Always try … The best way to repel possums would be to use a combination of various methods outlined in this guide, such as natural essential oils, traps, sprinklers, and other natural ways to get rid of possums. And if you see them in your garden, chances are they just want to eat your veggies, fruits, plants, or leftovers.

On the other hand, when possums start getting into your shed, basement, or attic, that’s when they become a pest. They should eliminate rapidly because they cause a disease name Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM).

It can be reapplying after the rain, and you can check it on a daily basis to make sure that if there is need of fresh serum or not. This depends on the possum and is worth a try because these lights require no work other than setting them up. Quassia, a South American tree, is sold in chipped bark form in garden centers. To prevent possums from entering your shed, do the following things: You may also want to use wire fencing or mesh fencing with a solid barrier that’s secure to prevent entry at the base of the shed to them from crawling under the shed. Note that this may not repel all possums, it really depends on the possum’s habits and characteristics. Possums are night time animals so we cannot recognize them. On grooming your pets, do not throw away the hair that they have shed.

The trick is to use this stuff in areas where you want them to stay away from. Remove all traces of food both indoors and outdoors, as the scent may linger outside and a possum can sniff it out to investigate your yard. If you can feed indoors, then do it indoors.

Possums are nocturnal, meaning they partake in their possum activities at night, which is why we often don't notice them. Different kinds of pests need to be handled differently, to ward them off your houses. You may find them during the day if they’re forced to leave their shelter for a reason, but typically you’ll only see them out and about at nighttime. Making a possum leave if it already has taken a fancy to your place can be quite difficult, but we have learned how to do it. The hair of cat and dog helps a lot in removing possums. They’re easy to bait and trap, so you can just catch the possum if you can’t fully secure your shed. Chicken-wire fence is a good method to ensure you won’t find a possum in your yard. var that = this;

The difficulty with using poison is that there is no legal or registered possum poison for sale on the market. Possums will seek out the eggs.

$('.panel').attr('aria-hidden', true); Since they’re active at night time, it may be difficult to manage for you, which brings in the methodology of using automated means to repel possums. BrandSlider.prototype.containerWidth = function() { So be sure to stay critical when doing this and getting rid of the possum problem. Fast! They can climb nearly vertical walls if given enough footing and can easily climb up over your fencing, walls, and house. Block vents, one-way doors, decks, pet doors, How to protect your fruits, veggies, and other plants from possums, How to scare possums away from your house.

Poops are typically scared of people and will stay away. And they’ll be hiding during the winter nestled in your attic. 2. I am torn!?!?? var xMove = startX - endX; You can also use weights, chains, bungee cords, or even just plain rope. Pepper sprays are taste repellents and should be applied to plants. Make the place unfavorable for them by cutting all the branches of trees and trim the bushes. To control the possums, electrical and interlaced wire fencing is a good idea. Make sure, however, that children and pets are kept away from the mixture as consuming it could lead to severe discomfort. Have you seen them?

They can transmit a disease to your dog, which then can transmit to you.

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