Append content without editing the whole page source. #56 expresses confusion and distress at its surroundings, as well as greater self-awareness and none of the "repeating" actions demonstrated by other SCP-1382-3's. At one point, a Greek fighter jet was scrambled, and spotted the pilot slumped over the controls. Addendum 616-02: On █/█/████, A remote controlled rover obtained footage from within SCP-616-1. #19 appears to be screaming while Subject #20, seated next to it, assaults #18 with its bare fists. SCP-616-1 should be kept from closing at all costs once activated. Dr. Salvia: Proceed as directed, D-49581. Any civilian traffic that approaches SCP-1382 is to be detained, interrogated, and administered class-B amnestics pending results of said interrogation. Addendum 616-01: The airliner series never went into service, as the various anomalous events surrounding SCP-616's test flights were reported as various design failures. Registration matches existing model produced in 19██, but no abnormal behavior was reported until July 7, 2012. Would you be told if your plane was going down? #56 has made several efforts to escape SCP-1382-2. SCP-1382-1 does not respond.] How the second lockdown affects UK holidays, What if Covid-19 spoils my holiday? It is in a very early stage of decay. Dr. Salvia: WHAT ARE YOU At various points during the flight, all present personnel may feel as if SCP-616 is quickly falling, though it has been ascertained that SCP-616 remains in relatively stable cruising conditions during all times, including during the times of these events. However, it seems individuals in possession of this fact fare worse than individuals who are not at keeping SCP-616-1 open. Special Containment Procedures: SCP-616 is to be kept in Site [REDACTED]. However, this is discouraged as nearly all personnel opening and/or passing through the door have reported severe anxiety problems and a persistent feeling of being watched. A photograph discovered last year was said to prove that Amelia Earhart did not die in a plane crash but was captured by the Japanese, experts claimed 80 years after her disappearance. The Roman Catholic Pope (or a similar Abrahamic religious figure) must bless the aircraft in accordance with the appropriate religious ceremony once per full year. Interviewer: Dr. Salvia, aboard the SCPS Seastar. Our Travel Truths series aims to debunk myths related to the travel industry. View/set parent page (used for creating breadcrumbs and structured layout). SCP-1382-1: [Without pause] HELP This necessitates a monthly manned flight. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. The remains of three reported missing persons attributed to SCP-1382-1, as well as D-49581 (see Incident 1382-C-2), are also contained within SCP-1382-2. Subject #1 (SCP-1382-3-1) rises from the pilot's seat and appears to be fending off an unknown attacker before slumping over 1382-2's control panel and ceasing to move. Your wearing this! Are you sure there's someone out here? ["█████" is the real name of D-49581. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Subject #56 is the remains of D-49581, absorbed into SCP-1382-2 during Incident 1382-C-2. The photo, found in a former “top secret” file at the US National Archives, and thought to have been taken in 1937, has been subjected to facial-recognition and other forensic testing – and could put the mystery to bed. This event can be considered the activation of SCP-616-1. Fear, confusion and mistrust – views from across Europe as restrictions tighten, An ode to the airport, our gateway to freedom, Government travel advice 'causing redundancies, poverty, poaching and environmental damage', Travel bosses urge Government to unlock long-haul holidays in support of new Telegraph campaign, Fines for anyone who leaves England 'without reasonable excuse' from today, The best hotels and chalets in Méribel from chic hotels to luxury lodges hidden in the trees, The best family-friendly hotels in Grenada for a fun and far-flung flop, The Caribbean hotels giving a fresh perspective on the past, The best apartments and hotels in Avoriaz for direct access to the slopes, A postcard from Barbados, where travellers like me are extending their trips, Unlock Long Haul: Five destinations the Government should permit us to visit, 10 brilliant things to do outdoors in London during lockdown, The rise of 'coliving' in Europe – a first-hand account from Portugal, Emily Atack: I'm not fussy when it comes to holidays – give me Ibiza with loads of lads and booze.

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