Who is in the bedroom often brings greater meaning into our dream. A dream or nightmare about a scary or haunted house often represents fears, worries, and unresolved feelings of hatred, anger, despair, or rage that haunt you.

I had a dream I broke Into Someone Else's House.

Happy Dreaming! In the other hand, it is common for women to struggle with assertiveness or aggression due to societal/cultural norms and this may lead to a man symbolizing these traits. Although the other people may symbolize themselves or our feelings about someone else, other people are often symbolic of an aspect of ourself we associate with this person and have not readily integrated into our own personal identity. I've never done any of the actions that I have listed above in real life. Thank you for your comment, Glenn. It's important to note if the house is half-built or half-demolished, as this will give you insight into the unfinished task before you. Thank you! The bathroom is often a place where we "let go" and allow ourselves to be our most authentic or vulnerable selves. A cluttered basement could show us our tendency to avoid emotions and dealing with our past resulting in an overwhelming build up. When a hallway presents itself in our dreams, it is helpful to explore where the hallway is leading, where we perceive obstacles, and where we want to go next. Glenn Stok from Long Island, NY on February 10, 2019: This was very informative Sue. However, also remember that dreams speak symbolically. Sometimes the entire structure, setting, and furnishings of a house feel unfamiliar and strange, but other times a familiar house may sit in an unfamiliar location. Like hermit crab, the world outside changes, but your existence inside your mobile home can remain the same. The only punishment I had received was from my mom. However, if you found yourself in a dirty small house, it can … The hallway could represent the major arteries of our selves and can reflect the overall health of our internal world. When I came home, my entire family was there. One of the hardest things in the book, she says, was acknowledging the damage it … Perhaps your body, mind, life, time, consciousness, or psyche has been encroached on by someone or something without your permission, and your boundaries have been breached against your will. Although still personal in nature, the living room is the place where we interact with others and may represent the more public, shared, and collaborative parts of our lives. This type of dream may help us identify either our insecurities or authentic aspects of self we may not openly share with others. When windows are the focal point of our dreams, the dream often reflects our outlook and perspective. A very dark basement gives us the impression that we need to "shed light onto something" and are not able to see something just yet. If the water engulfs your house, it can indicate immense, powerful, and unruly emotions that threaten to swallow and suffocate everything in their path.

Size of house: If the house in the dream was large and grand and you felt worried about how clean it was indicates that you may lack social interaction or miss someone (old friend, ex-partner or sibling) badly. Dreamers often find themselves walking down hallways, sometimes a hallway filled with doors.

A garden could help us gain insight into our personal development. You may choose to walk into someone else’s dreams because you are interested in learning more about them, or you want to share an adventure with them. While we, as dreamers, are the ultimate experts when it comes to the meaning and personal significance of our dreams, houses and rooms as symbols within our dreams often have common meanings. Finding holes in the floor, and exploring what is in these holes, could help us identify the unconscious emotions that are influencing our thoughts and actions in our waking life. In many ways, the kitchen is the heart of the house. * Connect with a community of dream enthusiasts. I am happy to hear my article helped you understand your dream better. Dreaming of an attic could reflect this type of experience and need for review. "It is a very complex look into your soul. When I came home, my entire family was there. I didn’t know what that dream meant until now that I read your article.
She was an old nice woman that I didn't recognize at the moment from any real life instance. This dream space can prove a useful way to safely explore something new and gain insight into ourselves.

Dreams are helpful tools for unearthing secrets and solving problems. In my dream I went into that section and looked around, examining all the rooms and furniture. This dream may mean that you have some work to do. If the dreamer is unsure which door to choose, this may help identify ambivalence or uncertainty in our waking lives. The presence and condition of a porch in our dreams may reflect how extraverted we are and our overall tendency to socialize. A window may reflect our perception of the outside world, while looking into a window from the outside could hint at self-awareness. In the dream, do you know where you're moving or is it a mystery? In closet dreams, we can often identify a sense of anxiety related to the closet and the potential discovery of our secrets. How a basement is organized can give us clues how we manage our emotions.

Besides reflecting our own thoughts and ideas of our own house, a past house or a dream (as in ideal) house, a house tends to relate to our physical body, our mind, and/or the dwelling of our soul. * Ask questions and learn about dreams. What is in the living room is very important to note—or what is missing from the room. A fenced-in yard may relate to our boundaries and could either leave us feeling imprisoned or vulnerable, depending on the condition of the fence. And while this may be a common theme, the meaning behind these dreams is often less literal than a fear of someone actually breaking in. Is the move positive or negative? The intruder in the dream may represent some awareness or insight that is about to break through into our consciousness. To dream that someone is trying to break into your house indicates that some subconscious material is attempting to make itself known. Sex in dreams is often less of a physical symbol as much as it is reflecting an emotional or psychological union of opposites.

Houses are part of our everyday experience and show up often in dreams. In these terms, our houses/homes are representative of ourselves. You may feel like outside forces conspire to knock, eat, smash, or whittle you down. Below, you'll find several questions to ask yourself to help you interpret your dream house.

This connecting passage often reflects our multifaceted selves and an exploration of self.

Viewing many different homes in a dream may be confusing, but the dream experience could allow further reflection on current choices, the influence of others on one's life, and how changes have occurred over time in one's personal experience. When a dream focusus on a back yard, it can be associated with the unconscious mind, our inner life, information we choose to hide from others, and/or safe haven from the outside world. When I couldn't open the door, I recognized that there was a keypad at the door and it was asking me to type in a number.

Sometimes, the old house is friendly and comforting, but other times it makes us feel oddly ashamed, unsettled, or trapped. The presence of many chairs on a porch may give us an impression of how open we are to socializing, whereas a porch without chairs may represent a preference to limit social interactions. The structure of the house itself tends to symbolize ourselves while the rooms of that house tend to symbolize specific aspects of selfhood. When I looked up, I saw one of the residents of the house look down on me. Our closets are places to hide or store things. Via this dream, your subconsciousness is revisiting this construct of who you are and giving you the opportunity to see it anew, with fresh eyes, each time. On the other hand, it might indicate a desire to do something different, make something new, start from scratch, or make something bigger and better. The characteristics of the dream basement can give us some clues. The next day, I literally WOKE UP in the house. The dream might symbolize a disconnect between who you are and what you think you are. I told her that I didn't know why I was here and that I would leave as soon as possible. When we find a childhood bicycle, we may wonder, "What direction this memory is taking us?".

This dream is your subconsciousness giving you another chance to work through scary emotions or memories you haven't faced or fully processed. Windows in dreams show us our point of view.

She escorted me out, and I never got in trouble for breaking in subconsciously. Corelli elaborated that "the purpose of this figure seems to be to reflect all the worst aspects of our character so that we may become more fully conscious of those traits and accept these unwanted but vitally necessary parts of ourself."

These dreams can range from terrifying to enlightening. Sorting through our attics or other storage spaces in our waking lives is often a walk down memory lane. While the basement and attic may be spaces for unconscious storage, the items in our closet are often things we consciously hid from view but are within our awareness. The living room could represent the part of ourselves we invite others to experience or allow others to see. Welcome to the Reddit Dreams community! See the themes section for more on colors. Below, you'll find ideas for how to interpret many different dream houses. Since fire often symbolizes passion, desire, anger, destruction, illumination or enlightenment, purification, or transformation, to dream that your house is burning may indicate any of these things, depending on the dreamer's feelings about the fire. An old, dilapidated, or outdated structure in a dream might represent an old and untouched idea, belief, or thought pattern that has been standing in your mind for years an years without any conscious attention.

I had a dream that I broke into his sisters house. A forced entry is, by definition, destructive. Something I realized - I never got legal punishment for anything I did. The porch is a social part of the house, the place where you greet the world and welcome visitors.

We can imagine what would happen to our homes if we did not fix leaks or address an infestation, and this applies to our internal homes as well. Sometimes dreams can give a warning of future events, so always be alert to this possibility.

Intruder dreams. *Shivers* If you've had dreams like this, you are very far from alone; according to a survey conducted by Amerisleep, nearly 16 percent of Americans have had recurring dreams of someone breaking into their homes. I walked away from my second house break in once again and went home. The ceiling may also reflect a limitation and could symbolize things like a "glass ceiling" or other limits within ourselves.

And while you may want to forget about these dreams the moment you wake from them. If it feels positive or hopeful, the burning might indicate an impending personal transformation or cleansing. Press J to jump to the feed. A leak in our roof can show us something is getting to us. ", Dreams have cleverly layered meanings and can have both a literal and symbolic meaning. Closets in our dream show us what we fear others will notice about ourselves, and the items of clothing hanging in the closet represent the other personas or selves inside of us. Only dreamers know their unique and personal associations with houses. It was a nice three story villa with a modern look, and it had a balcony and a garden. "The intruder in the dream represents some part of ourself that we have kept outside our awareness for too long and now needs to be let in," he explained.
This typically relates to our childhood memories and playfulness and how our past and development influence us now. A porch swing may represent our playfulness. I knew where the key was so I let myself in and did some exploring and was going to take one of my exes shirts.

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