when muse a wakes up the next day, the person in the photo (muse b) is sleeping beside them ready to thank muse a for freeing them. A young cop goes undercover and becomes part of an LA gang. Like Hannah, Ernie, Justin, Susan, maybe Zachiarias as well, idk. like the whole ‘look at us trying to tackle the world but fails lol let’s grab a beer’ vibe?? it’s aimed to be a small group roleplay, think 10-15 people, in which we can fulfil out our fantasies of a society themed future, now that it’s been cancelled. When their lodge is threatened by a snarky trust-fund kid, a group of elderly men retaliate. Muse A is assigned to bring in Muse B. Knocked Up: Muse A doesn’t do relationships. They survived but were led away from the kingdom during the attack. Feel free to use them in your rps. Will Muse A and Muse C reunite? Survival: Muse A and Muse B happen to be work rivals who can’t stand each other. The team is here to have fun. *Numbers are subject to change depending on the interest. Muse B is the groom/bride of the wedding Muse A was hired to plan, but Muse A doesn’t know that when they meet and Muse falls for them. Bill and Richie spent most of the day being lazy, playing hours of Until Dawn on Richie’s PS4. They decline the proposal and leave the kingdom, sadly. if you’re interested in joining just like this post & shoot me a message with the app ( under cut ) filled. optional: when muse a gets the shit scared out of them by b, they could accidentally knock out b and have to deal with that mess. They end up going back to their small town to face their spouse. It wasn’t until graduation day that they each got a chance to break free from the town and its past haunting them and move on. Most people haven’t heard of it, it’s a bit of a hole in the wall, but man, their food is delicious, that chef’s hands’ must be under the influence of a culinary god. Muse A works as a server because, well, they need the money and any salary would suffice– there was rent to pay and they’re struggling financially as it is. Also, remember, male and non-binary OCs are absolutely welcome too. like first we’re in suburban america and then all of a sudden they’re thrown in 17th century england and after a week they’re on a spaceship in the year 3009 and we just keep on changing the setting but keep the characters consistent. Thank you for the kind words! So, there’s this diner in a rather quaint town that lies just outside the city’s limits. with both flashbacks and threads in the modern day?? Take a look at our LOCALS, and read up on town FOLKLORE. Maybe 2x2, 3x3, something like that. fast forward x amount of years. dizzy-powerless ASKED: do you guys have any group roleplay plots? See ya! Before clicking that button to submit an application, please understand the following about our group: "if we can't sass the world, you can be damn sure we'll assvenge it. One of our muses works at a Haunted House and the other is coming through with their friends and – whoops, they got so scared they fell down and oh shit now they’re bleeding. $5 is at stake when a coworker bets muse a they won’t leave their number on muse b’s check. Destination: Victoria City, Hong Kong. ART FROM ESSU-RWBY-DESU (tag fix, whoops) posted 5 years ago #allthesedumbcolors#u can tell this is blake bc it's my mun fc ayyy. However, they start to get uncomfortable when they hear a voice singing a lullaby on the other end that doesn’t belong to their partner.V. i am open to a lot of themes and plots, so please like this or just im me so we can talk about starting something! When your character page is finished make a little bio about your character and their role in the Next Avengers. They work for rival organizations. i had a crush on you in middle school but you always said you were straight. You see us as you want to see us — in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions such as a name. Even if they’ve changed and moved on, a part of them has always been stuck on the cliff as they watched in horror while Steven’s body fell down, down, down. i was thinking of having an aim group chat too?? It'd a fun escape for many people but what happens when you run out of ideas to do? Whether or not they suspect something eerie, they decide to stop and see if they need help.U. no matter how well you may think you know them, no matter how well you may make them smile or laugh, you’ll never truly know the real them, due to the wall they have up. Your muse thought it would be a great idea to play a prank on mine with a plastic spider/bug/rat, not expecting that they’d get punched in the face mid-flail. I will be constantly be updating this list as asks and accounts come in, when accounts are finished send them to me and follow who ever is on the list. where it doesn’t matter whether we have one long thread or several short, we don’t care much about gifs or icons or whatever, we can throw short replies at each other when the muse for paras is slow, have characters that enter and exit, and one main plot as a base. if you’re interested in joining, and making an OC like this post and i’ll message you the link to the roleplay! Our muses must play Jigsaw’s dangerous game in order to survive. A pair of friends who always go out for drinks, heading out to the clubs together in order to help one another out in the game, in other words, to locate quality one night stands. edit: this is being made a small group bc of the number of people interested, so don’t hesitate to hmu if you want to join!

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