Footballs. Basil Fawlty: It will lend the lobby a certain ambiance, Sybil. Mr. Hutchinson: There is a documentary on BBC2 this evening about Squawking Bird, the leader of the Blackfoot Indians in the late 1860s. Basil Fawlty: [to other guests trying to leave] Excuse me! Basil Fawlty: Well, let's hope it's nothing trivial. Basil Fawlty: [to nurse, a little groggily] My God, you're ugly, aren't you? Basil Fawlty: ...Is mentioned once more, I shall move you closer to him. Basil Fawlty: My God, a doctor? Bye, dear. Deliberate mistake: When Basil is arguing with Polly and eventually decides to call O'Reilly, he trips over the gnome. Basil Fawlty: Are you dining here tonight, here in this unfashionable dump? Yes.

Because you're always losing them, Basil. Fawlty Towers is a British television sitcom broadcast on BBC2 in 1975 and 1979. If you're not over here in 20 minutes with my door, I shall come over there and insert a large garden gnome in you.

STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Sybil Fawlty: Well, WHEN Ben comes, you can give it to him.

Basil Fawlty: Why DO they call you sister? #FatherTed #Covid19 #isol, "He's just revamped our current affairs." That's it! Basil Fawlty: Ah, wonderful!
Good day. Depression is a very bad thing. Basil: Oh, dear, what happened? Faulty Towers - Fav Food Quotes from “The Anniversary” 10/8/2015 0 Comments Series No. Can't you leave me in peace? Hmmm… or did you have to talk to all your friends for so long that you didn’t have time to perm your ears? Basil Fawlty: [annoyed] Oh, what is it now? Basil Fawlty: Well, goodbye, dear. O'Reilly: Just remember if the good Lord... O'Reilly: Just remember Mr. Fawlty, There is always someone worse off than yourself, Sybil's friend, Audrey, who Sybil is frequently seen talking to on the telephone, has only one on-screen appearence in '. Basil Fawlty: Well, what sort of food were you thinking of... fruit or...? Basil Fawlty: Well, Major, um, don't say anything to anybody, but he's dead. Polly: Yes, but I don't use 'em 'cause it wears the batteries out. Basil Fawlty: Fire. So "Syb - ill." "Bas - well.". No, no, senor. Lord Melbury: No, I am *Lord* Melbury, so I simply sign myself "Melbury". It looks more like "Bens" to me. It's perfectly simple: We have the fire drill when I ring the fire bell. Basil: (quietly) Handbag, knuckle-dusters, flick-knife... Major: Bunch of Krauts, that's what they are, all of 'em. [Basil is distracted from giving two lamb dishes to Mr. and Mrs. Johnston], [Basil is again distracted from giving two lamb dishes to the Johnstons]. Basil Fawlty: We have a Spanish porter we're training for the moment.

", Polly Shearman: Oh, please try! Still, I'll tell him to get some salad cream. ", [Mr. Leeman asks for breakfast in bed in the morning; Sybil takes a detailed note of what he'd like to have, but Basil, who doesn't like this special request, can't leave it alone]. Basil Fawlty: Are you sure? I'm hoping to get a couple of hours later on myself. Let me tell you something. Sydney Opera House, perhaps? Basil: No, no, I wouldn't say that. Colonel Hall: There's a hair in my mousse. I know... Oh, I know! It's terrible! Now listen to me. Basil Fawlty: We have a Spanish porter at the moment, he's from Barcelona. Basil: I haven’t started yet. Sybil Fawlty: Well, we will, the moment we've searched the rooms. Mrs Richards: Don’t be silly. Sybil Fawlty: It's been sitting there for two weeks, Basil. Lurphy - workman #1: What does that mean? Basil Fawlty: It's all right! Not enough cream in your eclair? Mr. Johnston: [Re: Lamb dishes] Finished with them, have you?

Well done. Basil Fawlty: Why don't you talk properly? I expect to be able to see the sea. Amphibious landing-craft shape? Basil Fawlty: Manuel will show you to your rooms - if you're lucky. Nasty old nail! Mrs. Chase: [Manuel is checking the window for a draft that is disturbing Mrs. Chase's dog] We have to be very careful, Mr. Fawlty. Still macheteing its way through the nerve, aye?

It's a sort of karate isn't it? Mrs. Hamilton: How long have you been married, Mrs. Fawlty? Lurphy - workman #1: Are you tryin' to be funny? 4. Major: She's a fine woman, Mrs Fawlty. (00:14:30). Don't forget: any complaints, just call my wife. Well let me tell you something - this is exactly how Nazi Germany started! Mrs. Richards: You call that a bath? [Basil almost holds a finger underneath his nose]. The series is set in Fawlty Towers, a fictional hotel in the seaside town of Torquay on the "English Riviera". German Guest: We did not! She will be back here in 4 hours and she can kill a man at 10 paces with one blow off her tongue. A lot of layabouts with nothing better to do than to cause trouble. When I book a room with a bath, I expect to get a bath. Basil Fawlty: [gritting his teeth] Is there something we can get you instead, SONNY? He's flat out! It's what marriage is all about. He seemed more interested in my fianc?e's legs. Of course not, you’re all too busy sticking your noses into every corner, poking around for things to complain about, aren’t you? Basil Fawlty: Next contestant, Mrs. Sybil Fawlty from Torquay. Basil Fawlty: I'm sorry, are you talking to me? Master Heath: [to Basil] Haven't you got any PROPER chips? My wife couldn't see how you could manage it at all. Sybil Fawlty: [charmingly to Mr. Carnegie] He's from Barcelona. Basil Fawlty: It's your garden gnome, dear. Basil: You wouldn't understand, dear - it's called 'style'. Leave it to me! Basil Fawlty: No, no, not a bill! Sybil Fawlty: [exasperated] O'Reilly, I have seen more intelligent creatures than you lying on their backs at the bottom of ponds! No, that particular avenue of pleasure has been closed off. Basil Fawlty: [to Sybil, while having dinner] Well, I better go and have a word with the guests. Sybil Fawlty: Old people are wonderful when they have so much life, aren't they? I ask him for my room and he tells me the manager is a Mr. Watt, aged forty. Polly Shearman: [recognizing what's to come, with horror] NO, Mr. Fawlty! You hit HIM on the head. Should have spotted that, shouldn't I? Basil Fawlty: Look, it's... look it's... it's perfectly Sybil. Basil: (down the phone to O'Reilly) ...No, I don't want to debate about it, if you're not over here in twenty minutes with my door I shall come over there and insert a large garden gnome in you.

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