Vice Lords are about making money and will clique up with any faction of any gang as long as they come in peace and don’t interfere with Vice Lord operations. Vice Lords would also spread nationwide and land in just about all 50 states in our nation especially in the Midwest in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana, Minnesota and Iowa. Leonard Calloway was War Counselor and devised strategies to ambush enemies and create attack strategies by using Guerrilla warfare type attacks. Executioners spread to northwest Indiana where most of their operations were carried out at least through the early 1990s. When the Vice Lords first formed in 1958 the Imperial Chaplains were one of their first enemies and founder Edwin Peppilow Perry had a personal Vendetta against the Chaplains. it was a post from sandy market rudd to boone simply stating that eddie harris was looking for him. Bennie soon got into it with the first Austin area Vice Lords known as “Cicero Vice Lords.”  Bennie was tasked with fighting one on one against Cicero Vice Lord member Freddie Pie.

Hence why the feds were so fast on the scene ? His cousin was locked up a year ago and remains behind bars.

What a peach. In the beginning, to become a Vice Lord you needed proper representation but by 1959, all you needed to do was be able to breathe and move. But Champion is maintaining control. Many of the headlines of Vice Lords committing crimes and murders were carried out by other branches like Unknown Vice Lords, Traveling Vice Lords and Cicero Vice Lords, but CVL violent crimes were much less as they still struggled to maintain order as the new heroin epidemic was beginning to take over the west side of Chicago in these years. This neighborhood had a small black community since 1958 at the intersection of Bell and Leavitt that was used to fighting white gangs. “There is significant gang presence, statewide, particularly in that area. In the year 1984, UTVLs became very big in the brown heroin business as they began a very lucrative business at the intersection of Congress Parkway and Cicero Avenue. You might see something that others didn’t. Either a love triangle or some pent up hatred of white people. During the sweeps of 1957 to 1958, a 15 year old youth by the name of Edwin “Peppilow Perry” and his group the “Phantom Burglers” were arrested for burglary and brought to the Illinois Youth Center (St. Charles reformatory) in St. Charles Illinois. If there is a hooker angle please provide that saying she was a hooker is disgusting! Between the years 1964 through 1969 the Vice Lords were mainly only in the newspaper for their positive leadership on the streets and the programs they were getting involved in. Did they like playing at the park more? Taking DNA swabs from interviewees is telling, they wouldn’t be doing it if they didn’t have evidence to match it to. “There’s no turf war here,” said Champion. He would eventually purchase four other buildings at the Augusta and Willard intersection and became the landlord. Inmates housed in Unit 29 where the riots took place have been moved to another unit so everyone is in a cell now. Much of the group had recently migrated from the west side and had taken up residence in the Altgeld Gardens projects in 1979 and this is how they connected with the Black P Stones in the projects. I agree. She removed her 12-03-14-post about “having more problems with some females” (I saved the text – it’s very graphic)…. As I stated a few days ago…I still think that Mister is a leader in Courtland. In Chicago, the Gangster Disciples have a long and bitter rivalry with the Black Disciples. I also want to mention Pep got his revenge on Big John for disrespecting him back in 1957, I don’t know all the details, but he got even. Ex-convict with history of domestic violence ‘killed his girlfriend and her two children, ages 10 and 8, inside their mobile home’.
At this meeting would also be David Dawley from Newbury, Massachusetts of the Transcentury Corporation who was sent to eleven cities across the nation to investigate working with impoverished areas and conducting research. The funeral was for a victim killed a week prior, and was allegedly involving a dispute between two Gangster Disciples factions. Even in West Humboldt Park Vice Lords dominated the entire southern section of the neighborhood as they violently went to war with Hispanic gangs from the neighborhood. Not only were the Vice Lords classified with more criminal gangs, there was also a lack of patience with bestowing the Vice Lords the opportunity to keep the west side streets safe. This sparked an investigation from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Executive Board of the Chicago Youth Centers (CYC), a citywide gang outreach organization.

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