So what ,go f with the wrong guy and get your dumb blank ,or k the wrong guy and go to jail and then that ese you running from on the streets, you will have to fight him in the jail house hahahahahahhahhahha! Carnell “U Dub 5” Snell was laid to rest today. The Inglewood Family Gang are also rivals of the Hispanic Inglewood 13. Inglewood Family Gang. Other allies include the Crenshaw Mafia Gang and Center Park Bloods. QUESTION THO IS IFGB THE TRU CK GANG WHAT I MEAN BY THAT IS DO THRY KEEP IT TRADITIONAL?

Nobody like a slob. the original sissy murder gang lmao!

113 suuwooop love to all my dogs 11 tre damu inglewood fams whats wood yall keep it brackin keep it real pop 5 shots and leave 6 guys wit they ckaps peeilt. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. 03K 04K 06K 09K 111K LCK.IVK. Thats what they want us to do. f WIIT IT SUWOOOP! merry xmas GEE! Home > Blood Gangs > Inglewood > IFG More less i be.
Down in Oklahoma 77 block IFGB W77D napp smashin INGLEW77D, Ya’ll IFGz get @ me @ 561-294-9675 since IFGB is a powerhouse do they keep it original & traditional true ck blood gang? The Chain Gang had been around before the formation of the Crips, along with the L.A. Brims. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); I live this ish…Taking it to my grave….. IFGB STAND UP!!! FUC SLOBZ LMAO I HEARD A LIL CRIP IN INGLEWOOD RUNZ THA CITY NOW I FORGOT HIS NAME BUT ILL ASK AROUND HIS NAME IZ RINGING ALL OVER THA COUNTRY STATE AND ESPECIALLY INGLEWOOD I THINK HE FRUM LEGENDS CRIPS LOL SMH @ U SLOBS OUT THERE YALL JOKES, f all crabs especially sissies Blood. Despite being Bloods, the Inglewood Family Gang are also known for their past feuds with other blood gangs such as the Neighbor Hood Pirus along with the Queen Street Bloods as well as the Black P Stones.

and why thay hatin on the set….WEST SIDE FGz 94ST ………. F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #14 – Lance Feurtado, Fat Cat, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #15 – Noonie Ward, James Allridge, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #17 – Allah the Father | Carol Preston | Afrika Bambaataa, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #18 – Brooklyn’s Decepticons | Philadelphia’s Junior Black Mafia | Betty Shabazz, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #19 – Leroy “Nicky Barnes” | Alpo Martinez, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #21 – | New York Freddie Myers |, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #22 – Pappy Mason | Frank Lucas, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #23 – Castor Gonzalez | Jack Johnson, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #24 | Red Dillard Morisson |, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #25 – Anniversary Issue, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #26 – Shower Posse | Boston George Jung, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #27 – Midget Moley, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #30 | Anthony Hamilton, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #31 | Killer Mike | Lil Boosie, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #29 – Plies, Drumma Boy, Slim Thug, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #32 | Eddie the “Fat Man” Jackson | Chris “Deep” Henderson | Waka Flocka Flame, Allhood Publications Magazine, Issue #7 | History of Santana Blocc Compton Crips | Leuders Park Pirus, Don Diva Magazine – Issue 32 – Beanie Sigel | Plies | Big Trip, Don Diva Magazine Issue 33 | Rick Ross | Snitches, Don Diva Magazine Issue 34 | Exclusive Rick Ross Truth, Don Diva Magazine Issue #36 | Big Ike | 9th Anniversary, Don Diva Magazine Issue #37 | Zoe Pound | Ronnell Levatte | Marijuana, Don Diva Magazine Issue #38 | Baltimore | Heroin Capitol | Nathan Avon Barksdale | Fabulous, Don Diva Magazine Issue #39 | Donald Green | Life Sentence, Don Diva Magazine Issue #40 | Rich Porter | Milton Jones | Larry Hoover | Pete Rollack, Don Diva Magazine Issue #52 | Christopher “Dudus” Coke | Jamaican Drug Lord Rufus Rodgers | Snitches |, Cal State Long Beach T-Shirt from “Oldest Bloods” Series, Hoodlife DVD Black Mafia Gang (BMG) in Ventura County, The Life of Rayful Edmond: The Rise and Fall Vol.
WS TEPA13 106 ST INGLEWOOD BANGING 18K LNXK, I dont like slobs guy this walnut blocc lynwood crip gang.

Search for: Search.

That’s all I know, keep shooting keep that check up. 1974, WS.

This the oygb j5. The Inglewood Family Gang have traditionally been cliqued up with the Avenue Piru Gang, who they share a long standing and deep rooted history with. I’m a blood forreal. look it up ! Kid Krak here outta Houston Tx Bangin Families…77 on mine but but 212 to 80, 92, 94. They ain’t bøut ish damu!!!

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