Blood tests may confirm poisoning. Drenching for worms should only occur after testing as drench resistance may occur with over drenching or using the incorrect product.

Snake venom varies by species, and the severity of a bite can also be influenced by size, age, and the number of bites. You should use hoof or nail trimmers especially for alpacas. They should then brought into line with the adults at once per year, normally at shearing time. Depending on the severity of the bite, treatments may include antivenin, pain medications, fluid therapy, wound treatment, tetanus, Compassionate Wildlife Practices At Your Animal Sanctuary. In other words, it will only consume plants of various sorts. Mycotoxins are a toxin produced by molds (fungi) that are harmful to many animals.

They belong to the Camelid family - the same family as camels and llamas. Found in local food co-ops, farmers’ markets, national wholesale distributors and online, alpaca meat is an anomaly within the livestock market, falling within a gray area that allows for this fiber-producing animal to also be sold as a meat livestock. Join BYC FREE here to see fewer ads, post questions, upload pics, & more! If alpacas ingest plants that have been sprayed with phenoxy acid herbicides, they can become ill or even die. Harvest alfalfa before it fully blooms to reduce the chances of beetle contamination. In general, alpacas require very little grain in their diet. As it progresses the head may begin to shake more and possibly affect their balance where they may stagger and fall. Dried “Alpaca Beans” (Poop!)

They can be in with the females when paddock or stall mating but they should be removed once the mating period has finished. Visit Walnut Creek's t-shirt page for more info...  read more, Classic Peruvian Magic an 8x Champion with an elite fine fleece...  read more. The information comes from Wikipedia, the Canadian poisonous plant registry and from …

Blue-green algae, which is most often found in stagnant, slow-moving water when temperatures are high, can poison alpacas. Only feed grains designed for camelids and use these in moderation.
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The animal will have to be taken off the grass for awhile when they show these symptoms. Please note: Always check the label on the bag of feed and make sure you do not feed your alpacas medicated feed with Ionophores such as: Rumensin, Salinomycin or Lasalosid. now i know goats and sheep seem to be the better option but the fencing is a bit too much for us. In most plants, the level of selenium is related to levels in the soil. Such cases usually recover under good care. This could be especially important if you have an alpaca that shows initial signs of mycotoxin exposure.
Be sure to look up what plants are poisonous to alpacas. Alpaca do not do well on lush rich pastures – Lanark Highlands fields are perfect! Pesticides may affect the nervous system in alpacas and can be fatal if not treated with the antidote. A 5in1 product should be given to cria at 8 and then a booster given at 12 weeks. While rats and mice can pose challenges for sanctuaries, it is important to respect them and use compassionate mitigation practices. There have been many related deaths when accidentally fed to them. They’re 100% herbivore, only eat plants and love grass, which forms the bulk of their naturally-occurring diet. If we don't have the answer, we'll find it.

Please see The Open Sanctuary Project’s Global Toxic Plant Database and filter Species Afflicted by alpacas in order to see a list of plants across the world that are toxic to alpacas. Do they share the same preferences as to what they eat? Typically due to ingestion of something not intended for alpacas such as chicken feed, cow mineral, or pig mineral. They are very “frugal eaters” – eating very little and able to eat many different weeds, trees, grasses. Your feedback helps us make the best resources possible! 5in1 is a vaccination type that covers the prevention of 5 different types of diseases that are covered in one injection: Tetanus, Enterotoxaemia (Pulpy Kidney), Black Disease, Malignant Oedema and Blackleg. If you have any questions on what to feed your alpacas, don't hesitate to call or email. Venomous snakebites are not common, but when they occur, should be treated seriously and immediately.

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