The first fellow who lived there tried to make sport out of it using his leftover water cannon from Songkran to try and chase it away then went on to bottle rockets to try and scare it. buddy. Common Koels are found in tall forests and are common in suburban areas. Does go all night every night though. I dream of buckshot, cannons, weapons of mass destruction..but then it just carries on, again and again, with its stupid and infinite repetitive high volume hell on earth good for nothing damnable inane cries all freaking day and all freaking night. Unfortunately this one has a DEEPER long drawn out sound that the normal ones. You will never see a Nok Gow wow (Koel) on the ground. But, there is hope. You'd be lucky to see it in a tree it hides so well. You will never see a Nok Gow wow (Koel) on the ground. Go. Are there any distinctive features about the bird? No advice other than make a fuss outside, maybe take to it with a hose?? I think it's more of a parasite! Jump to new Nov 3, 2009 #1 awg. I wish – we've had a currawong in the trees in front of our (2nd floor) bedroom waking us around 4am for the past 4 weeks. You said you think you know where the nest is. If you don't have access to explosives and Uzi's, try the following: 1) Throw a countless amount of pebbles at the tree most likely to shelter the Avian Satan. It's easy! The Eastern Koel is a migratory species that arrives in Australia from south-east Asia to breed in spring. More than 80 per cent of the country’s flowering plants, Forums. feeding these buddies as they have plenty of food in the wild to find and you could end up making them sick. I bought Boise earphones to get through it. We are in The Gap, Brisbane. Too much work – so they choose other birds to do the child raising for them. NParks is working with NEA and premise managements to prune trees, and remove crows’ nests and food sources to discourage Asian Koels from roosting in residential areas. My other friend was forewarned before moving in and at first was content but then the dang bird started it's song about 2:30 in the morning until about 5. As my research it is actually a cuckoo kind of bird, so I don't have much sympathy for it. When I first heard it, I really thought there was some demented handyman starting up at 5am, but no human has this kind of persistence. The 'call' they keep going on about drives me mad. If you can't see it you can't kill it. Eating fruit – particularly from ornamental backyard fruit trees. I wave it around so what the bird or birds experience is flashing light. They lay one of their eggs in a nest of a crow and then let the crow raise it for a while before it begins to change how it looks. In contrast to the adults, fledglings can be very conspicuous as they beg loudly for food from their foster parents. That’s why the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife is running Backyard The Asian Koel is more often heard than seen, especially during its breeding season (roughly every 3 months throughout the year, following the house crow’s breeding cycle). Help is at hand, Video: Onliners go ballistic at black smoke polluting pick-ups, Oops! The Koel chick hatches first and may force the host’s eggs or chicks out of the nest. That was until I was in the twilight zone between exhaustion and REM it started up again. Adults are rather shy and they are heard much more than seen. First off, I like birds. I hope you managed to sell & move away from Beelzebub before you ended up in the cuckoo's nest, meanwhile thanks for the tips & the sound link which I'll will try asap to rid ourselves of this winged Lucifer. The host parents won’t realise what’s going on and will continue to feed the fast-growing cuckoo chick. but that was before an eastern / pacific koel moved into my neighbourhood – specifically my back yard / my neighbour's yard. In late September and early October each year, Common Koels arrive in Australia from their northern winter homes to breed. Best of luck... makes you suicidal are you sure your not talking about a BAR BIRD,we have 3-4 in the tree's by the side of our house and they normally start winding up our hound who starts howling when they get louder 6pm to 6am but as soon as our boy tells them its his territory they soon move on.get yourself a MALAMUTE. For a large bird they can remain hidden, pretty well invisible. Is anyone else going crazy about these wretched things atm? Linked an old phone up to the speaker and waited till it got close then just played some other bird sounds, eventually it buggered off after about a week. I can't even work out which damned tree is koel-infested near my place, as there are quite a few. National Parks Board. seriously ?Next year it might follow you to the new place :), That was a bit of poetic licence. By Last updated Apr 2020. This is an Aboriginal trick and it works! Young birds resemble the adult female, but have considerably more buff and a dark eye. But one of my neighbours doesn't, and complains to the council that I am creating a nuisance. Occasionally mixed flocks are formed with other species such as pigeons. I have to get up and go to work every morning and I am exhausted!!! NParks is working with NEA and premise managements to prune trees, and remove crows’ nests and food sources to discourage Asian Koels  from roosting in residential areas. The Common Koel is being surveyed for Birds in Backyards this spring. Unfortunately you may have to live with it. Smart bird. snoop1130 It makes you suicidal. Lol. The female has glossed brown upperparts, heavily spotted with white, and a black crown. I have tried everything to eliminate these pests with little success. The first is noise. My (note the ownership status..), little koel (#&*% expletives forever..) doesn't sleep. Alternately, you can approach your town council or condominium management for assistance. We have a lot near our house and I like it that way. The National Park of Sg said this is a protected species, cannot kill it because they help to control crow's population. Buy a hawk app from the App Store if you have an Apple phone, the sound of a hawk call will scare it away. By bluetooth speaker in the garden if they are right near your window. The noisy bird stay all day long near my place now and it's driving me crazy with its loud calling. I wish I could offer an effective means to do away with this noisy bird but alas I can only comeserate in your agony. of fruiting plants. Koels are going crazy in CM as well but there are no trees close to my bedroom window. Need someone to talk to? You can make your neighbourhood friendlier for Eastern Koels. The Eastern Koel is a common buddy in many backyards in cities and towns across eastern and northern Australia. mammals, reptiles and frogs are unique to Australia, along with most of its freshwater fish and almost half of its birds. Try living next one of those Tutoring colleges. I've had two different friends live in the room as it is a cheap rate and great location, but both left due to the crazy birds. Cant see it due to their great camouflage!Its sound reverberates down the roof vents for the exhaust fans and the wood fire :(Ringwood Vic, In all honesty you kind of get used to it. These stupid birds supposedly migrate each year from Indonesia. I like birds. a baby Koel is being fed by another bird as they use other birds to raise their young. Thankfully it never returned, guess it found a mate. During breeding season, they are found in northern and eastern Australia, south to about Nowra, New South Wales, although occasional birds are encountered further south. This will at least help with your temper levels, and hopefully, prevent you from causing irreparable damage to the greater community. The Common Koel is a brood parasite, that is, it lays its eggs in the nests of other bird species. MrHammer, February 10, 2014 in General topics. It can only be doing it for fun. The juvenile koel's calls are also annoying, as they pester their foster parents to bring them more food. The locals call the bird nok Gao Wow. So I have developed two techniques for getting rid of birds that are noisy to the point of annoying other people. You put it up in the tree and whenever the bird makes noise the device responds. I'll trade you: User #729870 168 posts They don't actually make a nest, they lay their eggs in another birds nest like a Cuckoo does, and make the other bird raise the chick for them. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. But sometimes is better than no times! A bad job all round. Donations over $2 are tax-deductible and we thank you for your support. Koels are brood parasites which means they are a type of cuckoo who lets other birds raise their young for them. Started Yesterday at 10:03 AM, Copyright 2002 - 2020 Photo by David Tan, Female Asian Koels: Dark brown upperparts and light brown underparts; body is heavily spotted and streaked in white and rufous. However, another factor that probably contributes to their increasing abundance is the proliferation of some of their hosts, particularly the Red Wattlebird. There's a koel bird in a tree somewhere outside and this bird is driving me crazy. Traditionally inhabiting woodlands and rainforests, they're also comfortable in urban places, particularly where there are tall trees to hide in and lots I thought only here in Sg, we face the disturbances of the Asian Koel calling so early in the morning. it is so loud it will wake you up through earplugs. I don't need to kill it, that was a play on words (clue mockingbird), but I do want to try to scare the bird away. Dealing with extremely noisy bird - eastern koel,, It’s easy. no they are next to my[wifes] house here in korat.

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