It is a very common species in Britain, where it is the commonest Helophilus species. Due to the black pattern described above, the main yellow areas on these tergites are at the sides of the insect but they are fairly prominent due to their large size, and their bright colour. This species visits a wide range of flowers throughout Britain as far north as the Shetland Isles. Male/Female - Nature Picture Library rosemary beetle This border is usually slightly thicker on the third tergite, where it is also more obvious as the front of tergite four is wholly black, thus enhancing the contrast of the feature. The eyes are separated in both sexes, in the male a little less than in the female. (Helophilus pendulus) [Female] Lullymore West Bog, Lullymore, Co. Kildare, Ireland. Its scientific name means "dangling marsh-lover" (from Greek helo-, "marsh", -phil, "love", Latin pend-, "hang"). Helophilus pendulus Helophilus pendulus. ), head in side view and extremity of wing. The hover flu Eristalinus aenus, Old Hunstanton, 15th April 2020. ... Helophilus pendulus. Like other members of the genus Helophilus it has black and yellow longitudinal stripes on the upper surface of its thorax. Female football jersey hoverfly (Helophilus pendulus) laying eggs on an iris leaf in a garden pond Agapanthus inapertus subsp. Nature Picture Library offers the best nature photographs and footage from the world's finest photographers, to license for commercial and creative use. Order: Diptera: Family: Syrphidae: Genus: Helophilus: Species: pendulus . Stubbs, Alan E. and Steven J. Falk (1983), This page was last edited on 27 August 2020, at 17:48. The hoverfly Epistrophe elegans, male, Old Hunstanton, 12th April 2020. The mid-tarsi have extensive dark markings on at least their distal segments, unlike trivittatus which usually has wholly pale mid-tarsi. Fig 9 Male eye form (top), female eye form (bottom). The yellow pattern here is usually a bright, slightly orangey yellow (unlike the paler lemon yellow of trivittatus). Two thirds dark. Awesome Inc. theme. Holly Blue, Hunstanton garden, 12th April 2020. Sexes are unusually well differentiated: tail is white in male and reddish in female. The Footballer Hoverfly (Helophilus pendulus) is of the family Syrphidae which is in the genus Helophilus. Volucella inanis 110710. CLICK ON PHOTO TO SEE HIGHER QUALITY IMAGE. Helophilus pendulus is a European hoverfly. Females also tend to have broader straight sided abdomens even though the male of the same species may have a waisted or club-shaped abdomen. This is used in endophytic oviposition which is explained in the life cycle. Oct 23, 2012 - Collection of species that can be identified in the field. The hoverfly Epistrophe elegans, male, Old Hunstanton, 12th April 2020. ... Helophilus pendulus. Females have yellow hairs on the hind part of tergite five, unlike H. hybridus females, in which these hairs are black due to certain biological adapments. Tergite four is largely black, with isolated dull yellow crescentic markings on each side. This includes superb mimics of bees and wasps such as Pocota and Chrysotoxum, also some astonishingly cryptic species like Hammerschmidtia. Helophilus trivittatus has a wing length of 10.25–12.25 millimetres (0.404–0.482 in). The characteristic brown stripes on the thorax quickly let me identify the species as Helophilus pendulus in my copy Hoverflies (Francis Gilbert, Richmond Publishing), an excellent monograph I've talked about before. A more obtrusive method of identifying the sex of the species is to look at the underside of the abdomen, males have curbed asymmetrical genitalia. This species visits flowers; it also commonly rests on leaves. 4, Eumerus strigatus, head in side view and wing. Females are not to identify. THE FOOTBALLER HOVERFLY. My specimens were compared with ... male and female from Banff, Alberta, July 17, 1902, R. C. Osburn, collector, a male from Fargo, North Dakota, May 27, However, there are other hoverflies in the genus all with a stripy thorax. Gardens and open countryside. Helophilus pendulus Linn. It is associated with a wide variety of waterbodies, from large lakes and rivers down to areas as small as ditches, small ponds and muddy puddles. English: Sun Fly (Helophilus pendulus), female, cleans itself; Filmed in the Burgwald, Hesse, Germany Deutsch: Helophilus pendulus Weibchen putzt sich; gefilmt im Burgwald, Mittelhessen am 1.8.2010 Date 3, Microdon mutabilis, antenna and wing. Helophilus hybridus - Wetland species, male with yellow markings on tergites 2 and 3 uninterrupted. All female damselflies and female hawker dragonflies have a blade like ovipositor present on the underside of the abdomen. It often emits a buzzing sound when resting. Xanthogramma pedissequm 210712. Taken on 27th July 2007. Large Tiger Hoverfly - Helophilus trivittatus - female - August 5th 2012. The hoverfly Helophilus pendulus, female, Old Hunstanton, 12th April 2020. ... Helophilus pendulus. The bands are yellow or yellow-orange. I assume the pair in photo 1 is male and female. Tiger Hoverfly - Helophilus pendulus - female -September 29th 2011. Yellow-striped thorax. The legs possess patterning which differ from the other species in the genus. 1, Ceriana conopsoides (adventive? A common and widespread hoverfly which can be found in a wide range of habitats. The abdomen is patterned with yellow, black and grey, and for this reason it is sometimes called the footballer. April - October. Tiger Hoverfly - Helophilus pendulus - female - … Both sexes with hind tibia extensively dark. Gardens and open countryside. A Female Horsefly Helophilus Pendulus Feeding on a White Buddleja Flower in a Garden in Alsager Cheshire England United Kingdom UK Hoverfly (Helophilus pendulus) female, Sussex, England, August. It has a black central face-stripe. Females also tend to have broader straight sided abdomens even though the male of the same species may have a waisted or club-shaped abdomen. The tergites two and three are yellow patterned with black. Tiger Hoverfly - Helophilus pendulus - female -September 29th 2011. ... Eristlais intricarius 310514 male. The scutellum is yellow. • 15 genera (from Walker). The antennae are black, Face shows a wide yellow longitudinal stripe, with at most a central reddish-brown stripe. Large Tiger Hoverfly - Helophilus trivittatus - male - September 2nd 2012. H. pendulus: H. trivittatus: H. hybridus Most common: Larger species: Least common: Tergite pattern: Orange-yellow. Helophilus pendulus - Common and widespread species with bold black stripe on face and black band between tergites 2 and 3. datasets have provided data to the NBN Atlas for this species.. Browse the list of datasets and find organisations you can join if you are interested in participating in a survey for species like Helophilus pendulus (Linnaeus, 1758) Hoverflies are the most popular group of flies within the British dipterological community and with nature-lovers in general. First, the hind tibia of pendulus has at least the apical half (usually all except the basal third) pale yellow, whereas other species, such as H. hybridus and H. groenlandicus have pale yellow only on the apical third or less. Large Tiger Hoverfly - Helophilus trivittatus - female - August 26th 2012 Tiger Hoverfly - Helophilus pendulus - male - June 24th 2011. Myathropa florea 030514. I assume the pair in photo 1 is male and female. See more ideas about Species, Hoverfly, Animals. pendulus 'Black Magic' . Helophilus pendulus (female) - Common Tiger Hoverfly - Flickr - S. Rae.jpg 1,020 × 872; 320 KB Helophilus pendulus (female).jpg 1,295 × 1,073; 671 KB Helophilus pendulus (Hoverfly sp. The larvae feed on detritus. 9. Description. ), Arnhem, the Netherlands - 2.jpg 800 × 600; 78 KB The hoverfly Helophilus pendulus is a common find, particularly around water or damp habitats.The black stripes on the thorax give it the common name 'The Footballer'.

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