses in the jeep grand cherokee. All information on this site is copyright protected. This part fits specific Jeep Commander, Grand Cherokee models. My park assist seems to be disabled and I have tried to turn it back on but I have not been having any luck. Use electrical contact cleaner and a plastic bristle brush if cleaning of the terminals is needed. The most common failure is loss of power or ground to the PACM-A. The Rear Park Assist System will remember the last system state (enabled or disabled) from the last ignition cycle when the ignition is changed to the RUN/ON position. Not near as sensitive as the original equipment does sound alarm but too close for comfort. Should you encounter an issue accessing any content on www.jeep.com, please. The system might not detect an obstacle behind the fascia or it could provide a false indication that an obstacle is behind the fascia. Replace any damaged plastic pop rivets from stock. Use foam tape around cables and wires at both access holes to prevent leaks. If all tests have passed and communication is still not possible, or you were unable to clear the U0159 fault code, the only thing left that can be done is to seek assistance from a trained automotive diagnostician, as this would indicate a failed PACM-A. Tools required are shown below on the scan of page one of the manual. Mopar Reverse Sensing System kit Route power harness wires through the drilled access hole and out of the taillamp opening access hole. 6 cyl 3 0l diesel 6 cyl 3 6l 8 cyl 5 7l 8 cyl 6 4l. O RING Decoupler Select vehicle options to narrow down result. The 2020 Jeep® Grand Cherokee is equipped with over 70 standard and available safety and security technologies to help keep you safe on journeys near or far. Misdiagnosis has been known to occur if you diagnose the U0159 code before any of the basic codes have been thoroughly diagnosed and dismissed. So you just purchased your new Wilde Jeep Cherokee, but you are wondering how all the tech features work, like how to turn off automatic parking brake assist (parksense) in the 2019 Jeep Cherokee.Luckily, we have compiled an easy how-to guide that should help you understand more about what this feature is exactly and how it works. The Rear Park Assist Switch LED will be ON when the Rear Park Assist System is disabled or defective. Replacement Parking Assist Sensor - Direct Fit, Set of 4 . As the distance of the detected obstacle to the rear fascia decreases, more LEDs are illuminated. Failure to do so can result in injury or damage to vehicles or obstacles because the hitch ball will be much closer to the obstacle than the rear fascia when the warning display turns the red LEDs ON. Part Description. Wait 5 minutes. Step 3: Fog-spray 1 coat of Autobase mixture. 12. 22. Make all connections to the controller. Registered User. Drill an access hole in the right inner quarter panel as shown. When I put my Jeep into reverse, I only get the outter two yellow lights to light up by my rear window. Print this page; Share this page × Ad. If the Rear Park Assist System is enabled at this shifter position, the system will be active until the vehicle speed is increased to approximately 11.2 miles/hr (18 km/h) or above. 21. The four rear park assist sensors located in the rear fascia monitor the area behind the vehicle that is within the sensors field of view. If you have to, take them off, get a small wire bristle brush and baking soda/water solution and clean each one, both the connector and where it connects. google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; If you have the factory-installed Park Assist System on your 2005 to 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK, this is the replacement sensor you need to get your system working right again. 1. NOTE: This information is presented for information purposes only. $21.75 Hook the red lead of your voltmeter to battery positive (B+) and the black lead to each ground circuit. The sensors can detect obstacles from approximately 11.8 inches (30 cm) up to 59 inches (150 cm) from the rear fascia in the horizontal direction, depending on the location and orientation of the obstacle and the type of obstacle. View by Part Description. O RING Decoupler. Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Mopar and SRT are registered trademarks of FCA US LLC. 9. (24mm and 30mm holesaws for sensors and display installation) 6.Remove the right inner quarter trim panel. If you still need help regarding the U0159 trouble code, please post Route power harness wires through the drilled access hole and out of the taillamp opening access hole. Factory Park Distance Sensor for 2005-2008 Grand Cherokee WK. Installation involves removing interior trim panels, removing the rear fascia, drilling holes, and soldering a couple of wires to the taillamp harness. Inner Front or Rear Fascia [-AU], [X8W], [XH4], Inner Front or Rear Fascia [-AU], [X8W], [XH5], Select vehicle options to narrow down result, 74 - SPORT UTILITY 4-DR TYPE #4, J - JEEP - 4WD, T - JEEP - 2WD, 74 - SPORT UTILITY 4-DR TYPE #4, H - HIGHLINE, J - JEEP - 4WD, P - PREMIUM, R - RACE, S - SPORT, T - JEEP - 2WD, 74 - SPORT UTILITY 4-DR TYPE #4, J - JEEP - 4WD, T - JEEP - 2WD, T - TOURING, Interior Lighting, Door Trim And Body Trim Panels, Interior Trim, Seating, Instrument Panel And Floor Console, Sensors, Differential Exhaust And Oil Vapor Pressure, Spark Plugs, Ignition Coils, And Capacitors, Spark Plugs, Ignition Wires And Ignition Coil, Speakers, Instrument Panel And Quarters And Amplifiers, Hydraulic Control Unit & Brake Tubes, To Master Cylinder, Radiator Seals, Shields, Baffles, And Shrouds, Crankshaft, Crankshaft Bearings, Damper And Flywheel, Engine Oil Pan, Engine Oil Level Indicator And Related Parts, Engine Oil, Filter, Adapter/Oil Cooler & Hoses/Tubes, Pistons, Piston Rings, Connecting Rods And Connecting Rod Bearings, Adjusters, Recliners & Shields - Driver Seat - Power And Manual, Adjusters, Recliners & Shields - Passenger Seat - Manual, Adjusters, Recliners & Shields - Passenger Seat - Power, Interior Moldings, Pillars Panels, And Scuff Plates, Air Bag Modules Impact Sensor & Clock Springs, PUSH PIN M6.3X23.00 Parking Assist Module Attaching.

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