Right, the former playboy, the meddlesome and villainous mother/grandmother, the benevolent mother/grandmother, and the career woman. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Speaker Knockerz - Erica Kane [NEW SONG 2014] YouTube Speaker Knockerz - Erica Kane - Duration: 2:59. [7] The archetype is an assertive Cinderella who goes after material things. Today's Deep Cut, "Erica Kane" ("These n***as is all of my children, I'm Erica Kane") was the latest edition to this string of singles. "Oh, you've done it, now you'll never get it back," Opal tells her. As swan songs go, "Erica Kane" serves as an accurate summary of the bricks & mortar of the Speaker Knockerz style, with its half crooned Auto … Generally, the number of times Erica has been married is named as ten,[48] though the total of her valid and invalid marriages, plus her 1991 vow renewal with Adam Chandler, would come up to eleven. To add a contemporary feel to the show, Nixon focused on younger characters, while also mixing in older ones so as not to lose traditional viewers. [13] Erica was established as the rival to Tara Martin's young-and-vulnerable romantic heroine. They become engaged to be married but Erica calls it off. She's Erica Erica Erica Bell created the archetype in the 1960s and it became one of their defining legacies. The song was released posthumously on the album I Care 4 U. [53] The stumbling blocks designed for Erica and Tom's marriage involve the same as her last two since Erica puts her modeling career ahead of starting a family with Tom. Cause all she'll do "[7] The characters in this category are outrageous, exaggerated, financially disadvantaged and determined to change that. [28] "Erica's abortion was simply because she didn't want to have a child, and I think if you do that now, you would perhaps hurt your character," said former All My Children head writer Megan McTavish. She attempts to help him out of his current circumstances, but he ends up betraying her and leaving Pine Valley.[28].

The writers layered their interactions with "raw edges" and humor. As swan songs go, "Erica Kane" serves as an accurate summary of the bricks & mortar of the Speaker Knockerz style, with its half crooned Auto-Tuned rapping and surreal nursery rhyme production recalling some of his best tracks. Oh, this is the day for Erica Kane Erica buys Chandler Enterprises stock based on privileged information Adam Chandler shares with her.

We did it on Ugly Betty! She'll make ya change like you’d never believe

Their second marriage ends after Travis catches her cheating on him with Jack. He was very intellectual and she was not, and still he loved her for who she was. [26] Some of the jobs she has been given during her storylines include a high fashion model, a cosmetics tycoon, and a magazine publisher.

I know that he loves me and nobody is going to tell me differently,' she colored it with the knowledge that she had really been deserted. RELATED: Deep Cuts: Under-the-Radar Jams You Need To Hear [Last Week], "A Thug's Love Story (Chapter I, II, and III)", Deep Cuts: Under-the-Radar Jams You Need To Hear. Adam reveals he is alive, making their marriage invalid, and forces Erica to choose between him and Mike. The character comes out as a lesbian to her mother. Like Erica, she needed plastic surgery. "[9][10], After the success of One Life to Live, a series Nixon created in 1968, ABC asked her to create another soap opera for them. Since she was a bad girl and not one of the heroines, her choice would not be viewed as something the show supported. The petite form of [Susan Lucci as Erica] seems to fit that description well. She's Erica Erica Erica Who was Funkadelics lead guitarist Bootsy or Eddie. But Playa’s label, Def Jam, was not feeling the minimalistic slow groove, and it ended up in Aaliyah’s hands while her third album came together.

The maternal nature of the character was balanced by his physical and public power. And those that she met

I certainly couldn't cast [Lucci] as a young, innocent, sweet little Irish girl. She agrees and they marry in 1984,[18] but Adam casts another actress in the role. She's Erica Erica Erica Erica

The song was released posthumously on the album I Care 4 U. Erica Kane is a fictional character from the American ABC Daytime soap opera All My Children. [28][29] The relationship is later developed into a strong bond. During the appearance, the group performed "Erika Cain." Other characters in this archetype are Lisa Grimaldi (As the World Turns), Rachel Davis (Another World) and Tracy Quartermaine (General Hospital). Surprisingly, Black said its inspiration came from the drug epidemic disrupting the lives of inner-city families. She's Erica Erica Erica But it’s also a brief glimpse at Aaliyah in character actress mode, playing a bigger diva than she ever seemed herself while still keeping her eternal sense of cool. [30] Whenever Eric disappoints Erica, she blames her mother. Although Aaliyah wasn’t villainous, she understood that calculated moves were necessary to stay ahead, whether that meant more modeling and acting (also Erica’s occupations), or enlisting the help of “family members” Timbaland and Missy Elliott to push forward her sound. [7] General Hospital's Luke Spencer later became daytime television's first bitch god. Fill you with grief You have to listen carefully to the song. It is implied that the bullet has hit Erica as she is last to be shown before the screen blacks out. On his deathbed, he and Erica exchange vows. [Chorus] General Commenti dont know for sure, maybe bad erica from that one soap opera, i dont even watch. She's Erica Erica Erica Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Morgan came close to marrying Kane (in a ceremony presided over by Don Pardo), but the wedding was interrupted by real-life game show host (and "current husband") Gene Rayburn.

[28] The location shoot involved activities never seen in daytime soap operas up to that point, such as snorkeling and horseback riding. In 1983, when Lucci lost to All My Children newcomer Dorothy Lyman (Opal), Warrick said, "It seemed impossible that Susan wouldn't win this year. [12] In 2000, All My Children cast Eden Riegel in the role of a teenage Bianca. [57] The pairing was imbued with fairytale elements that were reflected in the wardrobe designs for Erica's wedding dresses. [13] Erica sees Nick as both a father figure and a lover. She needs to receive love from men to prove she is not unlovable. Erica has trouble accepting the revelation, but eventually does. Erica discovers the truth and is eventually able to form a relationship with him. A casting director discouraged her from pursuing roles on television because her hair, skin, and eyes were too dark. Erica reluctantly agrees to the transplant. [7], At the time, soap operas featured mostly older casts. "Erica idealized her father—who was a son of a bitch—and she refused to see that," Heflin said. The song talks about how they're in a relationship with a beautiful girl, but she is crazy.

She begins a romance with Tom Cudahay (Richard Shoberg) in the hopes of making Nick jealous. [50] Erica and Phil marry to give the baby they conceive a name. They plan to marry but before they can he is shot. She's Erica Erica Erica [He] offers her an escape from what her life has become, which is digging her various daughters out of trouble. They develop an attraction while he prosecutes her and she goes to prison for the crime. They used the steady-cam technique, which was new at the time. [28], The character has been married to multiple men, some more than once. [1] Eric had allowed Richard, who had a "crush" on Erica, to be alone with her and had done nothing to prevent the rape from occurring. Adam and Erica reunited and renewed their vows in 1991, and officially divorced in 1993.

She's Erica Erica Erica Erica was chosen for this storyline as a way to prevent controversy.

She later added, "It was a slap in the face to Susan that Dorothy should walk off with it after being on the show such a short time. She next falls in love with Chris Stamp (Jack Scalia). After Mike returns, Adam tests Erica's feelings for him by faking his death. She's Erica Erica Erica Erica Every time she did a scene about how 'My father loves me. COMPLEX participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COMPLEX gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. Erica agrees to divorce Phil after his father, Nick Davis, offers her a job as a hostess at his restaurant, the Chateau, in exchange for letting his son go. [18], As the series begins, Erica's romantic role is as the rival keeping the "true love" pairings apart.

We are all very puzzled, amazed, and disgruntled." The motivation behind the multiple romances stems from the character's need to fill the void her father left when he abandoned her. [38] This is the first legal abortion aired on American television since the landmark Supreme Court Roe v. Wade ruling. None for her to gain Adam and Erica were first married in 1984. (yo yo) Played by Susan Luci. [3], Erica is considered to be the most popular character in soap opera history. [72][73][74] They released the first one in 1998. 22 removes 'dark cloud' for Uber and Lyft, Fox News' big Arizona call angered Trump camp: NYT.

In this song, Aaliyah basically is giving us really descriptive character traits about Erica Kane and how she can manipulate, tease, pleasure, and deceive you to get what she wants. She is an example of the Nixon staple of the "lost daddy's girl. Get your answers by asking now. A daily roundup of the most important stories in music, The Lemonheads’ Evan Dando Announces Memoir, The Ones: Will Cherry’s “My Type” [ft. Yung Baby Tate], 21 Savage and Metro Boomin Share New “My Dawg” Video: Watch, Soccer Mommy Shares New Video for “crawling in my skin”: Watch, Watch Perfume Genius Perform “Jason” and “Nothing at All” on, Watch Leon Bridges and Lucky Daye Perform “All About You” on, Bill Callahan and Bonnie “Prince” Billy Cover Dave Rich’s “I’ve Made Up My Mind”: Listen.

She’ll shoot a poison arrow straight through your heart As Jack leaves the party, Erica admits in front of everyone that she needs and loves Jack, to which he replies by bitterly telling her, Rhett Butler-style, that "frankly," he doesn't give a damn about what she needs. [13] The first story she is used this way in is the teenage love quadrangle between Erica, Phillip Brent, Tara Martin, and Chuck Tyler.

She’ll turn a working man into thief

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