This will continually repair armor until the timer is up, making it a very good option to keep your armor in tact against a group of enemies. The Stinger Hive sends out mini-drones as well, but these target enemies rather than teammates and begin to attack them by targeting their weak spots. Grab the full The Division 2 patch notes here to see what's new. Some of us just want to get through Roosevelt Island Legendary, My Guide for the IRON Horse Raid (All Bosses) on Xbox, Don’t be a build snob in Legendary (or anywhere else), The Division 2 Weekly Vendor Reset 03/11/2020, With the ambush GE going on, Decided to hop in and clear the all landmarks (LZ and DZ) in a solo Survival Game, JP – Maint, IW, Banner: 5~NVA G.L.Sakura / 7★ I.Nichol, NVA Shard Exchange, Autumn Campaigns & More – 11/6+, Some less usual Bristleback buff suggestions. Fixed Special Field Research not granting Apparel Cache rewards. The Division 2 update 10.1 is being deployed tomorrow across all platforms and here’s what it does. So I've been running a lot of Legendary lately and one thing I've noticed is i just don't typically see Skill builds run the Artificer hive…And i don't understand this at all. Instead of outright healing your armor, the Reviver Hive Skill Variant does just what the name sounds like. Changed maximum Rifle ammo capacity from 280 to 420, Shield health bonus increased from +10% to +50%, Armour regeneration lowered from +3% to +1%, Increased power of items from Field Proficiency and Dark Zone caches to be on par with Heroic tier loot (up from Challenge), Increased power of items from Clan caches to be on par with Legendary tier loot (up from Heroic), Increase of item power of Legendary tier loot also affects all season caches. Granted, I habitually run one, but i have yet to see a SINGLE non shield tank build run this hive. Fixed a UI only issue on the Trauma Specialist talent where it states ‘REQUIRED’ but gives no further context. Instead I formulated a route beforehand and memorized it before…, I know this question has been done to death by now, but there has been some complications with shipping so I can't get my new gaming laptop and is stuck with my old non-gaming laptop for like, 2 more years. As for item power, Ubisoft says it’s “increased minimum item power and chances for higher power items for several difficulties”, which means there should now be “higher average rolls overall”. the only thing I've seen kill it is either my hive bugging out and not sending charges, or three heavies stomping it at once. Carrie cut her gaming teeth on the early Tomb Raiders and a lot of Worms 2, but has since developed slightly wider interests. Fixed the Blinder Firefly failing to blind enemies. Quite a few exciting games are releasing for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo in June. Fixed a delay between the EMP Sticky Bomb exploding and the start of the cooldown. Boosted with the hive, my turret does either 185k or 242k if im proccing my talents. The Restorer Hive Skill Variant allows you to throw a little device that will then use mini-drones to heal the armor on you or your teammates that are within the radius shown by a green circle. If i proc neither, my drone is at 93k and my turret is at 135k (spotter). I think it would be perfect if we could have weapons such as the hammer to have a lethal attack as well as a non-lethal (Pressing triangle…, I drove from The Golden Gate Bridge to Time Square following a route that is as close to the one used in NFS The Run as possible. sure, the biggest benefits are seen when you're running in a groups of 3+ turrets, and you only need one, but im still baffled that no one's using this combo, as personally, it results in a WAY smoother run on my end than using the drone.

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