I loved this book.

It will be awful. Try something like, "I noticed how you played with the other kids at recess today. She just knows it. As a class, we can think aloud by questioning, clarifying, and eventually summarizing this book. Read a Book About First Day Jitters: Find a children's book that covers the topic of first-day anxiety. The use of Tone is important throughout this book, this is because Mr. Hartwell has a. Can you remember your first day of school as a brand new teacher? Assure the students that these feelings are normal and will fade with time.

They can sip their juice while you read and discuss the book. I'm so proud of you! The illustrations are charming; cat and dog follow their mistress around the house, and even in the car to the dreaded journey to school!

This story is a wonderful one to connect the feelings of students and teachers alike as a new journey of a school year begins on the very first day.

Sarah Jane Hartwell is a relateable character that decides she does not want to go to a new school on the very first day of the school year. Plus, more read-aloud books for the first day of school. This book would be great in the format of a read aloud early in the school year. My goal would be to ea. Luckily she meets Mrs. Burton, who helps her find her classroom and even introduces her to her new class. How Teachers Can Ease Students' First Day Jitters. Our youngest stated that she'd already read it (or had it read to her) in school, but that it was very good and she wanted to read it again. Through discussions and arguements with her father, Sarah is convinced that her attendance is mandatory, despite her fears and hesitations. Use it in class or as a first-day homework assignment to talk over and complete with their grown-ups. (It also helps to keep germs at bay on the first day! The text is caring, showing youngsters that "first day jitters" are normal, and there's a wonderful surprise ending as well. In the book, First Day Jitters, Sarah doesn’t want to get out of bed to go to the first day of school. I think the most unique part about this book is that when you are reading, the entire time the expectation is the person hiding under the covers, or hastily getting dressed is a student. Those feelings are captured perfectly in the classic picture book First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg and Judy Love. You might also try complimenting the student in front of his or her parents at pickup time. Children often crave acceptance and attention from their new teacher; so by showing them you rely on them for a certain task, you are instilling confidence and purpose during a critical time. She i.

Often, parents exacerbate nervous children by hovering, fretting, and refusing to leave the classroom. This story is about a character named Sarah who is terribly nervous about the first day at her new school. This book tells the story of a teacher's nervousness for the first day of school in a relatable, humorous, and playful way. Have kids write down their jittery thoughts on a small piece of paper.

She doesn't know anybody, and nobody knows her. Beyond whole class Ice Breaker activities, it's important to be aware of the following simple strategies that teachers can employ to help young students feel comfortable in their new classrooms and ready to learn in school all year long. Say something along the lines of, "I'm nervous, too, and I'm the teacher! Then, ask them to write an explanation of why those chose each one. I get nervous every year on the first day!" It would offer an opportunity for the teacher to share his/her worries about the first day of school, and for the students to see their teacher as a person with similar feelings that they may be having beginning the school year. Let kids reflect on how they felt before the first day and how they feel now that they’re living it. The reality is usually a lot less scary than what we imagine in advance. Whether you’re going off to a new job in the big city or a small town), here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re planning for that first day of … The text of the book may be advanced for young readers, so the teacher may read the text to the children to demonstrate fluency and allow the children to listen and comprehend the story.

I overall very much enjoyed this picture book. All of the students were so excited to meet Mrs. Hartwell. Free Printable to Share With Families! Everyone knows that sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach just before diving into a new situation. Classroom Coding & Robotics … Everything You Need to Get Started, Protected: Classroom Talk-to-Text Project. The first day on my own was reminiscent of previous wars. )”, First Day Jitters activities using Jitter Glitter are really popular! The illustrations are very important in this book, almost telling their own story and adding a hilarious sense of humor! She is afraid because she doesn't know anyone and it will be awful, she can just tell. ). I love this story.

Or, consider Mr. Ouchy's First Day which is about a teacher with a bad case of back to school nerves. Mr. Hartwell finally convinces her to get up, have breakfast and head off to school. With much prodding from Mr. Hartwell, Sarah Jane reluctantly pulls herself together and goes to school. February 1st 2000 Mr. Hartwell does a good job to convince her to get moving anyway, and a meeting with the principal when she gets to school helps to smooth the way to a delightfully fun ending. Kids help fill in the blanks to create a chart of complete sentences describing how the first day of school made them feel. First Day Jitters is a great picture book that keeps readers attention! One teacher explains, “I didn’t want messy glitter, so instead I use a decorated antibacterial hand gel that has the glittery-like beads, which magically disappear as kids rub their hands together. This book is about a girl named Sarah, who is extremely nervous about her first day of school. It's hard for any aged students, especially younger ones, to imagine their teacher is feeling all the same emotions they are about the first day.

Predictable charts are great for kindergarten when students aren’t writing much on their own yet. :). The tone that is used for Sarah is also misleading about her age. All rights reserved. The author, Julie Danneberg, brilliantly writes this book in a way that leaves the reader surprised at the end of the story when it is revealed that Sarah is actually the teacher. This page contains First Day Jitters lesson plans, teaching resources, and a fun student project. This is a great giveaway for a pre–first day meet and greet. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published Sarah Jane Hartwell does not want to go to the first day of school. (Here are more fun ways to  use sticky notes in the classroom.). Sarah does not want to go to her first day of school, feeling all of these emotions as she is forced to get ready for school. Help the anxious child feel useful and part of the group by giving him or her a simple responsibility to help you out. Sometimes one friendly face is all it takes to help a child transition from tears to smiles. Once you read this book your inside book lover itches to read it again. Sometimes, just seeing his or her desk can go a long way toward easing uncertainty. While reading this couldn't wait to see if Sarah decided to go to school and if she did what her classmates thought of her!

The author uses playful illustrations on one and two page spreads to cultivate a setting for the reader that advances the story line. Sometimes just acknowledging your worries is enough to calm you down. Name of Book and Author: First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg, First Day Jitters is a great picture book that keeps readers attention! The characters identity is not revealed until the end. Plus, staying busy will help the child focus on something concrete outside of his or her own feelings at that moment. I love connecting the feeling and sentiment offered in this book to my students as we always begin. It may surprise students to know that teachers get nervous too. Beth Lewis has a B.A.

Don't indulge these "helicopter" parents and allow them to stay past the school bell. I loved this book. First, students color a small symbol of themselves showing how they felt about the first day of school. But that doesn't mean you get to skip it! Luckily, her husband convinced her to go. The buddies should stay connected during recess and lunch for at least the first week of school. The author, Julie Danneberg, brilliantly writes this book in a way that leaves the reader surprised at the end of the story when it is revealed that Sarah is actually the teacher. Learn more: The Kindergarten Smorgasboard, Writing is always more fun with sticky notes!

It was so cute and the ending was fantastic. She worries about not knowing anyone and the challenges that lay ahead. He drives her and she is met by the principal who takes her to her classroom. I would love to be able to read this every year on the first day to show my students that I am human too.

Children's picture book, first day of school, main character wants to stay home.

This free printable is simple but gets straight to the point. I loved the surprise at the end! Have kids keep count, then graph the results. more read-aloud books for the first day of school. The theme of this book is also important portraying one of the truest messages, no matter how old you are everyone gets first day jitters! Jitter Juice is one of everyone’s favorite activities! Help the child feel more comfortable in his or her new surroundings by offering a short guided tour of the classroom. A popular one is called First Day Jitters. Sarah doesn't even want to leave the counted! My goal would be to ease the anxiety and set expectations so students know what to expect for the upcoming year. Partnering up with a peer is a practical shortcut to helping a child feel more at home in a new classroom.

Then, crumple them up and seal them in the jar, explaining that they’re getting the worries out of their heads so they can focus on more fun things! Here are more fun ways to  use sticky notes in the classroom.

She doesn't know anybody, and nobody knows her. The emotions of characters are exposed through dialogue and expression throughout the story. It's the first day of school again, and starting at a new school can be scary, Sarah Jane Hartwell is feeling this all too well. I loved the surprise ending. Sarah's father has to make her get out of bed and get ready so he can drive her to school. Tomorrow's going to be great!". Everyone can relate to having the first day jitters.

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