For playing with fiddles, mandolins, banjo etc.


BAG COVER& CORD IS ROYAL STEWART IF YOU WANT BLACK WATCH.WALLACE, MACKENZIE,GORDON TARTANS AND BLACK VALET BAG COVER& CORD. Our Smallpipe chanters use cane reeds designed to be robust in sound while still being very comfortable to play. The set that suits you best will depend on your individual needs such as; Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. I too really never liked the sound of D Scottish smallpipes, and the small size of the chanter. tutor book is a pdf file, so download it and either print it 1 Cane Pipe Chanter Reed. Da ich bei Nichtgefallen natürlich innerhalb von 2 Wochen zurücknehme, wird aber mit Sicherheit nicht der Fall sein; Please also check my other auctions! Perfect for aspiring world musicians! The current dramatic growth in interest in playing these pipes has been largely the result of the activities of the Lowland and Border Pipers’ Society, of which I have been an active member for more than thirty years, over half of which as a committee member, chairman and later as president. Synthetic Bag. International shipping possible. Bagpipe Rosewood, Full Set Colour | NATURAL Finish: Outside Smooth and glossy finish. Again in the key of A which means later if you wanted you could buy a D chanter to plug into it. Download the latest version. I ship within 1 business day after receiving payment. (Within the constraints of a CDrom!) On an A set the usual drone configuration is a bass drone sounding low A, a tenor sounding A’ an octave above and a baritone sounding E. which can be tuned down to D. This provides another drone combination to suit different keys or modes. Delivery Times: Within Canada(with tracking) Approx 2-7 business days(depending on your location) To the US: Airmail(no tracking available) Approx. Up for sale our my Scottish Smallpipes made by the wonderful EJ Jones of Tidy Cottage Smallpipes in 2011/2012. Pas De Basques& High Cuts. Canmore bag has plug for bellows*Bellows not included* Easy and fun to play. – whether you want to play solo, for voice accompaniment or with other instruments, – and ultimately what pitch you prefer the sound of.

see No blemishes or marks on them. The chanter and drones use plastic reeds.

I am currently only relating other people’s advice given to me on the subject. Dark green or burgundy. The mounts are African Blackwood and Brass. The bellows come with a leather waist and arm strap which offer plenty of adjustment. These early sets are in higher pitches, but I have developed my pipes in a range of modern pitches while retaining the feeling of the original instruments. A narrow bell on the chanter, and a velvet cover with ivory fringe. D is fine for solos if you are in a competition or want to convert tunes to different keys. A/D combination sets with hand engraved ferrules and plain silver caps. A like-new set(used two days overall) Bellows-Blown Blackwood Scottish Smallpipes in A by McCallum.

Sword Dance. Best of luck.

897 Please visit my eBay store: Vintage Treasures From Years Past for more Unique& Exciting items! But considering that these bellows are sewn and they detail work of the where the air valve is, it is a good craftsmanship's work.

Excellent condition, still the original bag which is tight. You'll know Moore instruments and chanters are very highly regarded. This tutor was developed as part of a research project It’s simpler and clearer for everybody if one term becomes the standard term for something, and the term "border pipe" is becoming standard. ______________________. Strathspey& Half Tulloch. To test that you'll be able to download and print the tutor book All articles copyright their respective authors. Will include a Warmac chanter, drone cords and Ross clamp bag. Splits or warps in the wood. These accompany the tutor book, which is delivered as a printable pdf. Equipped with 2 different sets of Eeze dróne reeds and 2 chanter reeds. play the smallpipe. Double Scottish smallpipes (top) and mouth-blown smallpipes (bottom), © 2020 I love this set of pipes. Sliabh Russell works well for example. Therefore, because I am unsure of how to contact the maker I am going to start the bidding at 165 $ which I believe is a good and fair price. click on the picture on the left to download the pdf of the entire Comes with a case that is perfect for it and retails for $160. Slight chip on the imitation ivory drone ring. The drone and chanter pict makes them look a little bowed but they are not. They play well and have a nice tone-great to play along with other instruments and easy on the ears!
lesson as possible. I only played them twice but the chanter has some tarnish on it from time. Some makers include a second thumbhole which allows minor (dorian) tunes to be played.
African blackwood drones and chanter. Therefore, I would go A. For example I owned three nearly identical chanters: It came from an Estate Sale. Reeds included with synthetic bag and green velvet cover. Two sets of drone reeds included: Shepherd and EZDrone. pipes(bellows blown only available in navy blue) Please state your preference on payment. I do not see a set of bellows like these new going for less than 350 $. This is a beautiful set of bellows blown. This would be an exellent Christmas present! S/H/M.


Which has a lovely grain. I have taken my inspiration from them, particularly from sets that I have examined and measured in the collections of The Royal Museum of Scotland. The tutor plus mp3 album is £25, The

They are Bellows blown. it is easy to play tunes that are normally in A, in D. Instead of playing on the A and E strings they use the same fingering but on the D and A strings. As a rough guide, the key of “A” is the most useful for playing Scottish music, and the key of “D” for Irish music. No bag cover included. A is the only sensible choice as that is where the instrument is designed to play. CONDITION: In refurbished condition with new leather bag. Much more demanding than smallpipes, but much more versitile. The pipes need some normal light maintenance, such as retying the bag, re-hemping the drones, and a new chanter reed. For sale is my collection of pipes. I am willing to take it back within 2 weeks, but shipping of course has to be born by the buyer. I’d second both of Rook’s suggestions. Highland Laddie. For those people who no longer have a CD drive, the tutor is also available on a memory stick. A nice collection of tunes old and new to learn on, and a helpful CD rom included with the basics on playing Scottish bellows blown bagpipes.

The two most popular keys for chanters are A and D. The combination pipes are a practical and economic way of having both. No cracks.

They are in great shape but they are slightly used. Please contact me for shipping expenses.

A little side note. I don't have the heart to take it off myself but it would only be a few snips to get them off. Kein Risiko. The set currently sells for well over $2,000.00 these days! THANK YOU. Membership enquiries to I will send all around the world, cost for shipping have to be payed by the buyer. Made by Hamish& Fin Moore. Please contact us for shipping quotes. England-northeastern border of Scotland and England. England-northeastern border of Scotland and England.

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