Grave Digger is arguably the most famous and widely known monster truck anywhere in the world, and is considered to be Monster Jam's flagship truck. The truck is on display outside Digger's Dungeon, albeit in poor shape. In 1986 Grave Digger was repainted with the first version of the iconic ghost scheme which would become the basis for all the rest of the Grave Digger schemes. Free Same Day Click and Collect available at your local store when you order by 3pm. We will hold your order for 2 days.

There have been 41 versions of Grave Digger to date. A Grave Digger stacked onto two more Grave Diggers at the Monster Jam World Finals 14 pit party.

The body would change from a 1951 Ford panel van to a 1950 Chevy panel van in 1989. Mascot inflatable (left, next to Max-D's), A close-up of Grave Digger's ghost, occasionally referred to as the "Spooky Mound", Grave Digger's Jolly Roger, run on the rear of the truck's frame in most events. ", Blue and Silver Grave Digger with the phrase "We ain't bad, but the bad don't mess with us!

Cole would also leave the team, just before the World Finals to take care of his newborn daughter, thus Randy took his place at said event, he would later return to the sport, driving The Black Pearl. Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years due to small parts which could cause a choking hazard. Red Ford Grave Digger tailgate with the phrase "We ain't bad, but the bad don't mess with us!! Use the included instructions to transform the packaging into a monster-sized ramp. Delivery is Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays.

Kane would win racing running this body. Chrome versions of both with a 3D grim reaper appeared at the World Finals. Place an order in any store and get it delivered to your home. And with a longer range, this USB-rechargeable truck will turn your world into a Monster Jam arena!

The all-new Grave Digger 1: 24 scale RC toy is the ultimate gift for kids and Monster Jam fans! *Excludes Scottish Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland, gift cards and large bulky items. There is no Grave Digger 13 due to superstition about the number 13. Grave Digger is the only truck that has been released, By definition, this makes the truck one of two FELD-owned trucks that have. This design is currently used to this day, with several changes over the years. Size H16.51cm. Payment will be charged 2 to 7 days before your item is available.

One year later, the iconic \"graveyard\" paint scheme, bas… Perform high-octane stunts like big air, donuts, cyclones and more! Grave Digger 30th Anniversary - Two trucks run by Dennis in 2012 to celebrate Grave Digger's 30th Anniversary, one green and one purple. 2019 – Team Ice: Krysten Anderson, Team Fire: Adam Anderson, Tyler Menninga, and Charlie Pauken. Dennis would run the design during 2016. The fleet body was the same as the normal design, but with a 30th Anniversary logo on the side. It has also been released as Hot Wheels and Spin Master toy, and. Monster Trucks Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. In the first stop of Dennis' Stadium Tour in Tampa, Florida, he would suffer a career-ending injury after a failed backflip attempt.

Grim - A custom Hot Wheels Monster Jam toy released in 2004-2006.

Now it's even easier to host your very own Monster Jam rally with your friends. Grave Digger is the only truck so far to have both a. This will redirect you to the selected website and the basket will be emptied. Just flick the power switch and go! Drive this heavy-duty monster truck to the limit and perform epic stunts, crazy crashes and brutal bashes! With a more detailed body featuring authentic BKT Tires and a look-alike chassis, this replica Grave Digger can handle almost anything you throw at it! Original Grave Digger's Digital Truck Render in, Retro Grave Digger prototype (2nd row, 2nd truck). In 1984 Anderson rebuilt Grave Digger as a true monster truck running on 66-inch tires using a 1951 Ford panel van body with a blue and silver paint scheme. More Info », S.T.E.A.M - Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math, Pre-Order Now. Carl Van Horn and Jon Zimmer filled in for the rest of his tour. Introducing the all-new, official Monster Jam 1:15 scale Grave Digger RC! As a result, no two Grave Digger bodies are the exact same. The name came from a smack-talking session he had with his rivals (\"I'll take this old junk and dig you a grave with it.\"). Still can't make it, no problem, no charge. The truck was also released with a chrome body. Our Pre-Order Price Promise means you get the best price. 13 did not turn out unlucky after all, as the chassis just stood out for being Grave Digger's longest tenured tube chassis, and the first to feature purple fog. Please click here for full Christmas Shipping timeframe for all areas.

Silver - A version of the standard design, with the black replaced by chrome. a handpainted, chrome body at the World Finals, two special 30th Anniversary bodies for the year, Next Qualifier for Monster Jam World Finals XX, Monster Jam on Instagram: “Congratulations @brandonvinsongd on winning Monster Jam Triple Threat Series Central!...”,, A school bus-based ride truck themed to match the team. FELD and Randy Brown Motorsports operate the remaining trucks.

He's also been featured on the truck's roof art, and was on Dennis' 30th Anniversary trucks, Artwork of Grim's head, often used on the trucks roof.

Take control of one of the most decorated Monster Jam trucks of all time!

Grave Digger is one of the few trucks to have competed in every Monster Jam season since the official start of the league in 1992. Pre-Order with a money off voucher: you will receive either the benefit of our pre-order price promise or the voucher, not both together. The Monster Jam Grave Digger Truck and Grim Creatures Action Figure Set is a great gift for kids aged 3 and up. with the typo fixed, but lacking "but the" between 'Baddest' and 'Bad'. Graveyard - Debuted in 1986. Xbox All Access cannot be purchased with another item, we will need to empty your Basket. The truck is also well known for its on-track rivalry with the Maximum Destruction (Max-D) team, especially when the trucks were driven by Dennis Anderson and Max-D founder Tom Meents, who enjoyed a long-standing friendly rivalry due to their respective on-track success.

In 1984, Anderson rebuilt the truck as a true monster truck, replacing the red pickup body with a 1951 Ford panel truck in a blue and silver paint scheme. In 1986 Grave Digger was repainted with the first version of the iconic ghost scheme which would become the basis for all the rest of the Grave Digger schemes. FREE on all orders over £19;£2.99 on all orders between £10 and £19;£4.99 on all orders of less than £10; Express Delivery shipping charges:£2.99 for orders over £25;£6.99 for orders between £10 and £25;£8.99 for orders less than £10; *Excludes large bulky items and video game consoles. An official website dedicated to Grave Digger used to exist, though it was closed in early 2017 and the URL now redirects to. Ice - A version of the standard Grave Digger design in which the green is replaced with light blue and white and the graveyard is covered in snow. This 1:15 scale Grave Digger RC is ready to run right out of the box and comes complete with batteries for the controller! Last Order date for Gift Cards is Midnight Monday 17th December.

He painted the name in yellow letters on the door of the plain red truck. Featuring 2.4 GHz, you can race up to 6 Monster Jam trucks with your friends and host your very own Monster Jam rally! FREE Service; You will receive email within 1 hour when your order is Ready for Collection. Purple (WF 17) - A version of the standard design, with purple flames and chassis, driven by Cole Venard at World Finals 17. Digger's Dungeon in Poplar Branch, North Carolina, serves as the official home and workshop of Grave Digger. This design was run by Colton Eichelberger at World Finals 16. Anderson created the first Grave Digger in 1982, and also drove the truck until he retired in 2017.

Monster Jam 1:15 Radio Control Grave Digger.

2015-2016 Grave Digger ATV in #MoreMonsterJam events.

After Anderson built Grave Digger 2, his brother Les Anderson took over Grave Digger 1, driving it until 1990. Last Order date for Large Bulky items is 5pm Monday 17th December. The truck has a total of 7 World Championship Titles as of 2020.

This design was never made in real life, Chrome "Grim" Hot Wheels toy, with concept art in the bottom right corner, Rare chrome Grave Digger Hot Wheels toy, released in 2003, Anglia Panel Truck from the 2010 Hot Wheels Monster Duo 2-Pack, Employee exclusive Grave Digger Spin Master toy, Silver K'nex toy that came with the DS version of, "Pop-topping" Grave Digger toy, released in Burger King Kids Meals in 2009, Pull-back Grave Digger toy, released in McDonalds Happy Meals in 2015, This fan is wearing a foam Grave Digger hat, a very popular and commonly sold item at Monster Jam shows, The previously mentioned GD hat is usually sold with cotton candy, Cancelled Grave Digger C3 Construction Monster Jam building set toy, Cancelled Deluxe Grave Digger C3 Construction Monster Jam building set toy, Pre-order exclusive Gold Grave Digger in Monster Jam Steel Titans, Grave Digger Fire in Monster Jam Steel Titans, Grave Digger Ice Monster Jam Steel Titans, CGI Grave Digger in a Burger King Kids Meal commercial in 2009, Promotional art of grim reaper character.

Monster Jam 6056716 - Official Grave Digger Monster Truck, Die-Cast Vehicle, 1:24 Scale Dennis would win racing at the World Finals running this design in 2006. Note the typo. 2015-2016 Grave Digger Speedster in #MoreMonsterJam events, Alternate logo; used on Dennis' 30th Anniversary bodies, Chrome purple 30th Anniversary Grave Digger, Chrome green 30th Anniversary Grave Digger, Purple Grave Digger 25 for World Finals 16, Orange Grave Digger 25 at World Finals 17, Purple Grave Digger 31 at World Finals 17, Fire Grave Digger at World Finals 20 encore, Ice Grave Digger in the All-Star Challenge pit party, Green Ghost roof with the 2006 World Racing Champion logo, 2004 World Racing Champion roof design, only used at World Finals 6, Temporary flaming eyes on the ghost at SEMA 2017, Temporary NBC logo on Grave Digger in 2018, Truckin' Pals Cartoon Grave Digger, with character bio, An earlier version of the Truckin' Pals Grave Digger design, Truckin' Pals Starter Pack exclusive wooden toy, 2016 Hot Wheels toy with Grim Reaper roof art, Color Shiftiers Grave Digger Hot Wheels toy, Holiday Edition Grave Digger Hot Wheels toy, 2009 Easter Beasts Hot Wheels toy with purple wheels, 2010 Easter Beasts Hot Wheels toy with green wheels, Glow-in-the-dark Race Rewards Hot Wheels toy, 20th Anniversary Hot Wheels 1:64 scale diecast with Monster Jam logo, Color Shifters 30th Anniversary Hot Wheels toy, "Grim" Hot Wheels toy. It has 2.4 GHz frequency so you can race up to 6 Monster Jam trucks at once. Expected in stock: 02 Nov to 09 Nov, 1 x Monster Truck, 1 x Controller, 1 x Instruction Guide, 1 x USB Charging Cable (connected to truck), This realistic 1:15 scale Grave Digger RC truck is ready to run right out of the box!

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