Supplies Needed. The Mini Flocker creates a smooth, even, long-lasting finish.
The flocked surfaces absorb light similar to the way that feathers do, giving a more realistic appearance.

Flocking the heads of duck decoys can take away any glare that your decoys may have. 3. Prepare your decoy using a wire brush to rough up the surface so that it holds the adhesive better.

By Joseph Albanese. 10 Cheap Ideas On How To Make An Ice Eater For Duck Hunting, How To Make A Snow Goose Electronic Caller, Flock applicator or plastic ketchup bottle. 4.
Step 2: Apply painters tape/masking tape covering the neck, beak and eye area.. Brush on a generous coating of the adhesive (brushing away from the masking). Mask the face cheeks. Flocked decoys offer several advantages over painted dekes. Black flock; Flat oil based paint- Black; Flat oil based paint- White; Small paint brush; Rubber tote/cardboard bo; Disposable/plastic gloves (optional but highly recommended) Step 1: Clean and dry the decoy heads.

Adding flocking to old decoys or re-flocking beat up ones is a lot easier than you might think. How to Flock Duck and Goose Decoys. 2. Step 3-6: Instantly download/view our complete FREE step-by-step instructions by clicking “download”: I have used these steps myself to make decoy heads look new once again.

Why? Immediately apply the fibers using the Suede-Tex Mini Flocker Applicator to propel the fibers into the adhesive.

Step 2: Apply painters tape/masking tape covering the neck, beak and eye area.. Step 3-6: Instantly download/view our complete FREE step-by-step instructions by clicking “download”: Sign Up Now for the email list and you’ll get a FREE Copy of Cheap Decoys The Smart Way! Let me show you how to flock duck decoy heads with these SUPER easy step by step directions step by step with no step missed. Disposable/plastic gloves (optional) Step 1: Clean and dry the decoys. Additionally, flocking can wear off after hard hunting use. Rubber tote. Here’s how it’s done. Diagrams, tips, tricks, and more on the go. Free Stuff + Content perfect for you + No hype [period] “I won’t bore you with articles written as if you have been hunting for 50 years!”. Why Not? November 20, 2018. Subscribe to the DecoyPro Email List to get instant access to your Free copy! With these steps we will show you how to flock goose decoy heads in a step by step process with no step missed.

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