When it is very wet or cold, they will hide by plants and trees. The thorax is usually yellow to golden coloured with a dark and hairy line. Nymphs eat mosquito larvae, caddisfly larvae, and other aquatic prey. Each bulging compound eye actually consists of up to 30,000 individual eyes! butterflies, moths, mayflies, and flying ants or termites. It is light green with light, brown speckles. Our assignment for the day is to be a dragonfly and write about how we were born, where we live and what we like to eat. Largely a tropical group of insects; over 5,400 species worldwide. Desert specialists include the desert whitetail, desert forktail, desert firetail, Mexican amberwing, Mexican forktail, filigree skimmer, serpent ringtail, brimstone clubtail, Kiowa and Pima dancers, painted damsel and the very rare desert shadow damsel. The first description of this underlying holotype is in the Zoological Museum of Copenhagen University taken from a female collected from India. The large red dragonfly patrolling overhead is a flame skimmer. (Dragonfly Anatomy), The flame skimmer dragonfly reproduces sexually. Skimmer dragonfly nymph. Flame Skimmer Dragonfly At NHM Wildlife Gardens - Duration: 0:12. Like hummingbirds, and unlike the butterflies, dragonflies can maneuver quickly, making rapid zigzag maneuvers. They belong to the family Libellulidae – the Skimmers – the largest dragonfly family, with over 1000 species. This species and Pantala hymenaea, the "spot-winged glider", are the only members of the genus Pantala.It was first described by Johan Christian Fabricius in 1798. The Pitcairn Islands published a 15 cent with a dragonfly flying on a dark blue background. Optional items would include shoes that can get wet, an insect  net, a 10-20X magnifying hand lens, zip-lock baggies/glassine envelopes,  a good guide and plenty of sunscreen. Dragonflies are said to eat their weight in mosquitoes, making them garden allies that any twilight gardener can appreciate! Male flame skimmers are known for their entirely red or dark orange body, this includes eyes, legs, and even wing veins. [13], They are very conspicuous dragonflies; seen in swarms over paddy fields, playgrounds or open areas. Short of a pond (even a half barrel will attract damselflies), provide strong perches in sunny areas from which they can pursue their prey. Pantala flavescens, the globe skimmer, globe wanderer or wandering glider, is a wide-ranging dragonfly of the family Libellulidae. They do not chase after prey, instead they hide, and wait for prey to pass by. Dragonflies: flame skimmer (Libellula saturata), cardinal meadowhawk (Sympetrum ilotum), blue-eyed darner (Aeshna multicolor). It has Michel catalog number 257 appearing in a set of insect motifs. In 1910, the field was cleared as Richard Anthony Muttkowski recognized that these species were all synonyms. immature nymphs (naiads) live in mud on the bottom of warm ponds, streams, and small fish and tadpoles. Due to its wide distribution, the globe skimmer appears on a number of stamps. The abdomen is located on the posterior of the dragonfly, and is connected to the thorax. Dragonflies and damselflies can be held by their strong wings; folding the wings above their abdomens.

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