I have dry stalls and loving it! They would all stop and start peeing when I whistled! Before that day I didn’t think much about “teaching” my equine partners to manage their own manure. Stud piles can be several feet wide and as high as 2 or 3 feet. Now whenever I saddle him, he pees! If I had known it could be connected to a cleaner stall….I would have paid more attention! Racehorses are frequently drug tested and everyone in the barn was told to whistle when they saw a horse urinating…and she reported that it generally worked. This area became an absolute mud pit in winter so it was easy to let them have this area and just observe what happened. So if you remove all the scents of their poo area, you have to start at Step 1 and re-train them. He loves his treats and caught on quickly. Much as we would love this training to be a straight progression to success, it usually isn’t! It makes it much easier to manage manure. I sprinkled “Sweet PDZ” on the old area to eliminate the smell. Let me show you what went wrong here… You can see that two piles of manure were left at the side of the barn to signal that this is a poo area: And 2 piles were also left at the back of the barn to signal another poo area over there. It took a while, but now he poops AND pees in that corner! Step 4: Move Intact Manure Piles to the Poo Area. . Reminder: When you remove poo, do your best to clear all the poo – even the little bits. If you find that your equine companion attempts to create a stud pile in a place you would like to discourage, get on top of the situation and remove the manure as soon as you can. Her daughter does the same thing!! The stud pile concept works in this smaller area as well. You see how “training” is actually just about clear communication? I wrote a blog awhile back about the “Wisdom of Horse Poop.” (http://healing-horse.com/blog/archives/12-2016) But you’ve taken it farther than I did and in a different direction! He would stand there and stare at me and I kept repeating my command. which is different than being ‘trained’. How long does it take you to clear 6 acres of poo?? Then this gelding was turned out for a couple of months, and when he came back into the barn he was fine, and his bucket was kept clean in it’s ‘normal’ hanging spot, the same spot as all the buckets in the barns. They were munching away contentedly, with barely a fly in sight. Note I said, piles so make sure manure is in piles that look like they just came out of a horse’s butt. Pretty cool! →, Episode 1: Fear vs Danger: Riders can improve if they know the difference, The first horse I refused to train by Stacy Westfall, Horses: how to handle aggressive behavior in the pasture, Full story of Whizards Baby Doll “Roxy” born March 15, 2001 died Feb. 8, 2012. She will poop but NEVER pee. COPYRIGHT © 2009-2020 SOULFUL CREATURES™ LLC"SOULFUL EQUINE," "HELPING YOUR HORSE THRIVE," "HELP YOUR HORSE THRIVE" AND "SOULFUL GUARDIAN"ARE TRADEMARKS OF SOULFUL CREATURES, LLCPowered by THE RAINMAKER PLATFORM. I have 2 scheduled helpers now, but we all feel we need to add one more, at least, for the winter months. He goes directly to a familiar spot, and is ready to turn around and come back to the barn.

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