Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and more… lots more. But what's the point of all this? TARS realizes this, telling Cooper "they" didn't bring him to the library in order to change the past.

Enregistrer mon nom, mon e-mail et mon site web dans le navigateur pour mon prochain commentaire. TARS determines that they made it through Gargantua alive because they were protected by "them," the mysterious beings who constructed the wormhole that allowed the Endurance to travel to this new galaxy in the first place. However, Cooper doesn't tell Brand that losing TARS' shuttle won't account for a big enough drop in weight. After falling into the black hole, Cooper continues to record what he's seeing and transmits it back to TARS, hoping the additional data might help the scientists back on Earth. There's a lot of talk throughout Interstellar about the gravitational equation that Professor Brand, and later Murph, spend decades trying to solve. When TARS asks how Cooper can be sure, he responds, "Because I gave it to her," confident that her love for him will lead her where she needs to go, just as his love led him back to her. So even though the meeting between Murph and Coop at the end of the film is the first time they'd seen each other in decades, it would make sense that she'd already know about everything he experienced on his mission — including jettisoning himself into the black hole so Brand could make it to Edmunds' planet. Hit the buy button, this is no time for caution. Looking for answers, NASA turns to the skies, hoping for an answer. That buys Murph enough time to return to the house and evacuate Tom's wife and son, likely in the hopes that once Tom realizes his family has gone to the NASA facility, he'll have no choice but to join them. Leur but : trouver un nouveau foyer pour l’humanité. Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency. unconventional narratives and complex story structures. Before beginning the maneuver, Cooper decides the shuttle holding TARS will detach and drop into the black hole. After surviving the wild ride, Cooper gets transported to an infinite, interdimensional library that allows him to look back into different moments in his daughter's childhood bedroom, including the day he left for his mission on the Endurance. It is in fact the same subterranean NASA facility (or another one very much like it) that Cooper and Murph found at the beginning of the film, and in which Murph has been working ever since. With the help of TARS and the other Endurance robot, CASE, Cooper is eventually able to successfully dock with Endurance and stabilize the spin. So although Cooper Station looks very different by the end of the film, we actually see Cooper tour the same facility twice — once on Earth, and once in space. In order for Plan A to work, Brand needs to figure out how to get the entire human race off of the planet aboard gigantic space stations. Feb 27, 2019 - Explore Keaton Farnsworth's board "Interstellar" on Pinterest. Convinced her brother is making a terrible mistake, Murph sets fire to Tom's corn fields, knowing that since Tom relies on his crops for survival, he'll be forced to drive out to try to extinguish the blaze. It may look almost unrecognizable, but the massive cylindrical space station where Cooper finds himself at the end of Interstellar is a setting we've seen many times. However, as was established earlier in the film, every time the Endurance crew approaches the black hole, its gravitational field distorts their perception of time due to relativity, meaning what they experience as only minutes passes as years for anyone outside Gargantua's gravity. Cooper realizes that while he thought "they" were fixated on him, he's not actually the one who's most important to saving humanity — Murph is.

While we never learn precisely how many years Cooper and Brand lose during their Hail Mary maneuver, it's probably somewhere around 60 years, since by the end of the film, we're told that Cooper is technically 124 years old, and he was likely in his late 30s or early 40s at the start of the film. While he waits for Murph to arrive, Cooper tours the station, moves into the replica of his old house on Earth, and repairs TARS. At first glance, it might seem strange that Cooper spends the whole film trying to get home to his kids, only to voluntarily take off again at the end of the film after only being reunited with Murph for about 30 seconds. According to Mann, as our brains grasp at survival, we'll experience a vision of the thing we most desire to see again. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Sure enough, as all this is happening, the adult Murph has indeed returned to her childhood bedroom, drawn by an unseen force. By the time they leave the water planet, it's been a few months since departing Earth for Cooper and Brand, 25 years for Murph and NASA, and somewhere in between for Romilly.

While Cooper and Brand only experience a few hours, the people of Earth, including Murph, live another 23 years. Once Cooper passes along the quantum data, the tesseract (aka the library) begins to collapse, having served its purpose. It's easy enough to understand how two years pass on Earth while only a few months go by for the hibernating crew of the Endurance, suspended in their cryosleep pods. Even when the narrative begins easing into the concept of relativity — that gravity will cause some characters to experience time differently than others — it does so in baby steps.

The information the robot gathered from inside the black hole will help Murph save mankind, and Cooper is the interdimensional messenger, selected by the same mysterious forces that constructed this library and created the wormhole near Saturn. Although Brand and Cooper caution Mann that attempting to manually dock with the Endurance won't work, the scientist tries anyway, determined to escape his planet by any means necessary. At first, Cooper seems to think he's been brought to her because of his own desire to see her again, but TARS helps him understand "they" have constructed this three-dimensional reality for Cooper, allowing him to access all five dimensions in a way he can understand. Cooper seems to think that if he can prevent himself from leaving Earth, he can somehow be reunited with his family, erasing all the years he missed with his children after departing on his journey. After Cooper left them in their grandfather's care when they were children, never to be heard from again, Tom lost all faith in NASA's ability to help them.

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