I appreciate that we're still kind of operating in some of these least bans [Phonetic]. Great, thank you. Next, we'll hear from Deane Dray with RBC Capital Markets. Good luck, guys. Yeah. So that's -- we expect to see growth in Intelligrated, obviously, the demand on e-commerce is going to become more acute, not less acute, and we have an orders positions in the backlog and even our frontlog, that looks extraordinarily appealing. So, overall, I mean, we do expect SPS for the year to be our healthiest and strongest SPG and I think it's -- we could even see growth in that SPG even this year. Maybe just a first question around the SPS segment. We believe that these cost controls will enable Honeywell to respond to deteriorating market and economic condition as the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic becomes apparent. Please go ahead. Should we expect, because of the significant kind of drop off here, that and a little bit more of a back half weighting on these cost saves, but you decrement to kind of a little bit more than that on a headline kind of segment profit basis in 2Q, just trying to kind of get an idea of the ruffle -- deleveraging you're kind of expecting in the business. As discussed in our outlook call, we further derisked our pension plan by increasing the plan's asset allocation to 60% fixed income in the first quarter, which has proved to be prudent as our pension plan remain over-funded at the end of the quarter and requires no additional funding even with the tremendous volatility in the capital markets. Covered a lot of ground already, appreciate the color. And then you have this $375 million to $500 million repositioning charges. We expect Q2 to be the most depressed from a GDP perspective or sort of underlying assumptions here, and I emphasize the word assumptions, is that GDP Q2 will be the worst, improve in Q3 and improve in Q4. However, questions about implementation abound. Next, we'll hear from Josh Pokrzywinski with Morgan Stanley. Therefore, we condensed our sales, inventory and operations planning process from a traditional monthly cycle to a weekly cycle. Yeah, I mean, obviously we have the liquidity and cash is not a concern for us. If our content helps you to contend with coronavirus and other challenges, please consider, according to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, the director left his monthly column in the company newsletter blank, It’s more reassuring to hear that leaders don’t have an answer. Thank you, Darius. A subscription purchase is the best way to support the creation of these resources. The next few quarters are likely to be among the most unpredictable quarters we've ever experienced and our visibility is limited under the current circumstances. Amid the pandemic’s uncertainty, many companies, including Tesla, GAP, Macy’s, and Marriott, are turning to furloughs, creating a road to return when there is once again work to do. I mean, the end of March, in particular, started to see some pretty substantial slowdown. As we've said in the past, oil price volatility and sustained pressure on prices often leads to project delays and customer capex and opex budget cuts, which is what we are seeing today. We modified the sales incentive plans for our 6,500 sellers ensuring our sales teams had the proper motivation to find the areas of growth in our target markets. So I guess you're not really kind of commenting on something you could hold around that, maybe a little bit higher than that gross margin rate. Savannah, we'll take one more question, please. Lower building occupancy and temporary disruption to site access are driving delayed timing of certain Building Solutions services. Fifth, we will outline decisive and expeditious actions we have already taken to manage through the crisis, protect shareholder value and emerge stronger than ever. It wasn't that much fun. Factory Mutual Insurance Co. owned approximately 0.06% of Honeywell International worth $54,305,000 at the end of the most recent reporting period. Please go ahead. This morning, we will review our financial results for the first quarter of 2020 and share our views on the second quarter of 2020. Q2 will be the bottom, we expect some level of improvement in Q3 and further in Q4. Thank you, Greg. Next they should communicate frequently — weekly or even daily — and always at the same time of day so employees know they are still valued. We have also implemented mandatory temperature screening at several locations and are putting capabilities in place to expand that practice as needed. Thanks. In return, the company has promised to bring 750 jobs to the county in the next four years.

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