Portuguese Water DogPudelpointerPugPuliPumiPyrenean ShepherdRat TerrierRhodesian RidgebackRottweiler, Saint BernardSalukiSamoyedSarplaninacSchapendoesSchipperkeSchnauzer (Giant)Schnauzer (Miniature)Schnauzer (Standard)Schweizer LaufhundScottish DeerhoundScottish TerrierSealyham Terrier Pictured to the left a young APBT bitch by the name of coco, owners, Peter L & Gary MC of, Irish Bred Kennels "IBK". We are dedicated to our work and believe that community outreach and breed awareness has been far from adaquate. Any dog regardless of breed can snap or become aggressive given certain situations or conditions but proper raising can minimize the risks. These are the most desirable weights for show condition. Cardigan Welsh CorgiCatahoula Leopard DogCaucasian OvtcharkaCavalier King Charles Spaniel Others are more open to making new friends. It is believed the English Staffie was developed in a region called Staffordshire and was done by crossing the English Bull dog and the Manchester Terrier. With enough to do it should be calm and level in temperament and affectionate, but while friendly in general with socialization, some are more wary of strangers than others and careful introductions should be made. The stop is clearly defined. It was developed to be a bull baiter, blood sports like that, cock fighting and bear baiting were popular spectator sports in those days. Pictured above Molly & Lily, competing in a hurdle knockout game in 2010. He is charming, curious, and adaptable to most types of home environments. The coat of the dog is straight, wiry and hard. His colour is either a bright red, red wheaten or golden red and he may or may not have a small patch of white on the chest. Most Staffies in the US today are either American or English, Irish Staffies are rare. PekingesePembroke Welsh CorgiPerro de Presa CanarioPetit Basset Griffon Vendeen A well bred and well socialized and trained ISBT is very good with children. It needs active owners that will give it tasks to do, a role to fulfill and lots of attention. A suburb first timer to the weight pull game and certainly one to look out for. Its oral health is also something you need to take care of. At rescues or shelters there is a possibility you can adopt one for something around $50 to $400, but it is more likely to be an adult rather than a puppy. A little about us, IPBTA was founded in 2007 and is run by a group of responsible dog owners. We are a  NON-PROFIT  organization working on a voluntary basis. Known as the “dare-devil” of the dog world, the Irish Terrier is an active breed always appearing self-assured, intelligent and fearless. There is always a crew member on standby to help if you need information on Health, Diet,  Basic obedience and handling skills. The Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a medium to large dog weighing 55 to 77 pounds and standing 17 to 24 inches tall. You are also more likely to find mixed breeds rather than purebreds. Eyes are round and brown and its ears should be half pricked. The coat will keep the dog safe from all the weather conditions. Great DaneGreat PyreneesGreater Swiss Mountain DogGreenland DogGreyhound If it gets bored and is under exercised it becomes hard to control, destructive, restless and even aggressive. It is a bold, strong and fearless dog too and does have a history of aggression towards other dogs, but if bred and raised well should never be people aggressive unless it is protecting you from a genuine threat. It will want to be a part of the family and all its activities and needs companionship, this is not a dog that can be left alone for long periods. Staffies in the US were bred larger and so diverged and became known as American Staffordshire Bull Terriers. When these blood sports were banned many, including Irish breeders, used the dog in illegal dog fighting and others decided to develop it further into being an acceptable and safe family dog and companion. In the 1930s some more interest was shown. Polish Lowland SheepdogPomeranianPoodle (Miniature)Poodle (Standard)Poodle (Toy)Portuguese Podengo It can be aggressive if not correctly raised and handled and can also be destructive. Griffon (Brussels)Griffon (Wirehaired Pointing) HarrierHavanese Welcome to Ireland’s Pit Bull Terrier Association, home page for the Working Pit Bull Terrier community. The Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a powerful and muscular dog, very strong for his size with a broad head and very strong jaws. Ensure that the prospective puppy’s parents have all health clearances. A prime example of the APBT pictured above shown true working abilities and determination:  Athletic K9 CH,  HANK OF YENALED, owner Jules Delaney.. A little about us, IPBTA was founded in 2007 and is run by a group of responsible dog owners. Offer it treats, encourage it and reward it, and offer praise. Check its nails regularly and when they start to get too long clip them with proper dog scissors or clippers. Check its ears once a week too for signs of infection like redness, swelling or bad odor and give them a wipe clean too. Medical concerns like blood tests, deworming, a physical exam, shots, micro chipping and spaying or neutering will cost about $290 a year. The Irish Staff will eat about 3 to 4½ cups of a good quality dry dog food a day and that should split into at least two meals. It has a life span of about 10 to 16 years and today is an intelligent, active and surprisingly agile and strong dog kept for sporting competitions and as an affectionate companion. American Black & Tan CoonhoundAmerican BulldogAmerican Cocker SpanielAmerican English CoonhoundAmerican Eskimo DogAmerican FoxhoundAmerican Hairless TerrierAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAmerican Staffordshire TerrierAmerican Water SpanielAnatolian Shepherd Dog ), *NOTE 1: CHIC – The Canine Health Information Center “is a database of consolidated health screening results from multiple sources. The muzzle is short and the cheek muscles distinct. It was also bred to be gentle and friendly towards people though, owners did not need it trying to attack them when handling it. The round eyes are brown and the nose black. It has a powerfully built body that is strong and hard. Its neck is muscular and short and its legs are wide apart with dewclaws sometimes being removed. Kenwood’s Legacy “Erin” Black Russian TerrierBloodhoundBlue Picardy SpanielBoerboel (South African)BologneseBorder CollieBorder TerrierBorzoiBoston TerrierBouvier des FlandresBoxer Hurdles can be used in a verity of different ways, you can have dogs run alone or you can compete in a hurdle knockout game against a number of dogs. The Irish Terrier is said to be a small and sometimes medium sized terrier dog. APBT pictured here clearing 9 feet in this picture. At our days out its all about creating a fun atmosphere for both owner and dog while sharing each others commen interests, knowledge and experiences. The muzzle of the dog is bearded and the legs are straight and strong and it has a long tail. It has a powerfully built body that is strong and hard. EurasierField SpanielFinnish LapphundFinnish SpitzFlat-Coated RetrieverFox Terrier (Smooth)Fox Terrier (Wirehaired)Foxhound (American)Foxhound (English)French BulldogFrench Spaniel Pharaoh HoundPicardy Shepherd Its head is heavy and large and it has a short muzzle and strong and powerful jaws. The Irish Staffie is an intelligent dog and it is also active. Deerhound (Scottish)Doberman PinscherDogo ArgentinoDogo CanarioDogue de Bordeaux It can be stubborn if it senses it can manipulate you and training should be done in a gentle and positive manner. It does well in weight pulling and jumping competitions as well as being a good family dog as long as owners are experienced. Not known for displaying unnecessary aggression towards strangers, the pit bull terrier will protect its owners and their property. Generally, the Irish Terrier is seen in various colors li… The Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a medium to large purebred originally from England but then later further developed in Ireland. Socialization, training and supervision are a must and it is not a dog to let off leash when other strange dogs are around. Always ensure it has access to water that is kept as fresh as possible. Braque du BourbonnaisBraque FrançaisBriardBrittany SpanielBrussels GriffonBull TerrierBulldog (English)BullmastiffCairn TerrierCanaan DogCanadian Eskimo DogCane Corso The first thing as with all training is understanding your dog, what Weight: He is charming, curious, and adaptable to most types of home environments. A suburb first timer to the weight pull game and certainly one to look out for. – Females: 25 lbs (11 kg) The latter includes things like a crate, collar and leash, food bowls, carrier and such at a cost of about $210. – Males: 27 lbs (12 kg) Small Munsterlander Pointer Contact us @ dogbreedpluscontactus@gmail.com, Blue, black, red, fawn, white or brindle with markings, Not yet a fully registered member of the AKC, Moderate – not good in warm or hot climates, Average to above average – more likely to happen when drinking too, Average – measure its food and make sure it is well exercised, Low to average – Brush once or twice a week, Occasional – does bark but it is not constant, Moderate – requires experienced dog owner, Very good with training and socialization, Moderate to good training and socialization is needed as is supervision, Good but wary – require training and socialization, Moderate to good but prefers not to be alone for long periods, Fairly healthy breed but some issues include mange, hip and elbow dysplasia, $485 a year for basic health care and pet insurance, $270 a year for a good quality dry dog food and dog treats, $245 a year for toys, basic training, miscellaneous items and license, Northern Ireland Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue, also check local rescues and shelters, Attacks doing bodily harm: 3 Child Victims: 1 Maimings: 1 Deaths: 0 (these stats are for a dog listed as Bull Terrier not Pit). SELECT A BREEDAffenpinscherAfghan HoundAiredale TerrierAkbash DogAkitaAlapaha Blueblood BulldogAlaskan Klee KaiAlaskan Malamute At our days out its all about creating a fun atmosphere for both owner and dog while sharing each others commen interests, knowledge and experiences. That said when things are done properly it is friendly, affectionate, playful, extremely loyal and protective. We are dedicated to the American Pit Bull Terrier and to open the eyes of the people of Ireland to the true working abilities and qualities of this amazing breed. The amount varies depending on its size, health, age, activity level and metabolism. Owners need to be confident, strong, active and able to commit to its socialization and training. All images are the property of their respective owners. A prime example of the APBT pictured above shown true working abilities and determination: Athletic … We are a. organization working on a voluntary basis. While English Staffies are recognized by the AKC ranking 79th in popularity, Irish ones are not. It tends to be obedient as long as your leadership is clear and strong, but it is not suited to new or meek owners, and it is not the best dog for just any family. These dogs are not recommended for the first time dog owner. In addition, the Irish Terrier is also sometimes seen working as a Therapy Dog. If you found any image copyrighted to yours, Please contact us , so we can remove it. King is owner, Jason Swords. Its playfulness means it helps when owners have a sense of humor! Cesky TerrierChesapeake Bay RetrieverChien Courant Suisse (Swisshound) The “owner” countries write the standards of these breeds in co-operation with the Standards and Scientific Commissions of the FCI, and the translation and updating are carried out by the FCI. Ireland's Pit Bull Terrier Association & Bull Breed Registry, Dublin, Ireland. Appenzeller SennenhundArgentine DogoAustralian Cattle DogAustralian KelpieAustralian ShepherdAustralian Stumpy Tail Cattle DogAustralian Tenterfield TerrierAustralian Terrier Early socialization along with training are an essential part of responsible dog ownership.

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