Unlike the other members of the Rebellion, she does not appear to be afraid of Hordak and the other Hordesmen. Shadow Weaver knew Adora was She-Ra, which may have influenced her later decision to attempt to erase Adora's memory of her almost-invincible alter-ego. Spinnerella appears in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Shadow Weaver attacks the Council and lets her darkness devour the leader, declaring that the spell worked and that she is stronger now. Then later seen again, showing Catra footage of She-Ra's victory. Catra dissolved into a rage of tears when she saw Shadow Weaver had teamed up with Adora. In the comics, he was originally an ordinary athlete who (along with his best friend) was kidnapped and transformed by Hordak where Dragstor was mind-controlled to serve him. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Galactic Horde | Eventually, she discovered the truth behind the First Ones' project: they intended to syphon the natural magic of Etheria's runestones and the princesses into She-Ra as a massive weapon to use against their enemies, called the Heart of Etheria.

Dean Gordon Pritchard | Mattel had intended to release the Horde characters among the next wave of villains, and they were intended to fill the role of the main opposition to He-Man in the show's third season. In the cartoon, he did not have the "extra mouth" that the figure had. In her cat form, she retains the ability to speak and possesses greater strength than her human form. Inspector Darkney is the Horde Inspector that works for Horde Prime. Nicknames (aka) Lohni debuted as the former second-in-command under force captain Adora in the 1985 She-Ra: Princess of Power animated series in the episode "Friendship". The Horde is a fictional intergalactic organization of supervillainous monsters, robots, and sorcerors on Etheria who occupy the land on behalf of the one of whom their leader Hordak is cloned, Horde Prime. One of the most overlooked details about Catra is that she also possesses the power of teleportation. Mantah Corp, See Also Guy Gagné |

On the other hand, Shadow Weaver "makes that choice to just sort of peace out." Her former and current names are antonyms of each other: light and shadow. Snidely Whiplash | Mermista appears in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power as one of the Princesses that Glimmer, Bow, and Adora come to ask to join the Rebellion. Sadako Yamamura | Red Death | While scouting the planet, her spaceship is captured by Hordak, and he tries to use her people to do his bidding. Later, when her mother is in battle with the Horde, she too disappears. Among these are an Impact Ring, that enhances his physical blows a hundredfold and projects a protective energy shield in the form of a falcon; Seven League Boots that enable him to leap over great distances and a Photon Cutlass, which can stun when its blade glows blue and can cut through any substance when it glows red. She says that they can break the restraints on the magic the First Ones built, and use it against Prime. However, this gradually leads to Shadow Weaver's downfall as Catra wins Hordak's favor and replaces her, while Shadow Weaver is imprisoned for violently refusing to relinquish the Black Garnet to her former subordinate.

Clawdeen only appears once during the series' run. So she escapes and makes her way around the Fright Zone, decorating it with flowers wherever she goes. In Season Four, Shadow Weaver begins to show concern for Glimmer as she became more and more desperate to find a way to defeat the Horde. She has green eyes and light grey skin, pointed ears, and very dark green hair. Species Lord Shen | Castaspella reluctantly agrees to come after Shadow Weaver says she has a plan while the rest of them don't, but she assures Shadow Weaver that if she tries anything, she won't hesitate to strike her down. Shadow Weaver begins teaching Glimmer to use sorcery. Catra appears in the Robot Chicken episode "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie", voiced by Eden Espinosa. She is often seen as a second-in-command type to Hordak but is still his slave, he has been seen threatening to wipe her mystical advancements away at a whim. A rather weak and timid human character, he is the least effective member of Catra's soldiers, often working alongside Lonnie and Rogelio. However, they usually have a tendency to work out for the best regardless. She does so, and Lord Hordak is unhappy that they are still missing a Force Captain, so he appoints Catra as the new one, much to Shadow Weaver's disappointment. Because of this nature, Imp is hated by most other members of The Horde. This interruption to her Moonstone connection caused her to glitch and prevented her from teleporting. She is voiced by Lorraine Toussaint.

The Deathless Soldiers of Kartan stopped him Kartan sentenced him to be mummified alive while reading from the Netherworld Scroll. She seems to not be prisoner anymore and is an ally to the kingdom of Bright Moon and The Rebellion, though the princesses are still hesitant to trust her due to her past with Adora. Not only are these behaviors physical abuse on their own, they also imply that Shadow … However, the Queen was also captured and imprisoned by Hordak. Her skill and knowledge in magic are shown to outshine that of Castaspella, the current ruler of Mystacor. He made three appearances in the series. Micah then assists, showing his true magical capabilities.

At some point, she also takes in Catra.
Spinner and weaver are both synonyms, implying that she equally controlled light as she now does the darkness that are shadows. Makunga |
Status They begin casting, but something goes wrong, an entity infects the spell and attacks Micah and Light Spinner. Shadow Weaver was a practicing apprentice sorceress originally from the Kingdom of Mystacor. He was destroyed by She-Ra in the series finale after she freed the Heart of Etheria and restored magic to the universe.

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