Fitment to Harley-Davidson 18-inch and 19-inch CM contour rims may result in slippage or air loss.

Can I put a rear tire on the front or vice-versa? Ensure that tube markings match radial tire markings before fitting to rims requiring tubes. This occurs especially in warmer regions. Under inflation can lead to tyre premature tread wear as well as tread separation in cases of severely under inflation. In the case of a car, the footprint is much larger and there are four, not two tires contacting the pavement. Insert the second rim lock if your wheel uses two. Tyres should be neither underinflated nor overinflated but inflated to manufacturers recommended pressure. Such tires are remanufactured products for which Dunlop’s new tire testing and certifications are voided. Overinflating tires does not increase load-carrying capacity, but will result in a hard ride and accelerated tire wear in the center of the contact patch. In other words, don’t follow someone’s personal recommendation. Check Dunlop Winter Maxx 2 tire sidewall for more information. Safety note: The minimum pressure for dual-sport/ADV off-highway use is 22 psi front and 22 psi rear. Inspect rim bands, tubes and valves. 382 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<80BB09323F531F4EBD2969236C54B8C0>]/Index[366 29]/Info 365 0 R/Length 91/Prev 223660/Root 367 0 R/Size 395/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Some of #TeamD #Elite joined the festivities out i, Starting the day right ✊ #gatedrop #moto @ri, Speed and style champ roostin the the 1st loser☝, @motoplayground never disappoints at #poncacity #2, FMF KTM Factory Racing Team’s @kr_557 won t, @jamesrispoli is your 2020 @americanflattrack Prod. Never subject a tire on the motorcycle to dynamometer engine testing. Stick the iron in just far enough past the rim edge being careful not to catch the tube. And, since desert speeds are far greater than those in motocross or enduro events, they must also be able to resist heat buildup. Lube the bead with a mild soap and water solution and push a small section if it under the rim near the stem area. The pressure noted on the sidewall of the tire is a maximum for that tire and may not match the recommended pressure for your motorcycle.

Mount tires as tubeless only when the wheel manufacturer recommends it. Under inflation and overloading of motorcycle tires are significant causes of cupping and uneven wear, particularly in association with hard braking and/or trailer use. Every time you change your tires you should use a new, properly installed valve stem for a tubeless tire or change the tube for a tube type application. How do I select the right replacement tires for my motorcycle? Wipe off any oil or gasoline immediately with a clean rag. Registration information can be found on the Dunlop web site at, or utilize the registration card you obtained from your dealer. Consult the motorcycle manufacturer before making modifications from stock. The tread is responsible for 2/3 of total tyre rolling resistance but a sidewall for 1/3 only. No. – Casing constructions must flex readily for riding over slippery rocks and tree roots, yet provide good puncture resistance. Advise your customers that no form of temporary repair should be attempted because secondary damage caused by a penetrating object may not be detected and tire or tube deflation may occur at a later date. When you think of it, the vast majority of motorcycles are high performance vehicles compared to most cars. Be sure the tube is not bunched up in any area or aught under the rim locks. All pressures should be set cold—that is, before the bike is ridden. All listed data and/or calculations are for informational purposes only. When the vehicle changes the lane with the underinflated tyres a sidewall stiffness decreases and the handling is weaker.

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