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Warning: Every tax situation is different and you may need more forms that are presented here. If you are asking – then you probably do. #_0 A{? Now you will come to a screen with some instructions. Use Form N-312 to figure and claim the capital goods excise tax credit under section 235-110.7, Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS). If you are a retailer, you will select #8 from the, After properly keying in your exemptions, select “, The next screen will display the final return summary. three The reason for this is complicated. Form N-312 is also used to determine the increase in tax as a result of the recapture of the credit. Specific instructions to filling out the form are also included within the form, so please read those carefully. 0000004515 00000 n Once you have read this page, click the “Next” button at the bottom right of the page. . In some cases, you may have to wait for the Federal Tax Identification Number of your business entity if you are just organizing things. See page 10 of the General Instructions for Filing the General Excise/ Use Tax Returns for more information on completing Parts IV and V of Form G-45. You generally cannot exclude your typical business expenses and deductions like you can with “income tax”.

Our email is taxservicesoahu@gmail.com and our phone number is 808-744-5314. 0000003675 00000 n Payment can also be submitted along with this form, whether submitted in person, mailed, or e-filed.

now I am getting anxious about what to do. on your general excise tax return. Carefully enter your bank information and select an appropriate payment date. 1747 0 obj <>stream ” link to the right of the period that you wish to file. 649 0 obj <> endobj You will see part 1-part IV displayed as shown below. Please read all Hawaii State-provided form instructions carefully. If you have self employment/business income, you are an independent contractor, make sales commissions as a non-employee, or you have rental income from being a landlord, then you have to file and pay Hawaii GET.

Please contact the Hawaii Department of Taxation here: we do not have any rental properties. 0000033177 00000 n

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%PDF-1.4 %���� Go back to the dashboard and select the period that you wish to reprint. There is also a separate form, G-45 OT, if you are filing a one-time tax return. This is where you will select the districts in which you made sales. Please review the System Requirements first. We offer a G45 filing service (click here). After you are sure that you have reported the correct type of sales made across all jurisdictions, click “. If you pay less than $2,000 in GE Taxes during the year you file semi-annually. If you have exemptions, make sure that you do not report the gross sales on this page. %%EOF

It is a good practice to get into the habit of checking this page thoroughly. After checking that everything is correct, click “Next” again. This is an introductory guide only, and we recommend having your tax forms filed by a professional. For more information about GE Tax filing frequencies, click here to see our guide on this subject. last year I suddenly got a big bill and a fine from you, I paid it but I don’t know what i did that is wrong. 0000002794 00000 n Insurance commissions might pay at an even lesser rate, depending on the situation.

GENERAL EXCISE/USE TAX RETURNS GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Changes You Should Note • Amounts received after June 13, 2007, by the operator of the Hawaii convention center for reimbursement of costs or advances made pursuant to a contract with the Hawaii tourism authority are exempt from the general excise tax. Information Return for Unlicensed Contractors on Federal Construction Projects, Motor Vehicle Use Tax Certification – Affidavit in Support of a Claim for Exemption from Use Tax for a Motor Vehicle Transferred as a Gift (Attach to Form G-27), General Excise/Use Tax Exemption For Certified or Approved Housing Projects, General Excise / Use Tax Schedule of Exemptions and Deductions, Instructions for filing a ONE TIME USE General Excise / Use Tax Return (G-45), General Excise Branch License Maintenance Form. If you would like to know more about passing Hawaii GE Tax along to customers, click here. 0000008969 00000 n 0000003279 00000 n Check out our blog, Do You Need to Get a Sales Tax Permit in Hawaii, ? Hello, we are not the State of Hawaii Department of Taxation (we are a tax preparation company). Form N-312 is also used to determine the increase in tax as a result of the recapture of the credit.
0000010208 00000 n Also, If you would rather ask someone else to handle your Hawaii filings, our team at TaxValet can handle that for you with our. 0000010002 00000 n : You will be directed to the dashboard for the state. Select “File or view a form”.

It’s very similar, but not exactly so, to a common state sales tax. 2018 for taxable periods ending on or before December 31, 2019 by clicking on “Prior.”.

If you do not have a username and password, then your first step is setting that up. For all of Hawaii, the General Excise tax is 4%. Review this summary page.

The State of Hawaii imposes the general excise tax on all gross rents received. We try to keep all of our pages current, but some of the information presented on this page may be out-dated.

It is a tax on the gross income of your business. You can hire us to complete and file it for you, as a third party, if you are unsure about how to fill it out correctly. This is a great resource if you're considering hiring a sales tax company and don't want to get taken advantage of. 0000003167 00000 n 0000000750 00000 n Once you have an active sales tax permit in Hawaii you will need to begin filing general excise tax returns. trailer Instead, GE tax is computed based on your gross money received, before expenses, even if you did not make a profit. To request a form by mail or fax, you may call our Taxpayer Services Form Request Line at 808-587-4242 or toll-free 1-800-222-3229. Now answer the next two questions and select “.

Please see our Hawaii Tax Forms (Alphabetical Listing).

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