Ihre dortigen Aufgaben erfüllt sie mit Courage und Engagement, aber vor allem richtet sie ihre Überzeugungen nach dem Vorbild Zaofus; der Ideologie, dass die Entwicklung von Individualität und das Erreichen der bestmöglichen Version seiner selbst oberstes Ziel eines jeden ist. Am Ende der Folge „Die Schlacht von Zaofu“ befiehlt Kuvira, damit zu beginnen, die schützenden Metallkuppeln von Zaofu zu entfernen. [10] Settled in, Tenzin messaged Kya at Air Temple Island, informing her that he was with a group of airbenders at the Northern Air Temple and wished for his family and the Republic City airbenders to join them there.[32].
Just as they accepted Kai into their group, the local sheriff and his deputies arrived and revealed that Kai was, in fact, a thief who had stolen his adoptive family's life savings. [46] Additionally, criticism was leveled at the show's creators for not having enough Tenzin appearances in Book Four, despite him being a major protagonist. Kyoshi seems to be a little under 6'6" when compared to Korra’s 5'7". Much to the young women's surprise, he agreed with her on the fact that there would always be new conflicts and enemies to face, though he pointing out that the importance of it all was to learn from past enemies and better oneself over time, which was something she had done.

At dinner that night, Jinora was reading a book when a frustrated Tenzin demanded that his children promise him that they would not grow into hot-headed teenagers like Korra, to which Jinora emotionlessly replied that she would make "no such promises" and continued to read her book. However, Meelo complied with his uncle's request and airbent a plate at him, which Bumi miraculously stopped in mid-air with airbending, much to everyone's astonishment. Her worry did not lessen while watching the fight, as Korra was being tossed around and barraged by earth- and metal-based attacks. When Tenzin returned to Air Temple Island, he gathered his three eldest children in the meditation pavilion and tasked them to bring Korra home, as the world would need its Avatar with conflict coming to the Earth Kingdom. As they left the fog, she regained consciousness, expressing her relief over seeing her father again. Tenzin then accompanies Korra when she goes to reassure the evacuees and lift their spirits. Locked in a cage on board a truck with one of them, she demanded to know how the rustlers could steal the bison because of their endangered status. After the battle was over, Jinora's spirit was brought back to the Spirit World by Korra's spiritual form, where she told her father that she would see him soon. Jinora is one of the supporting characters of The Legend of Korra. They were dropped into the water on another location, where they were instantly swallowed by another spirit who transported them to a rapidly moving stream.
Ensuring that the teachings and techniques would live on, Tenzin has since been passing on the art to his airbending children, Avatar Korra, and the people who acquired airbending abilities in 171 AG. Season 2. When questioned by Meelo what was happening, he told his son just to stay close as they flew to the courtyard on their gliders. While Tenzin was talking about how airbenders shaved their heads, Kai sneaked over to Jinora, asking her if she wanted to see the baby bison again, but she shushed him, advising him to watch. She is proficient in the use of a glider, able to fly at a rapid pace and carrying someone along with her, be it on her back or held by her legs.

She enjoys reading historical fiction, as well as her father's journals chronicling his adventures with her grandfather, Avatar Aang, and the adventures of Aang and his friends. At dawn, upon hearing Korra accept Kuvira's challenge to a duel, Jinora asked if Korra was truly ready to fight the master metalbender and urged her to be careful.

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