In this way the interior of the office building can be freely organized according to different necessities. Total area 69.000 sqm. The first criterion is that the new housing is organized according to principles typical of the union or cooperative; inhabitants would take part in a collective ownership structure. With Studio B&L, Latitude, Milan Ingegneria, Project for the new central park of Prato (Italy), International competition - Fourth prize. Application in Somerleyton Road, Brixton, London, Proposal for a Cooperative House in London. Structure, Housing for Community Land Trust in Brussels. 04.12.2017 - Dogma: Every Day is Like Sunday. The abundance of space that can be found in office parks can benefit material forms of production that require a certain amount of square meters that are often not available within the dense fabric of city centers. Often located on the outskirts of cities, they are always strategically connected to major infrastructures. With Office Kersten Geers David van Severen, In collaboration with Office Kersten Geers David van Severen. Interventions. Proposal for the New Administrative City, South Korea, Project for the redevelopment of the European Quarter in Brussels (Belgium), Urban vision for development of the Tirana (Albania), Proposal for the Hellenikon Metropolitan Park, Athens (Greece), International competition. Courtesy of Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism. 10th Architectural Biennale of Venice (Italy). Installation at Seoul Biennale. With Andrea Branzi and Favero&Milan, Urban study for the Immerzeeldreef area in Aalst (Belgium), Study on the European North West Metropolitan Area, Research project (project started in 2002), A Cognitive Factory in the Age of Precariousness. Double room with parlor, Proposal for a Cooperative House in London. Easier Taken Slow Proposal for the Tirana-Durrës Corridor – DURANA. The goal is to maintain the zero-degree architecture of the office space. Proposal for the 2011 Burnham Prize Competition “McCormick Place, REDUX”, Chicago (USA). Tower and Plinth Proposal for affordable living and working spaces in the Merihaka district, Helsinki (Finland) Edge plan: Sphere Business Park, Zellik. Moreover, industrial materials and solutions like concrete flooring, wooden partitions, and aluminum frames are easier to clean and maintain, and will thus reduce the effort required for maintenance. Music video by Morrissey performing Everyday Is Like Sunday. With New Academy. The third criterion is to rethink the architecture of the finishings, which has a huge impact on costs in housing. Research presented at Sharjah Architecture Triennial, Rethinking Ownership, Construction and Typology of Affordable Housing, Research presented at ‘Home Futures’ exhibition, London Design Museum, Project for two social housing blocks in Aguascalientes (Mexico), In collaboration with Tatiana Bilbao Estudio, Dellekamp Arquitectos, MAIO, HHF and MOS, Project for the transformation of Via Giulia Augusta in Aquileia (Italy), Project for a mid-rise housing block in Russia, Proposal for Waterfront and Affordable Housing in Helsinki, In collaboration with NOW for Architecture and Urbanism, Research project presented at 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial, Masterplan for the Ex Caserma Sani in Bologna, International competition - First prize. Threshing Floor, Naxos, Greece, 4th century B.C. 2014.

Proposal for 1500 residential units in Vernets, Geneve (Switzerland), Proposal for a Unitè D’Habitation at Balti Station, Research Project supported by the Tallin Biennale, Staging of the exhibition at the Architectural Association Gallery, London (UK), Proposal for 800 social housing units at Vieusseux-Villars-Franchises, Genève (Switzerland), Project on Giovanni Battista Piranesi's Campo Marzio dell'Antica Roma, Proposal for an urban park in the town of Puurs (Belgium), Proposal for the new central library in Helsinki (Finland), International competition.
While the office park was considered an attractive workplace in postwar suburban America, its import to Europe, beginning in the late 1970s, has been less successful. Transformation of office parks into living and working spaces. Floor area ratio 0,36. With Elia Zenghelis. With Realism Working Group, Project for the transformation of office parks into living and working spaces, Proposal for the Tirana-Durrës Corridor – DURANA, Proposal for affordable living and working spaces in the Merihaka district, Helsinki (Finland), Masterplan for a new residential development, Bienne (Switzerland), Proposal for the transformation of office space into housing in the Quartier Leopold, Brussels (Belgium), Proposal for the retrofitting of Ludwig Hilberseimer's settlement Unit, Chicago (USA). Field plan: Minerva, Zaventem. External view typology II, Somerleyton Road, Proposal for a Cooperative House in London. In this way, domestic labor is exposed and shared by the collective and thus drastically reduced as an individual burden. Rethinking Ownership, Construction and Typology of Affordable Housing. While the lyric was written by Morrissey, the song's composer was Stephen Street.It made number nine in the UK Singles Chart and remains one of his best-known songs. " This phenomenon is especially visible in the plethora of office parks located in proximity to the international airport of Zaventem. Commissioned project. Domestic units 300. Gross floor area 20.000 sqm. Domestic units 420. These interventions should be understood as pilot projects that can be realized in different contexts, following three specific criteria.

These houses can be conceived as flexible compositions of rooms that can be united into bigger units or remain independent cells.

Atelier, Proposal for a Cooperative House in London.

Sydney Opera House, Jørn Utzon Sydney, 1959-73. With Favero&Milan Ingegneria, Urban study for the Tolhuis area in Gent (Belgium), Masterplan for housing and educational facilities in Neuchatel (Switzerland), Project for the Railway station area in Diyarbakir (Turkey), Proposal for 44 social housing units in Westerlo (Belgium), Masterplan for the Osong Biovalley (South Korea), International competition - Honourable mention, Project for the Taichung Gateway Park, Taichung (Taiwan), International competition – finalist project. Everyday is Like Sunday Project for the transformation of office parks into living and working spaces . Office parks built in the 1980’s are the most problematic in their current condition but also the most suitable in terms of transformation due to their low density and the low-rise character of the built space. Pier Vittorio Aureli and Martino Tattara, with Luciano Aletta, Ophelie Dozat, Hubert Holewik, Ezio Melchiorre and Giovanna Pittalis, The study was conducted within the framework of the BWMSTR LABEL program at the Vlaams Bouwmeester, Production/Reproduction: Housing beyond the Family, in Harvard Design Magazine 41, Production/Reproduction: Housing beyond the Family, in.
Housing typologies: Type A (Gallery housing) and Type B (Tower housing), Edge: View of the room from the bed mezzanine. Housing Model for the Community Land Trust in Brussels, In collaboration with Community Land Trust Brussels, Proposal for a Cooperative House in London, Public space at Um Al Taraffa Sharjah built in the occasion of the Sharjah Architecture Triennial 2019.

The second criterion is the organization of the housing around two spatial conditions: being alone and being together. With Studio B&L. Dogma is the office founded by Pier Vittorio Aureli and Martino Tattara in 2002. International competition, Proposal for the area of Spina 4, Turin (Italy), International competition - Honourable mention. Houses can thus be built within office parks either along their perimeters or even within the “parks” themselves, which often consist of abundant and underutilized parking lots.

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