I can't get past this. Unfortunately, I am not in control of dishing out Karma or rest assured, he’d receive a healthy dose! I cannot adequately describe what a beautiful feeling that is. Think about it: When you are angry at your ex, you will have this newfound energy and fury that will make you more productive. Two and a half years since my cheating husband walked out of the door, the “time” part has done its job. I can't stand you. Have you ever felt these psychotic, swirling emotions while thinking about your lovely ex? I held onto this notion that I could get him to respond the way I wanted by expressing my anger, that my indigence at being “a woman scorned” should get me exactly what I want from him. I have tried really hard to forgive him. Being sad makes it so difficult to truly feel like you've moved on. Now it's whole again but with a network of cracks that make it unique and beautiful in a way it wasn't before. I turned to my Grandparents and others in the end. I have like all the people on here gone through lots of emotions. Is that normal? These women reveal why they hate their husbands and what they might be willing to do in response. It won’t take long, we’ve all been there. What they have in front of them is that they are both cheaters and liars who hurt you and your kids. So accurate a description that I could have written it myself, including the part of his now girlfriend. They cannot "fix" that and it is not their job. Dumb donkey ass. “Radical acceptance” comes from a place of love, and love is really the last thing I feel for my ex. Will shortly need to hire an attorney to have this stopped once and for all! After 7 years of being divorced, due to HIS affair and numerous acts of despicable behaviour (I could write a book), he still tries to control my life and makes it … He wanted an annulment after 14.5 years and said he didn’t want me to use his name. I hate my ex-husband, my lawyer, the judge and anyone that is associated with them. Enjoy him and be thankful of where you are in your life right now versus where you were. No, I do not want to talk to him. I went for help as he refused to go. But I absolutely, 100% despise him, what he stands for, the choices he makes and their impact on my children. I want to not hate him anymore for what he did, I want to forgive what he did and I try to do that everyday, some days are better than others. But, my, I wish it didn't take so long. You do not want this confused self-centered idiot. I now live with my son and his family and have to share the house with my ex-husband (my son’s father) who I cannot stand and want to puck every time I see him walk through the house. Am I so hurt by him that I simply cannot forgive? Believed to be "the one" I’ve done the write the letter thing then ripped it up. I have scoured the internet and every self-help book and listened to every person that would talk to me about their ill feelings. When she died in April, I was hopeful things would get better, but I was fooling myself. If he trash talks them to you, then shame on him. Mine still wants me to take him back. Rather, it is much more likely that a person who has been betrayed holds onto those feelings towards an ex, whether consciously or not, as a form of self protection. But some of us knows how painful these ,good for nothing , abuse has effected so bad. Why did I think so poorly of myself? It will be tough to move on and create a new, healthy and happy relationship. You can help your children by letting go of your anger and hate. What a bum he is. He won’t. Most of us are not bad people. The decision is in your hands. I loved the point Jackie said that his new girlfriend is “OK being in a relationship that was started based on lies and cheating.” That really hit home for me. I resent every minute of this. Dis guard you with such Most of all, I wish that I had spent more time looking and taking the risk with another. It was Buddha or Bob Marley or someone like that. People told me he was superficial. I supposed so. You were left nothing? You cannot believe you have to add “divorced” to your resume. You are emotionally unhinged (and it is your ex’s fault). "let go" but to live 23 years I am at the beginning. Go away and spread your crap somewhere else. No better than 2+2=5 or really Kim Jong-un's speeches about the state of his people. Best wishes!! “Everything you write about I have experienced. It is a powerful and comforting fantasy. I didn’t realize it. It's never going to be something I get over. And then one day, as an adult, it becomes crystal clean to this naive person, that truly bad people do exist. They are trying to boost their ego. She stayed in our house after a New Years Eve Party and after we had lots of wine she wept on my shoulder telling me she did not know what to do, and I consoled her. Perhaps he does not want to be the "bad guy" so he feels he is giving you emotional support - or thinks he is. And I honestly cannot relate. The whole thing broke my heart. If living well is the best revenge, you're proving the best way to do that is putting the marital chaos and charade behind you -- … Your physical health will suffer. Why “Normal” People Intentionally Hurt Others. Seriously, you should be a therapist.”, “If not for your articles I could not have gotten through the last 2 1/2 years so gracefully. A man who doesn't keep his promise ,what makes him think I d give him another chance. As I said, if they are just as narcissistic as their father, you have done your best. It's horrible. He says he is sorry, and I do believe him. I have been down that road and my life is better than ever. Additionally, she is a Huffington Post contributor. Now he has just denied Does the distaste allow me to somehow still have a connection? I am so tired of feeling like this! Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. It was selfish on both their parts to put me in the middle of their discontent. I found this site by Googling I HATE MY EX HUSBAND. Try to enjoy the time you have with them and leave them OUT of your post divorce drama. Does having the hatred make it easier to stay away? You again?” I Hate My Ex Husband Quotes & Sayings . That being said, I would kind of like that experience. Any job I got after kids got older was sabotaged., my self esteem was non existent from the constant put downs.

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