If the person fails to come up with an identifying physical attribute, it is likely they are attempting to scam you. Ideally this should match your page name. The sender is using the email petersavy505@gmail.com. Missing Pets - Reunite lost and found pets. I also once read a story of a woman whose cat had a bell on her collar and was being chased by a dog and every time she got out of the dog’s reach, the bell let the dog know where she was. This email is coming from multiple emails similar to the following: svaleriabouchard@uizk.cia-us-govn.gq    |    brenda_stanford@ueim.cia-gov-it.tk    |    viwalling@uimd.cia-gov-int.ml    |    alverabelanger@hxbg.cia-gov-int.ml. Your pet will be added to PawBoost's lost & found, the … Under Audience, click “Edit” next to “People you choose through targeting” (See Figure 2). Ask size of dog? The sender is using various emails with “anonymous” in the domain of the email address. Not a good idea! Didntou try reverse google searching the image to see what hotel rooms show up? Do you breed dogs? Visitor has nothing to look at. REWARD..$100 Within 30min I received a text that she was found. Do not attempt to send them money before meeting and reclaiming your loved one. I sent them three photos with me holding him and my wife when he was pup. They have yet to respond. Post to the PawBoost-powered Facebook page for your area. That’s where most of the scammers prey. This can help people who don't have the time or freedom to leave work to go to all the vets when they are open. Take the time to learn how to create an effective lost pet post. Rewards bring out crazy, Craigslist brings out crazies! I’m I’ll and about to start a battery of surgeries. Click the 'v' symbol on the top right of the post and click Hide Post. Thank you so much for this valuable information!!!!! I could have thrown my money in the trash and got as much help. Do dog training apps really work? Be sure to comment on the post so that you will get notified when other people comment. This is a sure fire way to weed out someone who is not the real owner. They didn’t answer, just started with the they sent me a Google code garbage texts. Include age if noticeably young or old. Thank god for this website I prob would have fallen for it — although it is weird. What personally identifiable information is collected, how and why it is used, and with whom it may be shared. I’m still looking for him, Every day gets sadder and sadder.I know he’s looking for me like I’m looking for him. If you have found or seen my pet, please call 999-999-9999. Get the police to search the scammer’s house. It now sux anyway cause it never syncs with the info from the website, very unacceptable and inaccurate when someone is panicked, trying to find their fur baby than what you describe. of Service and Privacy Policy, Don’t have an account? Has nothing to do with my car insurance and registration and For all anyone knows you could be a scammer asking for personal info. You can delete published Tweets from the Twitter My Tweets stream, and you can delete posts and comments from the Facebook Page My Posts and Timeline streams. Packages range from $29.99 – $89.99. Reported on January 5, 2017: Beware of vague, generic messages from people claiming to have found your pet. To do so, please follow the instructions provided by your browser, which are usually located within the “Help” or “Preferences” menu. Confirming owenership Scam still going strong — I have an animal that was FOUND and I’m trying to return it.

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