Je o 54 % větší než Země (přesná hmotnost zůstává neznáma) a obíhá hvězdy v ideální vzdálenosti v tzv. Zvijezda je stara 2 milijarde godina, dakle 2,6 milijardâ godina mlađa od Sunca. Super-Earths around the M-dwarf neighbors Gl433 and Gl667C, submitted to Astronomy & Astrophysics, Svein Rosselands hus (map) Furthermore, a heavier planet can keep a more massive atmosphere. Točna temperatura na površini je ipak neizvjesna i ovisi o nizu još nepoznatih čimbenika. The zone around a star, where the surface temperature allows for the existence of liquid water on the planetary surface, is called habitable zone. The days, however, could be very long. These hardened creatures have even been returned alive from studies in low earth orbit where they were exposed to space conditions. The habitable zone around a star is defined such that the temperatures on the surface of a planet are just right for water to exist in liquid form. The surface temperature, which is the most important factor in the ESI, depends much on the distance to the host star. The short distance lets the star appear much larger on the sky of GJ667Cc than the Sun on our sky. They are found in hot springs, ocean sediments, under ice sheets and even on top of the Himalayas. Credit: S. Wedemeyer, University of Oslo (2012) Eternal dawn. It orbits a type of star which is studied at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics. Budući da je planet vjerojatno plimno vezan, možda je prevruć na jednoj, a prehladan na drugoj te je dobro samo u "terminator liniji". O něco menší hvězda, také oranžový trpaslík pojmenovaný Gliese 667 B spektrální třídy K5V je o 69 % menší a 20× méně svítivější. OSLO Our Sun would also be seen with the naked eye as a distant star. Most stars that host exoplanets are thus expected to be cool M-dwarfs, which makes the case of GJ667Cc particularly interesting. A more massive atmosphere, however, would result in higher temperatures and Venus-like conditions, which are unfavorable for life. It would rotate synchronously and show always the same side towards the star – an effect that we know from our Moon. 2020 v 11:47. Sem Sælands vei 13

The two other stars Gliese 667A and B would be visible on the sky, see upper left corner on the picture to the right. As the planet is so close to its central star, it is very likely that the planet is tidally locked. Temperatura bi mogla biti ugodnih 30 °C ako pretpostavimo planetarnu atmosferu sličnu zemaljskoj. Planet je plimno vezan sa zvijezdom, a kako ima plime 300 puta jače od Zemljinih, šanse za nastanjivost možda su niže, ali još se ne zna. GJ667Cc, the new prime candidate for a habitable world, is only 22 lightyears (or 200 million million kilometres) away, which is in our direct cosmological neighbourhood.

Kelc'htreiñ a ra en-dro d'ar steredenn Gliese 667 C hag a zo ur steredenn gorr ruz, lec'hiet da 22,7 bloavezh gouloù eus an Heol. Stránka byla naposledy editována 12. Zemlja bi bila ledeni svijet kada bi orbitirao oko ove zvijezde umjesto našeg Sunca. More details about this discovery are available in the HEC project area of the PHL website. Consequently, the atmospheric pressure at the planetary surface is likely to be higher. Another problem is connected to the presumably strong magnetism of the star. Planet ima masu 3,7 puta veću od mase Zemlje, a orbitalni period je 28 dana. The exact surface temperature is nevertheless uncertain and depends on a number of yet unknown factors. 0315 The red dwarf would be seen as a red disk that, in comparison to the Sun, is about 3 times as wide and covers about 10 times the area (see Figure 3). The higher mass of this planet results in a different gravitational acceleration (that’s what keeps us on the ground) compared to our Earth. Like Kepler-22b, GJ667Cc is a Super-Earth, i.e. Gliese 667 Cc dio je sustava Gliese 667, koji se sastoji od 3 zvijezde. Nejmenší z hvězd, červený trpaslík Gliese 667 C spektrální třídy M2V je o 31 % lehčí, o 42 % menší než Slunce. Gliese 667 Cc je egzoplanet koji orbitira crvenog patuljka Gliese 667 C, koji je dio sustava Gliese 667. Nature proves to be inventive though. They tolerate extreme temperatures and high radiation doses. The extra-solar planet GJ667Cc (or Gliese 667Cc) has been declared the most Earth-like object known outside of our solar system.
Liquid water is considered to be one of the most essential requirements for the formation of life. Gliese 667 Cc (auch GJ 667 Cc) ist ein Exoplanet, der den Roten Zwerg Gliese 667 C im Dreifach-Sternsystem Gliese 667 im Sternbild Skorpion umrundet. The Earth would be an iceworld if it orbited this star instead of our Sun. Ačkoliv se planeta nachází v obyvatelné zóně, tak kvůli složení spektrálních tříd svých hvězd získá jen 90 % energie než to, co obdrží Země. The Earth is located in the habitable zone around the Sun at a distance of 1 AU (astronomical unit). For comparison of sizes, the Earth and Mars are shown next to an artist impression of the planet 667Cc. Many M-dwarf stars – among them GJ667C – are known to emit flares, which are intense bursts of radiation and energetic particles. Planeta je svými parametry dosti podobná té naší a teoreticky by na ni mohl být život. Gliese 667 (aussi appelé GJ 667, HR 6426 et MLO 4) est un système stellaire et planétaire constitué de trois étoiles et au moins cinq (voire sept) planètes, ces dernières situées autour de l'étoile Gliese 667 C.Il est situé à environ 22 années-lumière de la Terre dans la constellation du Scorpion.Les trois étoiles ont une masse inférieure à celle du Soleil. Seznam potenciálně obyvatelných exoplanet, https://cs.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Gliese_667_Cc&oldid=19066497, licencí Creative Commons Uveďte autora – Zachovejte licenci, Ve fiktivním universu, kde se odehrává deset filmů, z nichž nejznámější jsou. Planet ima masu 3,7 puta veću od mase Zemlje, a orbitalni period je 28 dana. Gliese 667 Cc je egzoplanet koji orbitira crvenog patuljka Gliese 667 C, koji je dio sustava Gliese 667.

Srećom, planeta Gliese 667 Cc nalazi se osam puta bliže svojoj zvijezdi (na 0,12 AU), što planet udobno smješta u naseljenu zonu. If GJ667Cc has an atmosphere that scales proportional to the terrestrial one, then the pressure would just be a few times higher. Norway, +47 22 85 65 01 Although GJ667Cc is located in a habitable zone, the conditions on the planet could be very different from our Earth.

Gliese 667 Cc [3], [1], [4] (également connue sous la dénomination GJ 667Cc ou HR 6426Cc) est une planète extrasolaire (exoplanète) confirmée de type super-Terre, en orbite autour de l'étoile Gliese 667 C, une naine rouge qui est elle-même un membre du système de trois étoiles Gliese 667 situé à une distance d'environ 22,7 années-lumière, dans la constellation zodiacale du Scorpion.
The increasing number of known potentially habitable planets suggests that such planets might be frequent in the universe. Such mega-flares can double the brightness of the star in minutes. Super-Earths around the M-dwarf neighbors Gl433 and Gl667C. Being on GJ667Cc would certainly be a quite different experience. https://hr.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Gliese_667_Cc&oldid=5392662, Creative Commons Imenovanje/Dijeli pod istim uvjetima, Umjetnički prikaz zalaska na planetu, s Glieseom 667 AB u pozadini. obyvatelné zóně, kde se může voda vyskytovat v kapalném skupenství. Nevertheless, these two stars would be prominently visible on the sky. In the case that GJ667Cc is a rocky planet, the gravitational acceleration on the surface would be up to 60% higher than what we experience on the surface of Earth. Prima 90% količine svjetlosti koju Zemlja prima od Sunca, ali to većinom u obliku infracrvenog zračenja. Otkriven je 21. studenog 2011., a potvrđen 2. veljače 2012. While Kepler-22b is orbiting a sun-like star, GJ667Cc is accompanying a red dwarf star of spectral type M. Stars of this type, also called “M-dwarfs”, are smaller and cooler than our Sun but make up at least 60% of all stars. Together with the fact that the red dwarf star emits almost no ultraviolet light, these varying light conditions could be a potential problem for the formation of life as we know it. Ova stranica posljednji je put uređivana 22. prosinca 2019. u 15:34. Obilježja. Further observations are needed to answer if GJ 667Cc truly supports liquid water and if the conditions on this planet are appropriate for hosting life. Flares on the Sun are known to have a direct impact on our Earth and can, for instance, cause problems with satellite and radio communication.

No, masivnija atmosfera bi rezultirala višim temperaturama i uvjetima nalik Veneri, koji su nepovoljni za život. Waterbears tolerate extreme temperatures from just above absolute zero (-273 °C) to about +150 °C. Gliese 667Cc is located in the habitable zone of its host star and is currently the most Earth-like planet known (ESI=0.82). 10.

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