Promote services or products (non-commercial links that are relevant to the blog post or comment are acceptable)2. I also remember my grannies jokingly said to us, haw flakes were made from Chinese booger or Aetas booger LOL. Foodamn is a Philippine-based food-related blogs. I believe they are still around. If you intend to use any of the photos or text from this blog, please e-mail Green Dei at foodamnphilippines(at)gmail(dot)com. And i have to agree the packing totally impressed me. Foodamn Philippines is sharing an easy to make recipe using the high-quality pack of, Travel Food Guide: What to eat in San Miguel Bulacan Luckily the good folks who make Haw Flakes have not made the mistake of modernizing their packaging (like so many of their peers.)

Then they asked me how many haw flakes I had and I said "Oh. ~ellen, Yes, I found the Horlicks Malties! I am living in China and I am obsessed with the Hawthorne berry itself. Another candy I like are Horlicks malt candy. The thing is, should you click on these links and decide to purchase anything, we will receive a tiny commission that will go towards the costs and efforts of making this foodilicious site! But in the shape of candy, and this candy, it has to have tons of sugar on it, and I am going to find out. Haw flakes strikes a nice balance of sweet and tartness. But still I just can not believe that this candy is so healthy. Kudos for you ~ellen. I wonder if haw flakes can be made at home, naturally? Makers of the candy mash the berries with a generous amount of white sugar and mold them into a distinctive shape.

While the wafers themselves are not sticky to the touch, when eaten, haw flakes can become very gooey, almost like a caramel candy.

Are simply links to other sites, blogs, editorials, etc.3. All rights reserved. I mean, probably the fruit itself is really, really healthy, mainly because it is a berry. 7. Targets: Brand Awareness Category Awareness Ad Awareness Message Association Brand Imagery Brand Consideration Brand Feasibility Purchase Intent. Deze rode schijfjes zijn gemaakt van gedroogde Chinese meidoorn en smaken zoetzuur. I also remember that for my ninth birthday, I told my mom that I want a haw flakes cake. It is actually a member of the rose family and, as its name suggests, does have prominent thorns. All photos and text used in this blog are owned by, unless otherwise stated. Some people do harvest the berries to make jams or preserves, but most people in the U.S. leave them for the birds to enjoy. Adults, for the most part, view them as a healthy treat because they are made from the nutritious haw berry. I just tasted it a few hours ago, and it is delicious! So there is no reason why adults shouldn't enjoy haw flakes. haha is that a pinoy candy?
In my quest for them here in Massachusetts all I can find are the Horlicks drink mixes which tastes just as I remember as a kid,but haven't found . The product itself has a sweet, slightly tart taste and is available at many Asian markets and through various online retailers. Mine used to whenever I had too many! Wow! Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, as you've probably noticed. Yeah, I remember this when I was a kid and yes, we did played this as the ostiya XDThanks for the valuable information about the Chinese Hawthorn :D. Very nice font! The candies are dark peach in color and have a mildly sweet yet tangy taste that some people liken to guava or apricot. Make unsupported accusations5. We love White Rabbit candies too! This fruit is not great for eating on its own but its fresh tartness has been used in Chinese cuisine to make the wonderful and ubiquitous Haw Flake candy (see our post on Haw Flakes here) and also is a key ingredient in the authentic traditional version of sweet and sour sauce.Hawthorns can also be cooked to make a lovely red jam or jelly or even made into fruit rolls! In addition to the haw flakes, I especially like the White Rabbit candies, and now my little girl does too. I use to eat this when I was younger, it literally melts in your mouth! what's haw flakes in tagalog? Loved it. I think you might be right on the humidity affecting them in the sticky department. I love hawflakes but not this brand I like the smaller ones, Hello Stacy, those haw flaws are made of similar size and dimension from the ones we've tried before. It is said, hawthorns are used on naturopathic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Maybe they do in damper, more humid locales?Mike in San Jose. Never thought na eto pala ay yung ostiya.. hehe.. i have tasted ostiya i think thrice lang, im not much of a catholic kasi :D, Herbert this not literally the "ostiya", it's a chinese candy where kids used to play around and imitate the Catholics received their altar bread (communion) during the mass :), oh yeah!

These beloved treats look exactly like they have always looked, right down to the flimsy paper packing inside and the way that the individual Haw Flakes tend to stick together, needing your expert and practiced flip of the fingernail to separate.
Most of the blogs gives recipes that I’ve tried and all of them were absolutely tasty. Features: Chinese Traditional Candy: Haw Flakes. Let's check out some wonderful benefits of Haw Flakes with NutriNeat. Humm...I've always thought of them as candies myself but I suppose it is kinda like a really thin waferish cookie. Spotted.

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