As per firaq , it was a marriage by deception.

A celebrated Urdu poet and critic, he took his early lessons in Urdu, Persian and Sanskrit from his father, a widely acclaimed poet and a foremost advocate of Gorakhpur. Born to a well-to-do and educated family, Firaq was always drawn towards literature and had shown early signs of brilliance in poetry, especially in Urdu. At the age of eighteen, Firaq Gorakhpuri was married to Kishori Devi, but theirs was an unhappy marriage and there was always a lot of friction between the husband and wife. नाम तेरा दास्ताँ-दर-दास्ताँ बनता गया, जिन की ज़िंदगी दामन तक है बेचारे फ़रज़ाने हैं

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One of the most influential Pre-modern poets who paved the way for the modern Urdu ghazal. Authority Control :The Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) :   n84018287, Devoted to the preservation & promotion of Urdu. उफ़ ले गई है मुझ को मोहब्बत कहाँ कहाँ, कुछ इशारे थे जिन्हें दुनिया समझ बैठे थे हम Afterward, he chose teaching as his profession and retired from Allahabad University in 1959.In his personal life, he was an unfortunate person as he was virtually separated from his wife within a few years of their marriage. [1], Firaq had shown early signs of excellence in Urdu poetry and had always shown attraction towards literature. Firaq is remembered for promoting secularism throughout his life and spoke up against the Government when it tried to label Urdu as a Muslim language. Allahabad, India. सौ बात बन गई है ‘फ़िराक़’ एक बात की, मुझ को मारा है हर इक दर्द ओ दवा से पहले

Recipient of Gyanpeeth award. दी सज़ा इश्क़ ने हर जुर्म-ओ-ख़ता से पहले, ये नर्म नर्म हवा झिलमिला रहे हैं चराग़ फ़ितरत मेरी इश्क़-ओ-मोहब्बत क़िस्मत मेरी तंहाई

The Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) . Later, he joined Allahabad University as a lecturer in English literature. ये हुस्न ओ इश्क़ तो धोका है सब मगर फिर भी, फिर वही रंग-ए-तकल्लुम निगह-ए-नाज़ में है [4] The book included anecdotes from his life and translations of some of his work.

His long and rich poetic career spread over 60 years, in which he wrote more than 40,000 couplets and was ranked as the most prominent figure in the modern Urdu world.

[1], He was selected for the Provincial Civil Service (P.C.S.)

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), but he resigned to follow Mahatma Gandhi's Non-cooperation movement, for which he went to jail for 18 months. [citation needed], His biography, Firaq Gorakhpuri: The Poet of Pain & Ecstasy, written by his nephew Ajai Mansingh was published by Roli Books in 2015. He wrote more than a dozen volumes of Urdu poetry, a half dozen of Urdu prose, several volumes on literary themes in Hindi, as well as four volumes of English prose on literary and cultural subjects. Firaq was one of Urdu’s greatest poets, but he was not what you would call a nice man. Firaq Gorakhpuri’s poetry is heavily influenced by Urdu poets such as Mir and Momin and also the romanticism of English poetry. Firaq Gorakhpuri was also a Research Professor at the University Grants Commission and was also Producer Emeritus in All India Radio. A celebrated Urdu poet and critic, he took his early lessons in Urdu, Persian and Sanskrit from his father, a widely acclaimed poet and a foremost advocate of Gorakhpur. [citation needed], Firaq Gorakhpuri died on 3 March 1982 at age 85. Known by his pen name i.e. जिस की तक़दीर बिगड़ जाए वो करता क्या है, बस्तियाँ ढूँढ रही हैं उन्हें वीरानों में He started writing poetry in Urdu in teens and developed his own niche in an era that was marked by the likes of Sahir, Iqbal, Faiz and Kaifi.

Firaq was born in 1896 AD and married in 1913 AD to Kishori Devi . Eventually, he took on the pen name (as was common among writers back then) of Firaq Gorakhpuri.

He also worked towards allocating funds to develop Urdu as a language. तेरे ख़याल की ख़ुशबू से बस रहे हैं दिमाग़, रुकी रुकी सी शब-ए-मर्ग ख़त्म पर आई

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and the Indian Civil Service (British India) (I.C.S. Gorakhpuri was also known for his open depiction of the female body and his generous use of sensuality in his poetry. |

हर बार छुपा कोई हर बार नज़र आया, खो दिया तुम को तो हम पूछते फिरते हैं यही

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Raghupati Sahay (28 August 1896 – 3 March 1982), better known under his pen name Firaq Gorakhpuri, was a writer, critic, and, according to one commentator, one of the most noted contemporary Urdu poets from India. Two Daughters and a son were born through this marriage .

The Government of India bestowed upon him the Padma Bhushan in recognition of his literary work. Throughout his life Gorakhpuri was honoured with many awards, such as; Sahitya Akademi Award in Urdu (1960), Padma Bhushan (1968), Soviet Land Nehru Award (1968), Jnanpith Award (1969), Sahitya Akademi Fellowship (1970) and the Ghalib Akademi Award (1981). [1] Firaq fought for secularism all his life and played a key role against the then government's effort to label Urdu as a language of the Muslims. But despite that, Gorakhpuri’s poetry was never vulgar or demeaning and maintained its dignity. However, he decided to get completely involved in the movement for national freedom led by Mahatma Gandhi. Till today, Gorakhpuri remains one of the most well known and significant Urdu poets in India. He was later selected for the Provincial Civil Service (PCS) and the Indian Civil Service (ICS), but he chose to follow Mahatma Gandhi’s Non-Cooperation Movement instead, due to which he was later jailed as well.

Known for his perceptive critical comments.

During his life, he was given the positions of Research Professor at the University Grants Commission and Producer Emeritus by All India Radio. Modi instills hope: Economy on revival trend, The call for a self-reliant India and the way forward, Scarce pastures put Kashmir nomads’ migration in peril, Athar Parvaiz | Thomson Reuters Foundation, Garment workers on front line of Sri Lanka coronavirus outbreak, Shihar Aneez | Thomson Reuters Foundation, This Uber driver got COVID-19.

He was 85 at the time and as a tribute to him on his death anniversary, here a few couplets by Firaq Saab you must read. वो पौ फटी वो नई ज़िंदगी नज़र आई, रस में डूबा हुआ लहराता बदन क्या कहना Born to a family of aristocrats, Firaq had a taste of Urdu poetry at very tender age. Gorakhpuri wove magic with his pen and earned a name for himself among his peers, such as Josh Malihabadi, Yagana Changezi, Muhammad Iqbal and Jigar Moradabadi. Firaq Gorakhpuri's real name was Raghupati Sahay and he was born at Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

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