This is library of Sixfab Cellular IoT Shield and Cellular IoT Application Shield. Arduino library with a number of statistic helper functions. sends and receive string data in mode api with variable length. Display driver for VGA, SSD1306, SSD1325/SSD1327, SSD1331, SSD1351, ILI9163/ST7735, ILI9341, PCD8544. Arduino library for CozIR Ambient CO2 sensors. A user interface through the serial channel (menus, sub-menus and command execution), with support for navigation through the menu hierarchy and online help. A library to use MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy on ESP32 boards. For the Arduino MKR1000 or Zero and WiFi Shield 101, Adafruit Huzzah and Feather M0, or SparkFun Thing. Arduino library to use Semtech SX126x LoRa chips and modules to communicate, A library to wrap THiNX device registration, MQTT and OTA Update, Stream implementation over telnet for OTA debuging. I am an Embedded Engineer and working on Embedded Projects since 2003. Drive multiple LCDs like a single LiquidCrystal object. Library for I2C Communication with Omron D6F-PH Differential Pressure Sensor. Arduino library and example code for the 16x32 RGB matrix panels in the shop. Support for the AllSensors DLV Series Low Voltage Digital Pressure Sensors. This is a library for Arduino to handle input devices like buttons, Dcc (railroad modeling), CAN or I2C bus, or serial interface to give orders. Replaces delay() and allows users to write non-blocking code. A small, colorful, programmable, wearable kit to facilitate student exploration of physics, engineering, and computer science. Arduino library with helper function for faster random bits. Library to support Microchip ADC342x analogue to digital converters. Usefull for articulated machines, A library for ESP32's FreeRTOS in the easy way, ESP8266 Simple-Pair library that exchange basic data without connecting WiFi, Arduino Library for a three state logic datatype. Easy use of 10/12 bit PWM outputs on ATmega32U4 for dimmer applications. Then select one at reboot or run both. besides ESP8266/ESP32, A library for creating Web Things using the Web of Things API, A library that supports to use BLE to connect and cotnrol the wedo2.0, weekday timer ( thermostat like scheduler ), Library for the WEMOS Matrix LED Shield that implements the Adafruit GFX Library, ESP8266 WiFi Connection manager with fallback web configuration portal.

A library that displays double height characters on LCD displays. Arduino-compatible library to interface RC1701HP-OSP/WIZE radio modules, A Simple MQTT client for connection with cloud providers, Library that helps working with the Fernando K app. Arduino Library for measuring current in 50/60Hz circuits using current transformers.

This library provides an interface for Infineons DC Motor Control Shield with TLE94112EL, This library provides an Interface for Infineon's TLI493D-W2BW. BitBank HX1230 96x68 LCD display library. Allows the reception and decoding of infrared signals from remote controls. using the Espressif ESP32 microcontroller's RMT output peripheral. Arduino library for AMG88xx 8x8 Thermocouple Sensors. Based on TaskManagerIO, treat PCF8574, MCP23017 and Shift registers like pins, matrix keypad, button press and rotary encoder management (switches) on any supported IO (including DfRobot & Joysticks) with event handling, interchangable AVR/I2C(AT24) EEPROMs. Arduino, ESP8266 and esp32 library for PCF8591. Use for the RTC inside the SAM3X8E from the Arduino DUE.

A library to control the Texas Instruments LP55231 9-channel LED driver. This adapter can read and write AT28C64 and AT28C256 EEPROM chips using Arudino Mega. Petit FatFS for Arduino avr MCUs. Nordic BLE SDK for Arduino for nRF8001 products such as the BLE Shield, Blend and Blend Micro. Ultra Low Power inertial measurement unit. A simple Arduino library for calculating moving averages. (No Ethernet/WiFi shields necessary). A library to store generic configurations. Enables network connection (local and Internet) using the Arduino Ethernet Board or Shield. Arduino library for the LPS22 & LPS25 sensors in the Adafruit shop, Arduino library for the LPS35HW sensors in the Adafruit shop, Unified Accelerometer sensor driver for Adafruit's LSM303 Breakout, Unified Magnetometer sensor driver for Adafruit's LSM303AGR Breakout, Unified Magnetometer sensor driver for Adafruit's LSM303 Breakout, Unified sensor driver for Adafruit's LSM303 Breakout (Accelerometer + Magnetometer), Arduino library for the LSM6DS sensors in the Adafruit shop. A library for using direct or multiplexed input controls easily. Library to determine size of a printed variable.

A client library to connect your Arduino to Cumulocity IoT cloud over MQTT. A library for 3.5 inch RPi LCD (A) 320x480 display from Waveshare, for LCD (B) comment line 61 and uncomment line 62 in tft.cpp. Arduino library to control Grove - I2C Color Sensor. Driver for the MCP2517FD and the MCP2518FD CAN Controllers (CAN 2.0B mode), Driver for MCP2517FD and MCP2518FD CAN Controller (CAN FD mode).
Control a relay by specifying a period and duty cycle. Arduino library for the Microchip MCP79411/12 Real-Time Clock/Calendar.

Arduino Particulate Matter Sensors for GP2Y1010AU0F.
The VL6180 combines an IR emitter, a range sensor, and an ambient light sensor together for you to easily use and communicate with via an I2C interface. Arduino library for improving the usage of a singe input button. This library provides a low-level facility for context switching between multiple threads of execution and contains an implementation of asymmetric stackful coroutines on an AVR micro-controller. AsciiMassage is a microcontroller message packer and parser for the ASCII format in different protocols. Triad Semiconductor library for configuring the TS4231 Light to Digital Converter. Auxiliary Serial port library for PulseRain M10 board. An Arduino library for the HTS221 sensor. Allows you to read the Illuminance from the light sensor (GL5528). MCP3221 Driver (12-bit ADC with hardware I2C Interface). Core Module, All in one library containing examples from lessons and projects for CTC GO!

A library for the EasyVR line of products. True non-deterministic random numbers for nRF5 series chips. Fork of LiquidCrystal HD44780-compatible LCD driver library, now with support for ATtiny85. ESP8266/Arduino Library for reading rotary encoder values. Arduino library for addressable RGB LED strips from Pololu, Pololu Maestro Servo Controller library for Arduino, Arduino library for the Pololu qik dual serial motor controllers, Pololu Raspberry Pi I2C Slave Arduino library. An Arduino library for the Pololu TB9051FTG motor driver carrier. Makes using a TMP36 temperature sensor even easier! The better LedControl library for the MAX7219 and the MAX7221 Led display drivers. A Safe, Static String library to replace Arduino String, Library for Sakura Communication Module (, Simple audio player for SAMD21-based Arduinos, Fast-PWM library for SAMD21G-based Arduinos. Library for Arduino miniDAC module by Tamojit Saha and Sandeepan Sengupta. And printf() function with formatting string from F macro. Enables network connection (local and Internet) using the Arduino WiFi Boards.

TM1638plus is an Arduino library to control TM1638 seven segment modules. Allows Arduino/Genuino boards to control a variety of servo motors. Adafruit Channel Visible Light / Color Sensor Breakout, Arduino library for the AS7341 sensors in the Adafruit shop, Arduino library for programming AVR chips from Arduino, Arduino library for the BD3491FS Sound Processor in the Adafruit shop, Modified Firmata code to work with Adafruit's nRF8001 Breakout and BlueFruit modules, Arduino library for nRF51822-based Adafruit Bluefruit LE modules, A powerful but easy to use BMP085/BMP180 Library, Unified sensor driver for Adafruit's BMP085 & BMP180 breakouts, Arduino library for the BMP183 sensors in the Adafruit shop, Arduino library for BMP3XX series temperature/pressure sensors. Scans the TWI (I2C) bus in search of connected devices addresses and data. Arduino Temp & Humidity Sensors for DHT11 and DHT22. Allows to communicate other boards/PC via physical connection. Allow use printf() with Serial for logging. Just like the flex sensor the light dependent resistor is also used in the voltage divider configuration, the resistance of the LDR sensor alters as the intensity of light projected on the sensor varies. This library allows communication with a FHEM Server. A library for the PCA9634 8-bit Fm+ I2C-bus LED driver. A library to simplify sending data via I2C (aka TWI). Arduino board accesses OBD2/J1939/J1708 Data by DFL168A Integrated Circuit Chip. Arduino library that drives seven segment displays using CD4511B chips. Arduino Library to gets the Manufacture Serial Number from the Atmel AVR, SAM, SAMD, STM32, and ESP Microcontroller. Arduino Library for Microchip MCP9800/1/2/3 2-Wire High-Accuracy Temperature Sensors. Get started with Arduino by learning Morse code. A library for CH376 file manager control chip. Arduino examples for ADH-Tech's Fingerprint Scanners. ESP8266 & ESP32 DDNS Update Client Library. Arduino library to control 2.8 inch TFT Touch Shield v2.0. Arduino library for the MAX5417/18/19 I2C Digital Potentiometers. Concurrent multi-drop (i.e. Allows to control the MiniSys educative system. An Arduino library for the nRF8001 products such as the BLE Shield and Blend. Library containing functions for SparkFun Graphic LCD Serial Backpack, Library for the Panasonic GridEYE Thermopile Array - AMG88, Library for the DRV2605L Haptic Motor Driver. This library provides an Interface for Infineon's TLV493D-A1B6 3D Magnetic Sensor. Updated (beta) library for Freetronics DMD dot matrix displays. Could you please make a joystick module library available? Arduino library to connect a Nintendo 64 controller (N64 controller). Library to read and parse .ini files on ESP8266 and ESP32 platforms. This library enables calls to Temboo, a platform that connects Arduino/Genuino boards to 100+ APIs, databases, code utilities and more. Arduino library for generation morse code and displaying it on LEDs, Motor Driver Library for Arduino Shields with L293D and 74HC595. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Arduino Library to calculate the ESP8266 (Feather Huzzah) battery level. A library for UltraSonic distance sensor. Arduino library showing basic functionality for the ISL29125 RGB Light Sensor Breakout Board.

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