I use salt at 2% of the meat weight for a safe equilibrium cure, which works out at 20g per kilo. It’s not a flavour you want.

If you see the first signs of mould appearing—white dots or furry mould—use a clean cloth with some vinegar and dab/wipe it off. Check if they are read by cutting through the thickest part. Allow it to dry for a few more days. In desperation, I’ve taken to resting a knife on top of some over-dried biltong and hitting it with a camping mallet (not recommended, and not only because I upset the neighbours and smashed the chopping board!). Hanging the meat will make them dry for a longer time than the one on the trays because of the low air circulation around the meat. Some recipes call for balsamic or cider vinegar. Yellow raisin rice with a drizzle of honey butter, Pork spare ribs with smokey bbq braai sauce, ROASTED CHICKEN WITH PORK, SAGE AND CRANBERRY STUFFING, WATERMELON, MINT, BLACK PEPPER & FETA SALAD, STICKY GLAZED GAMMON – THE ULTIMATE CENTERPIECE, ROAST VEG SALAD WITH WHIPPED HERB CREAM CHEESE.
Shops that sell biltong will often hang it and leave it out, and these are ample storage conditions—just try to make sure none of the pieces are touching. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. If you find that you’ve cut your biltong early and it’s wetter than you’d like, use clean fingers to rub a little salt and vinegar on the exposed end and hang it back up. If the case hardening is severe, the tough outer layer can prevent moisture from leaving the middle. The bicarb neutralises the acid in the vinegar, but also acts as a meat tenderiser. Slice the meat, with the grain into 1cm thick x 2cm wide strips and about 20cm in length and rub thoroughly with the I’ve used cider vinegar a lot, purely because I have a large batch I made at home. Biltong is a savoury snack, not a desert! The strips of meat will take around five days or more to dry, depending on the weather conditions. I like a little fat because it helps carry flavour, but I tend to remove most of it before hanging. There are many other recipes that you can use, but be assured that these are the best biltong spice recipes. If you want a little more control, you can upgrade to a biltong box or other drying box. They are salty, spicy, and dried strips of meat that are eaten as snacks or used to make vegetables, salads, and soup in South Africa. The process is simple. However, it is recommended to stick to the brown vinegar for you to get the real unique taste of biltong. Sprinkle the strips of meat with the vinegar and Worcestershire sauce mixture on both sides. Leave it too long and you’ll have some tooth-bustingly tough biltong on your hands.

Coriander seed is the signature spice that makes biltong instantly recognisable. At the very least biltong is much better than peanut butter and protein shakes. Most likely, what you’re looking for is a really tough consistency with just a little bit of give. However, the longer the time, the better because the steaks will dry completely and get spicier. your page has i assume been hacked there are two adds for steroids, one here,There are a lot of creative, almost ceremonial devices on steroids for sale cutting biltong, but I think nothing beats a good,the other here,the fat doesn’t shrink at the npp steroid same rate as the muscle. A dehydrator will dry them within a day or two, but the traditional way will take you five or more days to dry the steaks.

Remove the meat from the container and pat dry with kitchen towels, taking care not to remove too much of the spice.

You’ll just get the spices, salt and a bit of sweetness. I’ve been making my own for a few years, gradually tweaking the recipe and feeding it to people with a “how is it, honestly?”, and plenty of willing feedback. I sometimes use them in case of emergency biltong shortage, so I’m not sure how to break it to them…. ), and too much salt can leave a burning sensation, so many recipes call for the salt to be washed off with a water/vinegar solution.

It’s tricky to get the salt quantity right.

My recipe uses the smallest amount of salt required to make a safe cure, based on the weight of the meat. If you don’t, the first option is to vacuum pack the biltong and store it in the fridge for one week to one month, depending on severity. Thank you!

The name comes from “bil,” meaning the rear of a beast and “tong,” meaning cutting the steak in strips. Check the meat after 4 – 5 days depending on how moist you want the inside to be. Biltong originated from the early Dutch settlers in South Africa. If there is any give in the meat, there’s still moisture in the middle. You can also have fun making them with your kids. Image: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)Source: UGC. Take them out of the vinegar and sprinkle each steak with enough pepper and coriander on both sides. That sounds sensible to me. You still need a little air movement, but the slower it dries, the more even the moisture gradient will be from inside to out. This should go some way towards fixing the problem. Like a piece of meat you would have in your plate, but thiner ? It’s best to toast the seeds to release the oils for flavour, but also because the oil suppresses bacterial growth. Hi Stefan, sorry for the slow reply.

https://www.greedyferret.com/perfect-biltong-recipe-south-african-beef-jerky My answer? Trim off any excess fat from the steaks, place them on a tray and sprinkle salt on both sides. A combination of good airflow and relatively cool temperatures are the key to successful biltong making. The method and spice mix hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years, but a few variations have appeared recently, like ‘piri piri’ biltong and the use of additional ingredients like worcestershire sauce and dried chillies. Once ready, cut into thin slices with a sharp knife and enjoy some of the best meat you’ll ever eat. Combine all the spices and sprinkle into the meat. This is the typical way that most South Africans use to cook this delicious food. The easiest way to measure dryness is with your fingers. We hope that you have found the best biltong recipe here. If they will be on the trays, wait for at least 12 hours and set the dehydrator at 155 F or 68 C. Hang the meat using hooks for 26 hours at 35 – 40 C. Test the steaks after 12 hours if they were on trays on 24 hours if they were hanged. All rights reserved. The longer you wait for it to be salted, the saltier it will get; hence do not leave it for too long. Every biltong maker has their own preference on spice mix. This comes down to personal preference. You can add ideas to them to make your most favoured taste. If you don’t have access to a vacuum sealer, stick your biltong in a paper bag and place it in the fridge for a few days. Even if the pieces are short, they’ll still dry fine. Too much sugar is really unpleasant though—you’re walking dangerously close to beef jerky territory and I’d really recommend against it. Grey ones are dehydrated completely. Hang in your biltong box, or in a well aired, ventilated space with a fan blowing gently to increase air flow. Just make sure you have a little air flow, or the meat can gather mould—I’m sorry to say this has happened to me in the past! The paper will allow excess moisture to continue leaving the meat, discouraging mould growth. Toast the coriander seeds in a dry pan, then grind down in a pestle and mortar or spice grinder. The salt is an excellent flavour enhancer and should definitely be included—just a little less to avoid the need for washing. After you have pickled the meat for 24 hours hang directly in a well ventilated area or in front of a fan. Contrary to popular belief, heat is not required to make biltong—neither does it make for a better product.

Pour the apple cider vinegar into a bowl. Use less salt! I imagine steroids and your biltong would be very good for those of us trying to gain weight. Why wash off and waste all that good flavour?

Plastic-covered paper clips make for a cheap solution. After 1½ hours, it is time for the curing process. Salt is a brilliant flavour enhancer and preservative. You can also add more spices and ingredients like cloves, paprika, garlic, chili flakes, hot sauce, and more when marinating the steaks. I like my biltong a little tough, but still wet in the middle. Submerge it in vinegar for about three to four minutes for the curing process to take place effectively. If you’ve ever tried biltong, you’ll know exactly what I mean—none of that sugary, rubbery stuff-it-in-a-dehydrator rubbish here, please! Once you’ve given it a try, please let me know how you like it, and if there are any variations to the traditional ingredients you swear by, no matter how strange! Do not rinse or wipe off any of the spice and liquid mixture before you hang the Biltong to dry. Preparation: 7 days › Extra time: 2 min › Ready in: 7 days 2 min Wash the meat. Some recipes call for several stages of curing and washing off spices, reapplying them, etc—this is not necessary. My local butcher goes way overboard with salt on their biltong. If you prefer a cut with a fat rind make use of Silverside or Topside if you want a lean cut. I made my first biltong by hanging it from a piece of wood jammed into a window frame beside a cool window, with a fan on low to circulate air. Place the meat in the dehydrator while they are lying flat on the trays or hang them inside the dehydrator. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Thanks for spotting it Jake. Be sure to get it all or it’s likely to spread again. What you’re looking for is cool conditions with good airflow. https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/biltong-231241 Black pepper and beef are a pair made in heaven.

Please make sure that the meat is hanging in a cool area with no warm air. If conditions are particulary humid or hot, there’s a chance you might experience this problem.

If there is high humidity, they may take longer to dry. It should be mostly powder, with a few pieces of seed shells left in. Thanks for writing this up; I look forward to trying this out with my forthcoming PC-fan IKEA-box biltong maker deluxe! Having said that, don’t be tempted to try and make it in the oven—biltong takes several days to dry, and most ovens won’t go low enough to dry the meat slowly enough to avoid cooking it. READ ALSO: 10 easy mince recipes South Africa, Image: instagram.com, @kleinkaroobiltongSource: UGC, READ ALSO: Tastiest ever banana bread recipe with oil | Best banana bread recipe, READ ALSO: 30 easy and tasty dinner ideas South Africa. Large chunks of fat can be a little unpleasant to deal with when eating biltong. Remember to cut along with the grain.

Why do you specify the use of a non-metallic container? Beef cut to 18mm thickness, at 26C will take 100hrs to lose 50% of its mass, and result in the required aw for packaging/storing. If you’ve ever tried cutting over-dried biltong, you’ll know how tough it can be—tough as old boots! Some recipes call for the addition of bicarbonate of soda. Try to create these conditions in whatever way you see fit. Place the tray in the fridge and let the meat marinade in the spice and vinegar mixture for about 12 hours It is dried or dehydrated meat. Make sure to coat the meat thoroughly. If you will use a dehydrator, marinate them for five minutes or so before putting it in the dehydrator. Good luck if you’re making biltong today. I appreciate your rational approach. No absolutely not. Bicarb has a pretty unpleasant taste, so it’s important to keep the quantity low. Traditionally, brown vinegar has been used to make biltong. If you’ve not checked for a while and found your biltong totally covered, sadly the best place for it is the bin. It’s easy to over-salt biltong, making it almost unbearable to eat in bigger quantities (let’s face it, who’s going to only eat a little biltong? Follow the guidance of the best biltong recipe ever step by step. If you’re using a good cut like silverside or toprump, you won’t need it at all.

Allow it to stay in the dehydrator for 2-3 hours. Mix the crushed coriander seeds with pepper. If you go higher it can quickly get too salty. The key is to draw air around the meat without the airflow being too strong, to avoid ‘case hardening’, whereby the outside becomes overly tough, and the texture gradient falls off too quickly.

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