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This event had place on Wednesday 4th, November 2020 at 10hrs PDT  %PDF-1.6 switch will be connected to a port on an extreme switch that is 802.1Q tagged vlan 132.

But your point is valid for the "upscale" switches. 4 0 obj and should be Trunk link to carry all vlan traffic . a crossover cable. Find port by Device Mac Address – At times, network and IT admins are faced with the challenge to find out which device is connected to which port of the catalyst Switch or which port of the switch is a specific device mac address coming from. Then find out it is part of an etherchannel or not. They might have two physical ports, both really the same port but the pins were different. In the consumer space there are/have been hubs / switches with a double port 1: one to be used for a host and one to be used if you want to connect another hub/switch, Jon, I've seen same as Giuseppe (I think the same as he's describing) on some (old) consumer switches.

Connecting both devices together using the uplink port provides a total of 29 Ethernet ports. No matter if it's an uplink port or another port on the switch. 2) if i connect one switch's uplink port to other switch's regular port, i can use straight through cable. 2:) In case you have to replace a switch that supports MDIX auto with one that doesn't makes an equipment swap much more difficult. <>stream Look under "uplink port". We seem to be giving Sarah different answers. How will you find out Uplink in L2 switches, uplink is the link from access layer to distribution layer, and should be Trunk link to carry all vlan traffic, not like access port which is a port connected to end stations, also somtimes uplinks can be gorup of ports in one channel called etherchannel, group of phisical trunck port will be represented by one logical port. Edit - Sorry Joseph, didn't want to come across so strongly it was just the thought of all those countless hours spent looking for a damn crossover cable ... Jon, agree about Cisco switches such as 3550/4500/6500, which is why I made the distinction between consumer switches and Enterprise switches.

a) in my previous post I was referring to consumer devices that you can find on shelf in a supermarket (I have one at home) not to Cisco regular series where I still use the old rules. If auto-MDI/X not supported, you'll likely need a cross-over cable to another switch's port. So i'm not doubting there are some switches where you don't i just didn't want Sarah to get the impression that straight-thru was the common choice because i don't think it was. In general an uplink port or another port is in general the same. Cisco Nexus Virtual Services Appliance Software Configuration Guide, Release 4.2(1)SP1(5.1) OL-27730-01 Chapter 3 Configuring the Network Uplinks Information About Network Uplink Configurations The default flexible network uplink configuration is the basic configuration with each physical port acting as uplink … We're launching the "TAC Tools Explained Series" - LEARN MORE. If you have a managed switch, however, you will likely find a specific port designed to be the uplink port. Interested in testing out the latest Cisco Cloud OnRamp solutions? i must use cross over cable? With mdix auto configured you can use the 'wrong' cable between 2 switches(thus straight). ����U�"�V�0��"-�vM�Q����%���Au]M*D��� �4=��9�NZ}׌���겺U�ʽ�5���ܹ�NV{����G�ĨsD�"q��մl 7��t h!��m�E]ˋ��� Would you like to learn how to use tools that can help you troubleshoot your problems? I have few questions about uplink port on a switch.
Besides perhaps the pin wiring of these ports being different, they might offer some additional feature not available on all the other ports, perhaps better QoS/CoS or higher bandwidth. 1)if I connect them by using up-link ports on both switches, I can not use the straight through cable right? (NB: Don't recall seeing this on "Enterprise" grade switches.). 'Show interfaces' can be used for the first and 'show interfaces trunk' for the second. I understand that there may be some old switches that allow this but take any cisco switch such as 3550/4500/6500 and if you wanted to uplink them using a Cat5 cable it would have to be a crossover and before auto-mdix came along i would say the vast majority of switches, at least Cisco, needed crossover connections. cflow Request cflow code coverage actionscrft Request CRFT actionsfactory-license customer ordered license level and base apcountiox-manager IOx Managerlicense CSL Software licenseproces... after  iam  install ccp and all prerequisite  ,,, when try to open it found error  (cisco configuration professional use port 2038 and port is blocked or taken by another problem) and it not reserved for any program also i try to ... Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms Family Overview- Community Live... Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms Family Overview- FAQ. The issure you're dealing with, when auto-MDI/MDIX isn't supported on the port, is the correct matching of the cable, straight vs. cross-over, and MDI vs. MDIX ports. not like access port which is a port connected to end stations. Am i right? In Cat9k device "request platform software package" option n... cent-gw# request platform software ? (NB: also the latest consumer switches tend to now have auto-MDX. for example if I have two cisco 2950T switches,these two switches have two 10/1000 base-T uplink ports. Thanks for that link. Let me give another perspective in regards to finding an uplink. The below command helps to view which port the cisco show MAC address is being learned from.

I need port 24 of the cisco switch to connect to the extreme port and to have 7 ports (1-7)on the cisco switch joined to the same vlan. If I am correct, it means if we have to connect host?pc to uplink port, we must use cross-over cable.Is it correct? switch to switch) would require a cross over cable to reverse the transmit/receive pins. host to host) or MDIX to MDIX (e.g. uplink is the link from access layer to distribution layer. endstream 3) use cross-over cable to connect uplink port to PC. I can see what you mean by an uplink port now. If you doubt you can paste the link of the page where you found the information, or try to connect 2 switches. 2 0 obj Qz�( ���+�B&{H��ͦH�he�'�9���Q���3!��S�#=ܺ,٧-�ԡ��~Tn���uCM�?��,O(_�ʡ�g)�Ɂ��f~q/��P���܍����-?��M��$9r��'�S.
Designed for intent-based networks, the Cisco Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms family offers best-in-class networking and security combined.

This Wiki article,, might help explain. Also perhaps why Giuseppe wrote "small switches" and "consumer space there are/have been hubs / switches", which I think would exclude at least the 4500 and 6500 and likely the 3550 too. The switch will correct the pin settings. This event had place on Wednesday 4th, November 2020 at 10hrs PDT  All this before auto-mdix and to allow same patch cable as used by clients. Assuming the network you are working on is totally foreign to you (no topology diagrams, CDP disabled, just inherited an existing design, etc. Between 2 switches: cross (uplink-regular port/ uplink-uplink/ regular-regular) Between host-switch: straight. host to switch) with straight through cable (since one of the ports reverses pins), same port types MDI to MDI (e.g. OP - you need to learn some manners.

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