In this short quest, you will play a sequence under the objective The Resistance. Modders have always thrived on making the gaming experience better for a plethora of games, and you will also be able to find mods for the famous Battletech game. – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (, Blood in the Water | Investigate Swordfish’s whereabouts in Octopus Bay | AC Odyssey (, Assassins Creed Odyssey – How to defeat The Minotaur (, Guide to every important choice in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Choice 1: you can ask her to grow up, you can encourage her to be an Odysseus, you can call her cute when she is determined, Choice 2: you can encourage her to be great, you can tell her that being great is not easy or you can simply say that you do not give advice, She will tell you that she does not like to be called cute and if you want her to be mad at you then you can just call her ugly, If you ask her to grow up then it will show you the end options and she will probably get mad at you, If you encourage her to a great Odysseus then she will be happy about the fact that you support her, You can explain to her what it means to be great and why she should think about it but that is not what she is expecting from you, If you convince her and explain that being great is not easy then she will just leave for now and you can always bring her back, If you simply say that you do not give advice then she will get mad at you and leave you at once, If you kill all of them there will be no one to report back to the cyclops and you will not have to face any consequences at all, If you are looking for more EXP points then you can just let them live but you will be ambushed down the road with two other allies of theirs and you will also get a bit of a loot, You can request her to give the information that you require, Alexios can grab her neck and threaten to kill her if she lies about the information and she will tell you everything that you need to know but she will also warn you that Apollo will harm you for what you have done and you can spare her life, Or you can ask her politely to please give you the information and you will get all the information you need plus she will tell you that Apollo will protect you, You can tell the guard that Perikles sent you which would mean that you are Phidias’s friend or you can just kill the guard but then you will have to fight the next guard, You can just claim to be Phidias’s lover and let yourself in but the guard might be a little shocked with that, If you directly say that Phidias is your friend then you will have to pay 500 to the guard as he will not let you in, Force him to reveal information and beat him down, You can directly tell that the person does not deserve citizenship, If you choose to threaten him then you will have to beat him down as he tries to escape and use your fists to beat him or else he will die, You can offer him some money in exchange for the information and you will get your information, If you directly say that Sophanes does not deserve citizenship you will still be rewarded, You can tell him that you are not a cultist, Since Swordfish has lost his mind due to the Labyrinth it will not matter to him if you say you are not a cultist. You will come face to face with Pythia when Alexios captures her and you will have the chance to interrogate her for the information that you need. Similar to all previous battles you will have to locate all the captains in the battlefield region and take them down one by one. The first two choices are simple but the last one will decide whether you will be able to end your game in a good way or not, This is one of the side quests in Messara and you will have to make the right decision to be able to find out the required information. You've only seen one page. You will have to find and kill him in the next main quest. You can either pay or go with a harsh tone. If you make the decision to save the baby then you will have access to a nearby quest which will ultimately help you in killing Chrysis and the name of the quest is Death comes for all. You will face yet another choice of either killing the wolf or sparing him both these choices have different consequences and only one leads to a happy ending. There are consequences to your choice that you should be reminded of because killing the Monger will result in other kills too and you have to make the right decisions to get help in future quests . Regardless of the choices, you make Aspasia will give you the information that you were looking for, These are some of the choices that you will come across while playing the Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey since you have also been given the consequences of the decision you make you can proceed for a happy ending, You might want to know about the assassin’s creed odyssey best ending therefore here are certain aspects that you should consider while you play the game. There are consequences to your choice that you should be reminded of because killing the Monger will result in other kills too and you have to make the right decisions to get help in future quests, Take the Monger secretly and deal with the situation and this will also please Brasida, Kill the Monger in the presence of the public to please Anthousa. In the previous walkthrough The Cultist King Walkthrough after revealing the identity of the cultist king and facing Deimos in the battle you will learn about another member of the Cult of Kosmos. Return to Sokrates and once again there will be some discussion. Kornith’s The Monger has to be dealt with in the quest Monger down but you are faced with a difficult choice. At the end of the battle, Anthousa and her hetaerae will finish him off. Navigate back to the Walkthrough here. If Anthousa's plan goes through, the Monger will be taken down publically. The choice is yours but if you are looking for a happy ending you should refer to the following points and save yourself from despair, Kill the StentorLet Stentor live for another quest, If you kill Stentor when you have the chance then you will be able to loot his body and get your hands on the cultist clue because Stentor worked with them for a whileIf you spare Stentor then he will appear in another part of the story and you might have to find a chance to kill him again, You will have a lot of choices to deal with the small odyssey and it will not be an easy choice and one mistake can make her leave you or get mad at you. You will either be able to get the cultist clue or you can see him in the next story if you decide to spare him. If you let the villagers escape the disease will be spread across Greece and sickness will be spread across the world bringing a negative impact. She will also reveal more about Myrrine. If you kill the Monger publicly you will be able to please Anthousa but you will also have to kill Lagos who is the friend of Brasida. You can either please Anthousa or Brasida and not both of them and the choices you have to make are different too. But you will have the issue of Stentor who will fight you to death and your blade will not kill him. Here is a guide for all the players out there to better understand each choice and make the right decision to avoid getting killed. If you miss the quest or successfully stop the villagers from escaping the disease will not be spread and this can lead to a good ending. In the cutscene you will see the play. He is also a cultist so you get a clue annd a identity. He said he would more friendly if you had you had agreed with him on certain points. This will open up the next quest. The actor will ask you to find his muse and as you go out a group of guards will surround you (This happens if you don’t pay much). Find Aristophanes, and he will tell you to find his main man who has gone missing. In the latter case, Duris will pay the debt and kneel down to beg you to leave him aloneIf you argue with your merchant that double is too much and spare Duris the debt he might help you. The objective marker will lead you to a women Aikaterine, and she will tell you to kill Commander Rhexenor. If you are someone who wants the game to end perfectly then you can follow the points mentioned above and also go through the important points that can be crucial to be successful in the quests. You get a lot of cool stuff... Super Easy Fix for ‘Bluestacks could not start the engine’ issue. This will trigger a conquest battle. That choice has long-term effects. This is a wise choice since this can help you in achieving the best ending possible as after condemning the king you will regain your citizenship in Sparta making it easier for you to kill the next opponent.

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