Are Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars a Realistic Option Compared to Battery Electric Vehicles? Finding and Buying A Used Electric Vehicle. But these used electric cars are certainly limited in their availability, especially if you don't live on the West Coast. Although there is an initial upfront cost of the electric car conversion, slowly but surely you will begin to reap the cost savings. If you have the donor Fiat 500 ready, this conversion would therefore cost around £22k. But is there a way to try and calculate the cost of these conversions? However, expect to pay anywhere between £10,000 to £50,000+.

The only real expense is the batteries, which will need to be replaced about every 3 to 4 years. Your electric car will also be more reliable and require much less maintenance that a conventional one.

Firstly, how do you get the extra parts? One option is to buy a used vehicle that somebody else has converted to an electric vehicle. What Is a Natural Gas Vehicle and What Does CNG Mean? Finally, after converting the car to electric you’ll end up with a pile of parts you no longer need – engine, exhaust etc. If you are looking to spend some money, there are plenty of companies that will happily take on your electric car conversion project. These parts often have used value but again this varies greatly depending on the car & condition, and selling them on could help offset some of the cost of the conversion. Let’s start looking at basic costs for all this to happen. Electric cars have a better resell values, and are more reliable overall because there are fewer parts to fail. But, for all this expense, you'll get a zero-emissions vehicle that costs only a few cents per mile to run. If you have the donor Fiat 500 ready, this conversion would therefore cost around £22k. Within some of our articles, 4car may direct you to retailers, which may provide us with a small commission on any sales.This comes at no extra cost to you and does not affect our opinions on product quality. However, this doesn’t include any of the tools required and the many hundreds of hours spent installing the kit. Rather than visiting a petrol station, you can hook your converted electric car straight into a home EV charger. According to research by ECC, the fuel cost can reduce by up to 17 times if you use the right overnight tariff and have home solar power. As there are fewer moving parts with an electric drivetrain, there is less to go wrong. In summation and in a weak attempt at answering the question put forth in the title of this article, an ev conversion cost will more than likely cost you $10,000 minimum if you already have the car and are willing to do the work yourself. How much would such a solution actually cost? According to ECC, a Fiat 500 conversion would cost around £16k in parts, £6k for their labour and you could buy a donor vehicle in good condition for around £10k with only minor work required. Some smaller vehicles may be cheaper but they might present issues when fitting motors and enough batteries. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, there are some companies in the UK that can perform the conversion for you.

This annual cost could drop to just £57 – meaning over £900 would be saved in one year on fuel alone. However, by performing an electric car conversion, you will be fully aware of all these drawbacks.

Even without this, the fuel cost is reduced by up to 5 times that of petrol or diesel. While converting your current car isn’t a cheap proposition, it can be less expensive than purchasing a new electric car; Tesla’s least expensive model starts at around $40,000. It will take about 6-12 hours to completely recharge the car. Let’s start looking at basic costs for all this to happen. The electric car conversion industry sees a wide range of people of all ages showing interest in classic EVs. Companies like Phoenix Motorcars, Tesla Motors, Commuter Cars and Miles Automotive Group and ZAP are coming close, but you still can't plunk down some cash and buy an electric car from them today.

The batteries ECC uses are generally these write-offs or ex-test batteries for the EV market, manufactured by Tesla and LG Chem. The race to go green has kicked up a gear with the number of electric and plug-in hybrid cars registered rising every month this year. Basically, electric conversion involves removing the entire internal combustion engine from a vehicle, installing an electric motor in its place, and also adding a large bank of batteries. The maintenance costs will reduce too, as there are fewer moving parts. If you are considering the swap, doing your homework prior to purchasing a kit is highly advised. Most of the components are solid-state electronics with no moving parts. Another company, Electro Automotive, provides kits to convert Volkswagen Rabbits and Porsche 914s. it’s probably fair if we just consider the cost of the conversion itself. As the cost of the donor vehicle can range massively depending on condition, type of car etc. It’s an appealing mix. The engine of an electric car has a virtually infinite lifespan — the components will probably outlast the chassis. As mentioned above, converting your car to use an electric motor and drivetrain isn’t cheap. Converting a standard internal combustion car to use an electric motor and drivetrain isn’t a straightforward swap. Time is running out to take advantage of electric car grant scheme, Thunderbird 2 — more fun than a Ferrari or Lamborghini, The electric car that let drivers go green more than 100 years ago, New electric and plug-in hybrid car registrations accelerate, Flood damage insurance — everything you need to know, The Fuelling Around podcast: Steve Jones gets revved up over cars, Driving rules you may not be aware you’re breaking.

Some of the motors are newly manufactured, with engineers using motors that are made for the industrial market. Converting Your Car to an Electric Vehicle. Unlike most classic cars, all the components of the electric car conversion will be new and won’t require any maintenance for years to come. curb weight) with a manual transmission. As far as body style, you need something that can hold all the batteries you'll be installing.

As the world moves towards electric cars, there are many companies and enthusiasts carrying out an electric car conversion on classic cars.

Doing those miles in a classic car (like the Lancia Fulvia that ECC converted recently) would have set you back around £970 (based on 29MPG and petrol at £1.24 per litre = £5.64 per gallon). All of these factors will vary, based on the weight of the car you convert, and the type of engine and batteries you install. But wait -- there are still a couple ways to acquire a working electric car right now. A lot of the cost will come from the donor vehicle itself and any restoration work needed, but Jon advised us (slightly hesitantly) that any classic car could be considered for conversion, so you can try to keep that in mind when working out your overall budget. He is the editor of MetaEfficient, a guide to efficient living. As a cheaper solution, a popular source is insurance write-offs – currently mostly Tesla. You can search for use electric vehicles on sites like Craig's List, eBay, or EVFinder. However, most drivers who opt to convert rather than purchase new are more motivated by a desire to hold onto a classic car with sentimental value than they are by saving money. Don’t forget there are savings to be made, though. Performing an electric car conversion on your classic car is a brave move. Furthermore, some classic car lovers are learning to embrace an alternative technology to keep their beloved vehicles drivable in the modern age. It’s a time consuming task that requires skill and plenty of patience. By converting your car to an electric motor, you are in essence reducing your carbon footprint and be helping the planet. It may also be given a new tax bracket based upon the weight, seat configuration and other difference when compared to the standard vehicle. This may not be an issue for some people but it may effect the resale value of the car. Pretty much all the mechanical components need to be removed and additional space is needed for the large batteries required to power the electric motor. There also isn’t a power band or gears, which makes the whole acceleration process instant from as soon as you hit the accelerator pedal. To perform this type of conversion will involve a huge amount of research and engineering knowledge.

However, there are plenty of benefits and it brings a new lease of life to your classic.

A great example of this is a conversion that involved a written off Tesla and an Audi S5. It’s possible you could attempt the conversion yourself if you had enough experience, training and know-how, but getting it wrong is incredibly dangerous and so it’s best to get the conversion done by a reputable company. An alternative to using an electric car conversion kit is to use a donor car and transfer all the parts over. For example, a company called Canadian Electric Vehicles provides kits to convert Chevy S10 trucks, Geo Metros and Dodge Neons. For more advice on buying an used electric car, I would refer you to Shari Prange's recent article "Finding and Buying A Used Electric Vehicle" (PDF FIle) in Home Power Magazine No 119.

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