We can also supply a range of appliances such as glass lid sink/hob (cramer or smev), 12v fridge, cassette toilets, etc, Here at Convert Your Van Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing quality conversions at affordable prices. Verschiedene Bezugsfarben stehen zur Auswahl und können nach persönlichem Geschmack ausgewählt werden. – Scotland Lowlands £60 (ML, KA, EH, G, DG, TD, KY). Diese ist unempfindlich und sehr stabil. 2009>2018 doblo range lwb and swb high roof and pop top. Finally, the cost of the van was another bonus. The following is a list of tools and materials I required to complete the conversion: Bulkhead removal There is a fair amount of noise caused by the cars boxy dimensions and somewhat loud engines (especially at higher revs).

The Fiat Ducato (same as Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Relay) lends itself very well to conversion to a motorhome or camper van. Dabei bleiben alle fünf serienmäßigen Sitzplätze sind uneingeschränkt mit ihren Gurtsystemen und Kopfstützen nutzbar. This final section focuses on what it is like to actually live in the van, post successful conversion. Buying your van No Hidden . We have had days out cooking on the little stove and sitting in the back at the table. As anyone who has this type of van will testify, firstly the front seats take up a significant amount of room, and secondly, it is incredibly difficult to design a comfy seat. Behind the wheel, the Fiat Doblo feels almost car-like, with excellent visibility of the road and a reasonably comfortable seating position. After some weird looks from my wife when I asked her to lie in the back with me, I determined that the rear of the Doblo was in fact big enough for 2 people to sleep in! On doing this, the amount of space in the back became evident and the old grey cells began to form some ideas! Next, I screwed CLS into the remaining bulkhead for the top end of the bed to rest on when it came down. For further details on price please see our Prices and Layout pages. Curtains also allow you to get changed and retain what is left of your modesty after opting to live a period of your life out the back of a van. For the first two supports, I screwed two hinges to each end of the ply lined box over the wheel arch. ANGEBOTE BUSINESS BUSINESS ANGEBOTE Fiat Partner Finden LEASING Langzeitmiete KAUFBERATUNG Digital Showroom KAUFBERATUNGS-ÜBERSICHT VERFÜGBARE FAHRZEUGE … The drive is comfortable, and the exceptional amount of boot space in the five-seater versions is hard to overlook. With a van-like appearance, the Fiat Doblo 2001-2010 models feel quite sophisticated to drive, though it’s not the most rewarding to drive. However, quality on the earlier version isn’t nearly as good as models released after the 2006 facelift. Kofferraum Ausbau Camping Organisieren Vw Campingbus Wohnmobil Ausbauen Mini Wohnwagen Camper Umbau Camping Ausbau Bilder Deichbrand. You can pick up a nearly new (<15k miles) Fiat Doblo for under £8,000 which stood out, since it would hopefully be much more reliable than a large van with nearly ten times the mileage. Tel. Daher ist auch keine TÜV-Eintragung erforderlich. As my final word on small-medium vans, I have found the Fiat Doblo to be a superb van to convert and live in, especially for short trips. The first is a Monet. I have previously used the van for a 7 day stint, however extended trips require good organisation, and just like a tent, plenty of spare clothes and good weather to keep everything dry. Eine Schlaffläche für ein bis zwei Personen, ein kleiner Tisch zum Essen im Fahrzeug, gemütliche Sitzplätze zum Lesen und Entspannen und sogar einen Außentisch bieten wir Ihnen mit unserem Einrichtungssystem. Es ist auch bei aufgebautem Bett zugänglich. After many bike races, I have been left wishing I had a tailgate door to get changed under to avoid the back of the van becoming soaked from my wet and muddy kit. In stock. Die Möbel fertigen wir in unserer Tischlerei Haeku Innenausbau GmbH in Sarstedt. Being tall and boxy means, the Doblo isn’t the prettiest car on the road and certainly doesn’t have a sporty look. The bed was the most difficult thing to install as it had to be the right height to fold up inside the van, but also the right height to sit on. It also makes loading the larger items much less of a struggle. It could be fixed, it could be semi-fixed (a wide bed which folds in half), it could be hinged (where the whole bed folds up on the side of the van), or it could be a completely removable freestanding bed. Once I had properly inspected my van, I was able to get a good idea of everything I would need to complete the conversion process, now with the addition of an angle grinder to grind out a very well riveted bulkhead. Beim Doblo mit normalem Radstand endet die Liegefläche direkt hinten an den Hecktüren. 500. One of the main points to bear in mind when choosing a van is rear windows. As a final point, the easiest vans to convert are those with a square profile (floor, roof & walls joining at 90 degrees). Do you need one? 15. Bronze Conversion. Curtains are almost certainly required unless you have a large van where it is dark enough in the back not to be seen. 115 x 195 cm groß, ausreichend für ein bis zwei Personen. 2 Berth Bed Kitchen with 2 burner Hob & Sink . My husband has always loved camping, I have always said I would hate it. – Norway & Switzerland £200 (VAT free). Also, additional sleeping capacity can be achieved with one of the driveaway awnings we recommend. – Module only: 1730mm length, 1140mm width, 30kg. So werden zusätzliche Schlafplätze oder auch ein wind- und wetterfester Platz zum Sitzen oder Umkleiden geschaffen. Angle grinder with cutting and grinding discs. Spontan übernachten? The Doblo is a reliable car, with few gadgets to go wrong and reasonably priced parts servicing and repairs on the off chance something does happen. However, the seven-seaters have far less boot space, and with the two rear seats being on a bench they only fold forward, so they still get in the way. Verwandeln Sie Ihren PKW in wenigen Minuten in ein Freizeit- und Schlafmobil! I screwed and glued these in place and once dry, turned the bed over and filled the inside with a large 5 inch thick foam mat. – Module only: 1730mm length, 1100mm width, 30kg. Allowing you to keep all the rear seats and the generous storage space that the Fiat Doblo is known for.

Seitenschränke sind im Combo leider nicht möglich, da sie sich nicht sicher befestigen lassen. You have two choices here, either bathtub where the vinyl extends up the walls a few inches to contain any water, or trim exactly to the floor shape and then caulk/seal the vinyl to the walls. – Fits all Fiat Doblo MK2 2010-present 5 seater and 7 seater cars with boot width greater than 1160mm. Mit Hilfe der eingelegten Tischplatte kann auch eine gerade Fläche im Laderaum geschaffen werden, um darauf Zelt, Reisetasche, Campingbedarf etc. For the past year, I have been travelling up and down the country in my campervan. Da die Einrichtung weniger als eine erwachsene Person wiegt, ergeben sich keine Änderungen beim Fahrverhalten. Since I wasn’t expecting to be carrying around lots of wet gear, I opted for the second option, using flooring tacks to hold the vinyl in place. DIY Bildergallerie - Die clevere und preiswerte Campingbox zum … Als Basis dient der Hochdachkombi von Fiat. “Campervan” is a broad term for a vehicle used for both travel and rest, and so given that the quality of rest I get in my van is as variable as the wind direction, I prefer just to call her Daisy.

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