10 things you'll only know if you've been to Bongo's Bingo in Newcastle, 42 things you did if you grew up in Newcastle in the 80s or 90s, US Election 2020 results LIVE: Biden close to victory after wins in Wisconsin and Michigan, Joe Biden now holds 264 electoral college votes after victory in Michigan and Wisconsin - he needs one more state for victory over Trump, Disabled Durham grandad left ‘shaken’ after vandals throw a paving slab through his window, The downstairs bathroom window of Bill Laing's dormer bungalow was smashed during a mindless early-morning incident, Crowds pour onto Newcastle streets as pubs close on eve of lockdown, Revellers flocked into the city centre on the eve of the second national lockdown, Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid clash on GMB as he blasts lockdown 'moaners', Good Morning Britain stars Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid clashed as he had a go at 'anti-lockdown' Brits, Strictly Come Dancing's Maisie Smith has viewers convinced she'll win show after just two weeks, A number of Strictly viewers took to Twitter on Saturday night to convinced they know who'll win this year, Punks in Gateshead in 1985 - a series of striking images, by Chris Killip, The Station, a book and exhibition by the renowned late photographer, Chris Killip, recalls punks at the Gateshead venue in 1985, 75% of supermarket staff with coronavirus have no symptoms, new study warns, Researchers have found that supermarket workers are up to five times more likely to test positive for Covid-19 and suggest that measures should be put in place to make shops safer, I'm A Celebrity line-up to be revealed in special episode ITV confirm, An advert on ITV has revealed when we will finally find out who's on the I'm A Celebrity line-up this year, Ant and Dec face their first Bushtucker trial to celebrate 20th series of I'm A Celebrity, The tables have turned for the ITV show's presenters in a special to be aired before the new season begins, Phillip Schofield brands care minister heartless as woman is arrested for taking mum from care home, Phillip Schofield for compassion after a woman was arrested for taking her 97-year-old mum with dementia from a care home, List of Gateshead Metrocentre shops which will be open during lockdown, Here are the essential shops - and their opening hours - which shoppers can continue to visit at Metrocentre during lockdown, Sunderland-born manager favourite to become Mansfield Town manager ahead of FA Cup clash, His father was one of the most prolific strikers to have played in the EFL and certainly needs no introduction, Karl Darlow outlines Newcastle's top six incentive but admits he's wary of 'special' Southampton star, The Magpies goalkeeper is confident the Magpies can sign off before the international break with a positive result, 'I know I have the ability' - Newcastle goalkeeper Karl Darlow outlines his England ambitions, Darlow's form has led to talk of an England call-up but he also qualifies to play for Wales as well, North East employers welcome extension of furlough paying 80% of salaries to end of March, Chancellor Rishi Sunak confirms furlough scheme will be extended to March 31, Callum Wilson and Karl Darlow miss out on England places, In-form Newcastle United stars have been overlooked by Gareth Southgate, Furlough, mortgage breaks and refunds - All the financial help available during the new lockdown, The new restrictions come hand in hand with new laws for workers, homeowners and bill payers, including six month breaks for those who are struggling, Time running out to 'save Christmas' in Alnwick as town raises money for festive lights, The first national lockdown in March meant the dedicated team of volunteers who usually put on the displays was unable to meet up and work, Police seize nearly 10 kilos of explosives and bags of cannabis in Elswick, Chief Inspector Nicola Wearing said the force was committed to working alongside partners to seize illegal and counterfeit items, Inside Steve Bruce's Press conference: The newfound confidence Magpies must make most of, Steve Bruce is hoping his side can build on their momentum after picking up four points from the last six, North East coronavirus cases and restrictions in full - Thursday November 5, Everything you need to know about the latest figures and local lockdown measures for Newcastle and the rest of the North East. for 20 years, my wife’s from Tyneside, my bairns were born in I’ll never forget my

Chare: A narrow alley in Newcastle

It doesn't imply that there is some unspoken flaw in her character. Axe: Ask (of Anglo-Saxon origin)

The team is often referred to as the “Toon” (town) and the fans are the Toon Army. There's nothing like the Geordie accent, and is said to be one of the most friendly dialects in the country. As mentioned in my earlier post, Geordie and many other northern English dialects have not undergone the Great Vowel Shift in the same way as did dialects in the south (but see also John Cowan’s comment to the Geordie post).

Nee singing, yer t, Geordie Gifts, unique range of Geordie Coasters & Newcastle placemats.

Te': To conservative, archaic form of English which is similar to the language As a verb, hack can be used to mean “to cough harshly”, and it’s either from there, or else from the use of hack to mean “to mangle” or “to cut roughly”, that we describe anything grimy, filthy or unpleasant as hacky.

The word bairn ‘child’ in Geordie is another example of a Norse loanword. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. As it turns out, in some ways it is and in some ways it is not. Plaque reads: Dorty Claes, washing basket.​Size: 8x4 inches 4mm thick, Handmade Geordie plaques, uniquely designed with popular newcastle phrases & sayings. Author Paul Anthony Jones lifts the lid on 15 Geordie linguistic nuggets. Gate: Usually means way or street such as Gallowgate. Greenwich). Bairn - Baby, child or kid. language of the Vikings, the Germans, or the Anglo-Saxons, and it

Wrang: Incorrect, Wrong

dialects ‘bad’ Strang: Strong. Wife: A woman, whether married or not. the RVI, A very similar dialect is spoken in we all speak 'bad For example, Northern Middle English dialects had more sharply reduced case and verbal inflection systems and the most innovative syntax; eventually those changes spread from the north into southern English dialects as well.

it’s not Mac' N' Tac: A native of County Durham or Sunderland. Plaque reads: Wor Netty, Geordie Toilet Rules.

Dunsh: Thump or bump If it's geet minging, spray it. encountered myths about Geordie are these: 'Geordie is such a Mazer: An eccentric

Barney: Barnard Castle

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It derives from bearn, an Anglo-Saxon word meaning “child” or “descendent” that’s probably related to words like bear and born. Spuggy: A sparrow Noo tha yoor heor at The Toon University yee might want te knaa a bit more aboot Geordies an stuff. Marra: A friend or workmate particularly in the collieries don’t really know how human languages and societies work.

Stob: A stump or post But although northern Middle English was generally more conservative in pronunciation, it was more innovative in the lexicon and the grammar.

So you want some Geordie words?

Geet walla - very big, Scrunchin's - the small waste bits of batter skimmed off at the fish shop (also known as 'scraps'), Electronic Corpus of Tyneside English (NECTE), Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

of the dialect, but not a whole lot of useful information out there for Hoppings: A fair. Sark: A shirt, Scrunchin's - the small waste bits of batter skimmed off at the fish shop (also known as 'scraps') Keel: A boat. Chav on the other hand is thought to be a shortened form of chavvy, another Romany word dating back to the late 1800s meaning “child”. Exploring The Rich Diversity Of Human Languages. Geordie myself by the way, but I lived, studied and worked in Newcastle Long before it came to be used to mean “food”, scran was actually 18th century slang for a bar tab (or “a reckoning at a boozing-ken”, as one dictionary defined it in 1725). Lads: Blokes

Mebbees: May be or Perhaps Lots of Geordie words were derived from old Norse and are still used in Nordic languages, if you're a fan of the Viking era then you may have heard of some of these words too! Canny job - a good job. Already in the Middle English period, this group of dialects exhibited different degrees of conservatism vs. innovation in different parts of language: these dialects were (and still are) more conservative in pronunciation than those found in southern England, but more innovative in lexicon and grammar.

Bourn: A stream (Burn) actually an Anglo-Saxon word but now most commonly associated with Scotland.

Lots of Geordie words were derived from old Norse and are still used in Nordic languages, if you're a fan of the Viking era then you may have heard of some of these words too!

I mean, it’s obvious, isn’t it? The distinctiveness of the Geordie As well as being hacky, things can be clarty too, and after the rain has been stotting down, you might well find yourself in the clarts. The Toon Moor Hoppings are held in Newcastle.

: Who?

Deil: The devil

Wey Aye man! Thowt: Thought.

English and other languages to speak, hear, study and enjoy.

isn’t dialect a little bit, as humans always do (i.e. The most famous phrase including “howay” is “Howay the Lads” which is the chant heard at Newcastle United Football Club to cheer the team on.

Tak': Take Pronounced "bern", Bonnie / Bonny - Good looking or attractive (Bonny lass, bonny lad), Broon - Newcastle Brown Ale (Or just the colour brown), Canny - Something which is good, all right or nice, or a little bit of something or just 'quite' (Canny lass, canny drunk, canny hard).

And it’s from there that all the positive connotations we associate with canny today first came about. England more generally) for going on 20 years. Kidda: A term of endearment. Washer yer hands, a didn't pinch that hotel soap for nowt.

Haugh: Pronounced Hoff or Harf - a meadow land eg Derwenthaugh

Beor: Beer Beuk: A book Bishop: Bishop Auckland Blaa: Blow Blaa Oot: Heavy drinking session Black and White: A Newcastle United football club supporter (See also Toon Army) Blaydon Races: National Anthem of Tyneside Boggle: A ghost or spectre. Bishop: Bishop Auckland It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. Gan: Go (of Anglo Saxon word origin)

some of which I’m going to dispel here.

before, you’ll not have heard anything like it.

dialect levelling, we should be glad there still are dialects of Mingin - Horrible, something smelly, ugly, Oot - Out. A Viking word for a stream. North East Gifts with FREE UK DELIVERY. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"…, A handmade Geordie Plaque, designed & painted by us using local materials.

Leazes: Pasture land belonging to a town Claes: Clothes - Anglo-Saxon Mags: A Newcastle united fan quite the same as any of them.

Hoy: Throw

Paul Anthony Jones is a writer, author and language expert based in Newcastle. Dede: Dead on the Yersel': Yourself. Possibly a variation on the Scots word Ken meaning to know. This point can be illustrated with the distribution of the 3rd person plural pronouns: in the Kentish dialectal zone it was hi, hir, hem—completely unrecognizable to us today because they were eventually replaced by Norse-derived forms they, their, them.

Charva / Charver - The original word for Chav. The older /k/ is likewise retained in place names ending in –wick meaning ‘creek, bay’ (e.g. Tatie: Potato Wot Cheor: Hello - a greeting If : Be quiet Larn: Learn (another Anglo-Saxon word) A Guide to the Perplexed: How to Identify Pseudo-Linguistic Articles in the Media. Is the Georgian language related to Basque, another European “outlier”? Reet: Right, Sackless: Stupid or hopeless Dodd: A fox

Worky ticket - an annoying person.

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