Its yet another project that was suddenly released basically-finished without any real fanfare, and like FE7x uses its own custom engine that lets it pull of all sorts of cool things. There’s a ton of these “Genealogy of X” hacks floating around out in the internet, most of which are pretty hard to get a hold of. It’s got basically no story text whatsoever past a certain early point in the game, but it’s got all sorts of cool technical junk and, from a gameplay perspective, is basically done if still in need of some polish.

Unlike everything above, these things have very little redeeming value outside of just pointing and laughing at how bad they are. I got it to work! I dug a lot of the portraits in this one. About as much sense as the dialogue ever makes.

This part of the list is reserved for shorter hacks that were actually meant to be short, as well as weird reskins and other such things that I found interesting for some reason. They’re still very much worth checking out, and most of them will probably be actually complete sometime soon. Another thing; in that same turn, Alvis will appear (orange circle) as a NPC, he can help you kill some enemies. I haven’t gotten super far into it, but it seems like a weird and unique little hack that’s pretty well put together overall.

GG isn’t really terrible, but it’s a product of its time and ultimately fairly forgettable.

As you can see, there are small houses with a cross on them, those are the churches. It even stars inexplicable cameos from anime characters and characters from other FE games. Sorry for the lame screenshot, Blademaster. Pros: It is a very challenging game 2. As turns go by, other comrades will join you, such as Quan and Ethlyn, among others. Just be aware if that’s a problem for you.).

FE4 Inflation; Gaiden. It’s at least worth checking out if you’re interested in seeing how far FE8 hacking has come since the early, dark days where it was nothing but reskins and terrible design decisions. Most notably of all, both are hard, FEGirls more so than the Green Patch, and in later chapters can often become pretty grueling. It’s maybe a little too difficult for its own good, and not really telling much of a story to care about, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Now it’s got an (very early) build playable, and it’s gone from funny April 1st gag to something real exciting, and hopefully worth waiting for. Hey Fire Emblem Fans! It’s another proud member of the FE8 hacking scene, and it’s got a neat protagonist with a flier class, so right away we’re off to a good start. Hey, so remember back when I mentioned that Blademaster had a more infamous hack than The Sun God’s Wrath? This actually nearly knocked it off the list, and I hope Blademaster rethinks it.).

A sad fact of ROMhacking is a lot of impressive-sounding projects either never get off the ground, or crash and burn after languishing in development for years, or just go quiet and never get officially updated or cancelled. It does, however, feature everyone’s favorite meme-Fighter as well as a whole host of new characters and a bunch of genuinely neat chapters with interesting objectives. Mystery of the Emblem; Genealogy of the Holy War; Thracia 776; The Binding Blade; TearRing Saga; Heroes of Light and Shadow; Game-modifying patches The Blazing Blade. Thank you so much you are the bomb!!

I don’t think anyone’s gonna be particularly upset given how dreadful this hack is, but just keep that in mind.). But as the posts got more and more detailed and less and less rambly, it started becoming clear this was a real thing that was actually happening and not just some elaborate hoax. Definitely one of the greats and well worth your time. Plus it’s got a playable puppy, so you know it’s a good game! They’re also just plain nightmarish and unfun to play, anyway, so there’s no real compelling reason to touch either of these Gheb games unless you’re really into some bizarre ROMhack-induced form of self-flagellation. I've looked around online to find an emulator to play the game and had a small amount of success with an easy online emulator, but I recently lost my save state and was too defeated to start over.

Elibian Nights; Thracia 776. It also seriously remixes enemy formations to be more challenging and interesting, and (as seen above) occasionally adds some pretty bizarre new bosses to the mix. 3. While I can’t even remotely begin to understand your taste, Maiden Quest has just what you need. Some of these hacks have guides and readmes that have been translated by TheEnd, so pick those up if you’re interested! • Important items: While this one is unique among early hacks in that it has quite a lot of custom art, said custom art’s all pretty dreadful, even before we get to the issues where the blinking frames were inserted wrong, meaning everyone’s faces occasionally glitch out in bizarre ways. It feels almost a little mean to harp on this one, but Tales of the Emblem is a pretty good example of the basic Fire Emblem reskin done all wrong. Please do not subject yourself to it, it will only make you feel worse about life and about the human race. You can kill him from distance with Azelle or Midir to level him up. It began life as a hack where people submitted characters and bosses to star in it, leading to the cast to be at least 60% borderline identical “cool” dudes. Sword of Heaven and Earth is a hack starring Lyn’s daughter Saya, as she goes on her own adventure to rescue her mother from some mysterious villains. Neither game is explicitly an FE fangame, but both are fairly similar to FE and wear that inspiration on their sleeves. I don’t say that to be mean to this thing, mind; that was the norm for FE8 hacks, and really it was the norm for FE7 hacks too, only that engine had a couple slightly more advanced things to its name by then. It spent an obscene amount of time in development, was worked on by a ton of people, and altogether looked like it was shaping up to be something pretty cool, but after a significant amount of time without any word as to its status, it was canned.

It gets pretty tiresome and annoying after a while, but it’s still a really interesting example of how to do things differently instead of the standard FE stuff. The game should now start, and be in English. Everyone had already tried and failed in that department. FE4 hacking has never really taken off in the Western hacking community; it’s mostly been restricted to obscure Japanese hackers posting on websites that go offline sporadically and have weird ads. It was released on May 14, 1996 in Japan. Player beware.). It’s more technically accomplished than GG, to be fair, and was actually quite impressive in its day, but nowadays the main reason people know about it is the… well, interesting treatment of Linoan, and having a lot of odd cameos from several different games. - Azelle-Sigurd. The few chapters it has are genuinely really cool, the backstory is seems interesting, and it seemed like it was on the path to success when it simply puttered out without fanfare. Ignore that, instead let’s talk about the hack. Both heroes and villains on either side team up to prove once and for all which game is superior. (Gonna warn you right now that there’s this one villainous character who’s basically a wholesale reference to The Booty Warrior from The Boondocks… which, if you’re at all familiar with said character, is not even remotely a good thing to be referencing.

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