First, before you even begin, get all estates up to 75 loyalty and then get the monarch points and money from the burgers. 4) With the Bohemia PU next you attention turns south, but no to Hungary but rather to Albania. Ya I agree I have played Austria so much that it kind of skipped my mind because it’s become second nature. The many expansions total well over $2 Added Crusader State government for Jerusalem. Added Military Dictatorship government reform and legacy government.

A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio. -Free Monarch points, invest in Tirol or Cheb and roll in that gold. Finally see if it is possible to Royal marry and Ally Burgundy for the Burgundian Inheritance. Different grand strategy games strike a different balance between content that get’s given for free via the patch, and what you actually pay for as part of the expansion. Three different strategies for playing as Chagatai .

Allowed you to choose to support or oppose the Revolutionaries in the Revolution and French Revolution disasters. Often this is what I do with urbino I force the pope to release them and then improve relations. Separatists (size 2) friendly to Hungary rise up in revolt in a Protestant province of Austria in Carpathia, but not in Wallachia or Moldavia. From here you should, -Try and integrate all of France into the HRE. This guide lets a player focus on consolidating power in Europe for the first 150 years. If the byzantines still exist good you will attack them immediately and vassalize them and give them all the land if not release them. So Austria is by far my favorite nations to play and one of the most rewarding, but it can be complicated because of how much you have to do in such a short period of time to achieve success.

also at least in my patch, keeping poland at war prevent them from getting jagiellon and pu over lithuania, instead they got a hapsburg from our marriage with a weak claim, they got so upset so they broke alliance, (but was still in the war against hungary) i made the claim and timed peace with hungary so i could instantly wage war on poland for the throne before poland could get an alliance with lithuania.

Therefore, I am making my guide to help anyone out who is struggling or wants to give Austria a try. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by … Press J to jump to the feed.

Will free small nations join the HRE if as the emperor you increase relations with them? Added two paths for Imperial Reforms for the HRE, Decentralized and Centralized.

*Also if AE allows it take land from larger princes such as Colognes Westphalia's provinces, or Altmark from Brandenburg. This doesn't include all of the changes they've made in terms of the Economy, game balance, war & peace etc., which you can read more about by looking at the full patch notes. 6) After this the Ottomans roll will be slowed in the Balkans and they should turn their focus elsewhere, with them out of the Way temporarily your focus shifts to the East and West.

Austria----->HRE Strategy and tips? This is where my favorite part. Also say I attack venice, and force them to release a nation that borders the empire, will that nation join the HRE? i suggest after bohemia go directly for hungary, and take lika province from hungary in the deal, this will allow you to war the balkans and add to empire, while at the same time block otto expansion. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 1.1) The one thing you should be doing from the beginning is taking Papal Provinces and Venetians provinces to prevent Italy from leaving the HRE. For shadowkingdom, I often prefer to ally two italian minors - usually Milan and Florence - and give them all the territory for shadowkingdom aside from what is required for taking Rome. Note that some content requires other expansions, and also some legacy features (such as Free Cities) have been made free with the base game. So you invade and force them to release a trail of French duchies (Berry, Orleans, Auvergne, Dauphine, Bourbon) this will cut France in half any rebels in the south will ravage them and help cause their collapse.

-Steal money and trade power from you princes in you go to war with them to keep them weak. Lots of Imperial Incidents, including the Burgundian Inheritance. Added Italian Wars dynamic historical event, beginning when a major power is at war with an Italian nation. Yes you gain development and land in the English Trade Node, but so does France and that is really scary because on equal grounds you are usually outmatched by France. -Always take war reps from as many nations as possible to help fuel your constant war. With the introduction of the new Mission system in Rule Britannia, it’s allowed for a lot more content to be included as a paid extra to get bonus missions, and plenty of events and add-on mechanics have gone into Emperor as well.

share. -keep relations high with the Papal State.


New Council of Trent mechanics to let Catholics to stem the tide of the Protestant Reformation.

Update: EU4's Emperor expansion is out now.You can read our review here.. 7.2) To ensure those pesky French do not start eating Burgundy you keep them occupied, literally and metaphorically. With Gascony and Toulouse they are larger nations so you will need to take a province and release it so they are small enough to join the HRE then later feed them. Get a new female ruler Maria Theresia of von Habsburg dynasty with: If the country uses ‘Statists vs Monarchists’ mechanics: Enabled if: This article has been verified for the current version (1.30) of the game. Rulers reign for life, and the best General succeeds on ruler death. The Flour Wars that enhance the build-up to the Revolution and make it more likely to happen in the country where they take place.

By taking these provinces you can just warn all the Italians and they will never go to war with each other. War Taxes is now a toggle that costs 2 Mil points a month if you are at war. I have done this and destroyed the reformation in 5 years. Invade them I usually through attacking Provence and co-belligerenting them until you get a border with them or if you are really lucky they take an imperial province giving you the CB to take it back. The key is watching out for aggressive expansion so i suggest only taking what you need then forcing Venice and the Papal states to release smaller nations or break vassals and then improve relations so they will join the HRE. Every province of Austria in Carpathia, but not in Wallachia or Moldavia: Every province of Austria in Carpathia, but not in Wallachia, Moldavia, Northern Transylvania or Southern Transylvania: Serparatists (size 3) friendly to Hungary led by “Imre Thököly” rise up in revolt in a random province of Austria in Carpathia, but not in Wallachia or Moldavia. 7.1) The real Challenge is the west IE France and Burgundy. Posted by u/[deleted] 3 years ago. Every province of Austria in Transdanubia and Alföld: Hungary does not exist. It is at least 1550, but before 1650. Added events adding flavour to the spread of revolutionary ideas in Europe and the colonies. Once I have the disallow internal HRE wars reform passed I released the nations that are not worth the state or are OPM’s so I can get a massive vassal swarm.

Reworked Mercenary system that uses Mercenary Companies instead of individual Mercenary Regiments. -Take Venice and make it your trade city if you get lucky and Venice's AI is stupid and lets you on take it immediately. In some cases it is better to release that nation and improve relations and get them into the HRE that way as it significantly can reduce aggressive expansion. My rule is if the total dev of the releasable nation is under 30 and owning it directly is not more valuable (better trade node,in a owned state, border to get claims with, access to sea) then I will release it and guarantee and improve relations.

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