CSO2 Female Characters with THEIR Female Anims, DummyPrivateMessageAddFormRequesterModule. I'm also thinking difficulty has been retuned on lower difficulties due to the new weapons/monsters. Doom 4-esque HUD with weapon-specific reticles. Click download now to get access to the following files: Hey, JP. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Yeah same, I have also tried it on gzdoom and whenever i use the super shotgun it crashes the game. Vertical health and armor bars should make it easy to tell how much health you have in your peripheral vision without glancing at numbers. This is a basic HUD mod for GZDoom 3.0 or later. Crispy Doom 5.7.2 has been released on March 13, 2020 to introduce the Compact HUD for widescreen rendering mode and bring some general improvements and fixes. I'm just really impressed with the depth in this, far more than just a weapon mod for Doom! No I don't think so. BD64 and now this? Everything related to the hit action-horror series DOOM, by id software. Armor indicator, somehow, shows green armor if it's below 100% even if megaarmor is equiped and, vice versa, shows blue armor if it's above 100% but regular armor is equiped. Holy crap! It is objectively the most comfortable hud for Doom. Not a member yet? Just wish someone would offer the nuDoom music in a ready pk3-file. I'm just really impressed with the depth in this, far more than just a weapon mod for Doom! http://www.moddb.com/mods/d4d-doom4-for-doom/addons/proj2music3pk. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I'm getting the exact same problem here, and I can reproduce it 100% of the time. Receive these membership benefits: Install and manage your mods easily with community-made 1-Click mod downloaders. update: fixed ammo display with mods that use custom fonts, update: K key now cycles stats/time display. I'm also thinking difficulty has been retuned on lower difficulties due to the new weapons/monsters. Sign up I know what I'm doing for the next few weeks. Not when it's about D4D :P. Works fine. Just tested the mod and I love the idea! Have the current ammo pool float to the top? Will this not work for Zandronum on my Mac? Is there a source code for this mod so we can make our own changes? I generalized it a little bit, but only just enough to make this custom version of it. IT MUST BE MY BIRTHDAY. to create shortcuts to your favorite games! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. And lunch tomorrow. Sorry, I'm new to this. Keep the least important information at the edges of the screen, and possibly make health slightly larger than armor. Become one today and start sharing your creations! File updated. Which version of gzdoom are you using? dmslr 1 year ago. And tomorrow morning. Fixed: https://jp.itch.io/jphud-doom/devlog/98146/updated-with-a-fix. I might make a beta release for testing and debugging here on this wip so keep your eyes peeled. Achievements and Misc Dialogs in DooM UI Style. Using GZDoom 2.2.0 stable compiled from source, running on Arch Linux. New difficulty settings Nightmare and Ultra Nightmare. WELL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Or place the ammo counts at the bottom of the screen (similar to Quake) with the current pool centred and in large font (similar to how Doom 3 places the ammo counter on the weapons).Take a look at these cutom Quake Live huds. Thank you very much! Thanks for reminding me, I released a fix: https://jp.itch.io/jphud-doom/devlog/192895/update-fixed-ammo-display-with-mods-... Would it be possible for this to work with SmoothDoom? If the emphasis is on readability and keeping the information in the periphery, why not swap armor and health? - Additional bottom 1px row for Plutonia 2 HUD removed - Improvements for left panel of Interception HUD. Hopefully there's a fix for this, I really like this mod. I tried looking into fixing it myself but since this is made with zscript I have no idea what I'm doing lol, will be willing to donate something like 25$ if you could make a patch or tell me how to fix it :), Edit: loading your hud before SmoothDoom makes it not load at all and loading it after causes the issue mentioned above.

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