Or, get $50 off the course for reading this post (we even have a money-back guarantee if you don’t pass the exam).

Here’s some feedback we’ve gotten on the course from folks on Facebook (we wanted to use Facebook screenshots so you know we aren’t making these reviews up)….

Keep in mind that there are guidelines for drone flight regarding altitude limitations and allowable airspace. This usually is characterized by good visibility, lots of turbulence, and showery precipitation. Skyviation by Media MG - Aerial Photography Video and Drone inspections - Drone Registration Test Answers This exemption will be in place until the 30th June 2020, when new regulations are expected. Air transportation provided by Air Methods Q & A About Recreational Drone Use rev.

To answer this question properly, you also need to know what a “stalled position” is. Hey!

You must be at least 13 years old to get a flyer ID.Taking the theory testIt's a good idea to make sure you prepare for the theory test.We recommend reading The Drone and Model Aircraft Code before you start.The test has 20 multiple choice questions and you should allow at least 20 minutes to complete the test.You can take the test as many times as you like.

When you do sit the test, you will find that it includes questions about how high you can fly, what to consider if you’re near an airport or want to cover a large-scale event, operating in certain weather conditions, and hot topics relating to privacy and insurance.

When flying a drone, wind shear at low altitudes can cause updrafts and downdrafts making the drone unstable. Fixed-winged aircraft, whether it is manned or unmanned, share many of the same attributes. No aircraft may be operated while under the influence of alcohol (regardless of time passage). Pilots will either report their position to a Flight Service Station, a UNICOM monitor, or will announce their position to whomever may be listening to the designated Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF).

A) Civil and public small UAS operationsB) Civil small UAS operationsC) Public UAS operations.

Remember in a previous question we talked about how obstruction (i.e., tower) heights are displayed on sectional charts. A) The aircraft is East.B) The aircraft is South.C) The aircraft is West.

Accidents happen. This question is an example of where the FAA might try to trip you up for not reading carefully. Did you get a new drone for Christmas? Class C airspace is depicted by thick magenta rings around the airport. Wind shear can occur at any altitude and it is deadly when a manned aircraft encounters wind shear. when the research showed multiple choice answers did not meet user’s mental model for the test element of the service the content was rewritten to work as single choice answers.

The drone will be grounded until this is complete, If a pilot is unsuccessful, they will be able to retake the quiz with a set of new questions.

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