", "Unique design, and can build with little knowledge of wood work! Before you start working on stabilizing your cat’s treehouse, you must prepare all the materials and tools required. You could even hang few toys for your puff balls to play with and cover it up all in catnip. A simple hand saw works well for cutting dimensional lumber, while a handheld circular saw or table saw is better for cutting sheets of plywood. ... How to Install Carpet Around Immovable Obstacles. Cats are quite finicky that they will not try it again or even go near it if they have a terrible experience with it. You want to be certain your cat tree won't tip over and hurt your cat. ... More … Flip over the base and hold it on top of the post. If you want to share some pointers or tips or find this post helpful, please comment below. Try to find a ladder that's around four feet tall. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. Test each post to be sure it's securely attached. Therefore the first step was to take a few measurements of the cat tree (specifically the length and width of the base) and available floor space. Use staples to secure the end of the first piece of rope to the inside of the base of one of the legs. depending on your living arrangement, you may opt to attach it to the flooring via really long nails, or screws. It must be several times heavier than your cat’s total weight. Stop cats from scratching your furniture. One of the important factors is tree coverings. It also serves as a cushioning to protect the cat from hurting itself if it falls on the metal parts. It is a basic law of physics. One should test the sturdiness of the furniture, check the material and examine for any defects. If there is no measuring tool available to measure the base, you can use the actual platform as your template to cut the plywood. I rescue cats and this would be a hit with my rescues, and not set me back $100 some odd dollars every time its been overly loved. These pieces I envisaged as ideal for the top, bottom and back to an open front cubbyhole in which the old scratching post would fit; and for the sides I spied a couple of shelves from an old hi-fi unit that looked about the right size. You will need to install two to three brackets at the post’s top and bottom. If you need to add more weight and stabilize the cat trees, you need to look for good material for your platform. Metal brackets are L-shaped metal with screw holes on both sides. You could attach the piece of wood that is L-shaped by nailing into the circles pieces of wood on the top of the tube. You may need to cut small notches in the carpet at the corners to make it fold neatly beneath the base. This new breed of cat initially, initially feral in the state of Maine, due to their size and strength are excellent hunters who naturally played a big role in keeping vermin under control on farmsteads so not surprisingly close bonding between farmers and cat and eventual domestication was a forgone certainty. Fortunately my husband, "We have 5 cats and was looking for a cat tree for them to climb on when I found the ones where we could make our, "Gave me lots of ideas from the simple to the more challenging and make it more interesting for the cats. Is this an option for a cat "Tree?". Adjustments to your design can be made as you go to account for stability issues, new ideas, or incorrect measurements. Use at least two in order to support the first platform of the cat tree—you can add as many posts as you want to build multiple levels. My aim with DIY projects around the home is to look for innovative space-saving ideas and save costs on materials by recycling. A very tall ladder my be less stable or too tall for your cat. Anyway. These can also be cut lengthwise using a utility knife to create concave platforms or open-topped beds for your cat. One of the materials we would like to suggest is sheets of plywood. As shown in the photos below, once I'd installed our new extended cat tree with its new cubbyhole play activity centre at the base our cats immediately took to it, and love it. Namely the top platform should be solid wood, or plywood rather than MDF so that it doesn't shear through the central supporting bolt under the sheer weight of heavy cats like Maine Coons, and the base needs weighting down with much heavier wood. I quickly resolved this by replacing the cat flap with a small dog flap. % of people told us that this article helped them. Make sure the glue is pet safe as the cats may tend to play with it. My cats love to be up high. You can use a regular screwdriver to complete the job, but it may take you a lot of time and effort to fix each screw. Did you know you can read expert answers for this article? Use brackets to secure the posts to the base of the cat tree, either the plywood foundation or the top of the box you built. Make sure no sharp parts are coming out of the platform. This article received 11 testimonials and 88% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. Add platforms to the top of your posts. Oct 5, 2013 - Cat Tree Plans to make your own cat tree. Some articles have Vimeo videos embedded in them. [1] X Research source There are several things to consider when designing your cat tree. Make sure you locate it near a window to keep your cat interested. problems contact [email protected]. Plans come in PDF formats. No data is shared unless you engage with this feature. Cut a large hole in one of the pieces of plywood to give you access to the interior of the box. The wider and longer the base, the more stable the cat tree would be. To make your cat tree double as a scratching post, wrap one or more of the supports in sisal rope, securing each end with wire brads or staples, placed where they will be out view and won't be scratched by the cat. I can't think of a simpler or safer way of elevating the height of a modest cat tree other than securely bolting it to a base cupboard; provided the cupboard is broader and wider than the cat tree to maintain and improve the centre of gravity so the cat tree doesn't become top heavy; and provided the cupboard is solid and can safely take the weight of the cat tree. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. However, in our case we have a typical British home which isn't particularly large so the only suitable area (until we build a conservatory) is limited floor space in front of the French doors. Unlike the platform I was replacing the base from the original scratching post still had the screwed fitting solidly fixed into the MDF. It's a good idea to take measurements to ensure your finished product will fit the space. These are cute looking fellows. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be To start your cat tree, purchase the wood for your design, screws or glue to assemble the pieces, and carpet to cover the tree. Cut the carpet to size, making it a few inches larger than the base on all sides. View our Privacy Policy here. Cat trees generally use the same type of material and construction. Otherwise, your overall structure will be unstable. Like all DIY projects, a good cat tree starts with a strong foundation. Be sure the fabric you use for the hammock is thick enough to hold the weight of your cat. If you have more than one cat, you need to measure the weight of each cat.

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