Fill the barrel with solvent, let the barrel stand upright and allow time for the solvent to works its way into the threads of the breech plug. wikiHow's.

Note: on sidelock models this spring will be held in by the forward lock plate screw. If you are not able to secure the breechplug tight against the barrel, use the breechplug wrench to snug it in completely.

h�b```f``*e`e`�,f`@ �(�'���#ƞ��g��c�fgg�"��q�PL�q/�M�v���Ϲ�1�ȱH\5u�je�`���n�}/좥^���s�@ĺ��}�s�Ϝ�5��c@�9�9� �x���\����� � � �5@�� Using the Traditions 209 Decapping Tool (A1404) or wide-bladed flathead screwdriver, unscrew the striker located at the front of the bolt, and remove it from within the bolt body.

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. When using powder pellets, make sure you are not mashing down forcefully onto the pellets. If you have a Lightning™ Bolt Action, you will need a 5mm to take the stock off the barrel and a 2mm allen wrench to take the bolt apart. Our ThunderTM Magnum (R70002) and Hawken Magnum (R30802) rifles are designed to shoot the Pyrodex® pellets. If you own a Traditions Side-Lock that is factory drilled and tapped, the correct bases are A1322 or A1323.

But after taking your frame apart and putting it back together a couple times, you will find it is probably one of the easiest guns of its type to work with. Pull the bolt rearward, and remove it from the receiver.  Note: When replacing the bolt back into the receiver, you must remember to hold the trigger when sliding the bolt back in.

Make sure you have a steady rest and pay attention to your shooting fundamentals. Listen for a solid metallic clicking sound, this insures the gun has a complete and solid lock up. Check your instruction manual if you are unsure how to do this. Yes. If you do not find what you are looking for on our website, you can request parts or service via e-mail or by calling the 1-860-388-4656 and asking for the Customer Service Department. Plug the nipple with a rubber or leather patch between the nipple and hammer. A maximum charge in a .50 caliber pistol will push a 175 grain ball at only about 800 fps. Because of these differences, exer-cise caution and skill in the use of muzzleloading guns. Do not move or adjust your sights until you are hitting all three shots in the group.

Association, the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association, and state hunter education programs offer approved courses which teach safe handling and hunting procedures. Please contact our customer service department before removing these parts. Always adjust your sight in the direction you are trying to move the projectile. It is not possible to change out nipples/breechplugs from one style to another on these break-open muzzleloaders. You may need to use a screwdriver to pry this open. This booklet is intended as a basic guide for the proper maintenance, loading and Press upward on the bolt handle until the bolt turns clockwise. 413 0 obj <>stream When using black powder or a suitable black-powder substitute, be sure to swab out your barrel frequently.

We recommend either pulling the charge with a ball puller (A1280), or removing your bolt assembly and breech plug to push your powder and bullet out through the receiver, and reload the next day. Always check your local game laws for compliance. No. No. If your shots are hitting the target at the left, move your sight right. When using Triple Seven loose powder you must follow Hodgdon’s recommendation to reduce loose powder charges by 15%. Pyrodex®, Triple Seven, Black Powder or any quality black powder substitute ONLY. (There is no charge for the catalog.).

But All primers will foul and create some blow back, it doesn’t mean they don’t provide the proper ignition functioning in your break-open muzzleloader, but some will require more cleaning between rounds than others and you just need to be aware of that. Use this to scrub clean the threads inside the breach that you have unscrewed the breech plug from. Please make sure to thoroughly read the warranty and shooting instruction booklet that came with your new firearm. around may be just that. Weaver #75 bases will fit, but the front base must be thickly shipped to bring the scope into coaxial alignment with the bore. We recommend that you experiment with several loading combinations to see which combo your rifle likes.

5/8" hand-knapped English flints. When using a saboted-style bullet, make sure to use high pressure sabots. The new Accelerator Northwest Magnum breech plugs will only fit the newer model Northwest Magnums and are not interchangeable. The pressures involved when using modern ammunition are much greater than when using black powder and can result in an unsafe situation. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow.

Due to the black powder combustion that takes place within the barrel, a muzzleloader needs to be cleaned after every shooting session. 366 0 obj <> endobj When the cap, powder and projectile are out of the muzzleloader, only then is the gun considered UNLOADED.

Take three shots at 25-40 yards to establish a group. Using the 2mm allen wrench, loosen and remove the small set screw located in the bolt head underneath and at the rear of the bolt.

For 300 grain A1825 or A1827. �� ��"���V ��b]��A Ŝ�@b�@��?���F �} �J ! Visit GOEX, INC. at: or ELEPHANT BLACK POWDER at: Please check your instruction manual for the correct usage of these tools. The extended hammer has an ambidextrous spur for left or right hand shooting. We recommend limiting the cap and ball revolvers to small game and finishing shots on downed, larger animals. The lube paste is much thicker than the light cleaning oil, and may cause problems with the trigger’s function. 4f or ffffg - used to prime the pan of a flintlock. You will void your warranty if you or a gunsmith remove these parts. Clean and lubricate all parts.

There are 17 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. It is not advised that you convert your revolver to take center fire ammunition.

Standard #11 Percussion nipples are Metric 6x1mm. This article has been viewed 8,550 times. The best choice is the one that delivers good accuracy and sufficient velocity for the intended target.

Center the rear sight for windage and elevation so that you have a starting point. Yes, the sooner the better. If you have other questions or inquiries about Pyrodex®, please contact Hodgdon Powder Co. at You …

This produces only 248 foot pounds of muzzle energy, which is inadequate for ethical deer hunting.

In order to clean a muzzleloader, you’ll need to gather specialized cleaning equipment from a local gun or hobby store.

Start the wedge by tapping the thinner side to a distance where you can reach it with the claw. If your shots are hitting too high, move the sight down. We feel that the best products to clean your muzzleloader are: EZ Clean 2 Foaming Bore Solvent (A1935), EZ Clean 2 Bore Solvent (A1936), EZ Clean 2 Presaturated Cleaning Patches (A1931), EZ Clean 2 Cleaning & Seasoning Patches (A1937), EZ Clean 2 Breechplug & Seasoning Patches (A1939), EZ Clean 2 1000 Plus Lube (A1934), EZ Clean (A1435), EZ Clean Concentrated Bore Solvent (A1755), Wonderlube 1000 Plus™ Bore Solvent (A1295), Wonderlube 1000 Plus™ (A1254, A1294) and Wonderlube 1000 Plus™ Lubed Patches (A1362). Our A1403 Thunderdome Breechplug is used for the non-Accelerator breechplug models. If your shots are hitting the target too low, move the sight up. We recommend using standard saboted bullets such as our Smackdown bullets or our Full Bore bullets which do not require a sabot. Our Vortek Strikerfire, Vortek, Pursuit and Buckstalkers can be used by both left-handed and right-handed shooters. Our PA Pellet flintlock rifles are available in left-handed models. They are manufactured to modern standards for safe and enjoyable shooting. Make sure that the rifle is UNLOADED AND UNCAPPED. The new T raditions Br eak-Open Muzzleloader is easy to load, shoot and clean. If your new firearm did not come with an instruction booklet download one now from this website.

���Hn��耛D� '��A����(H��<8��0�20��eO�*���������/z�\[��m�����{E�u�����U��'?X�����6 i)�Ƀ�H12` 5�&��,�)Ɠ�μ��H=�7Xn����O5M\�&. Tolerances differ from one primer to the next. LFS Magnum Nipples for 209, #11 or Musket are M8x1mm. % of people told us that this article helped them. Thoroughly clean and lubricate the breech plug and barrel threads before re-assembly. No, the new lock is not interchangeable with the old one. Center the rear sight for windage and elevation so that you have a starting point. It may take a selection of primers to find out which primer works best for you. If you have a Lightning™ Bolt Action, you will need a 5mm to take the stock off the barrel and a 2mm allen wrench to take the bolt apart.

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