The odds bottom out at three percent (about the chances of two dice rolling sixes, which is always a success in this game). But it’s also very stressful. Cookies help us deliver our Services. She’s at the docks to the west of Whirling-in-Rags. You’re completely free to look around as much as you like. You can find her stationed on a little boat throughout most of the day. How to get: Keep referring to yourself as Detective Costeau (fail conceptualization check when meeting Kim), refuse your real name.

The vast, vast majority of skill checks in Disco Elysium are colored white. Others lower some of your skills as long as you have them equipped, but provide other benefits, as well. It’s inaccessible at first. How to get: You get it in the same dream where you get White Mourning, but it requires a conceptualization skill check. This is an incredibly useful item!

Important to note – You don’t have to internalize a thought in order to access the associated dialog. That’s a great time to get things done! While researching: 3 hours 10m, -2 Visual Calculus, Result: Left-wing Dialogue options give +4 xp (Communist) -1 Visual Calculus -1 Authority, How to get: Talk to Joyce about the Pale (pass the conceptualization check in the reality dump) and then the old driver lady about the her passing out and traveling through the Pale. You will be incredibly surprised by how much things connect back to each other. That’s not much, but XP required to unlock skill points never scales. You can now internalize a different thought in that slot at no cost. That means it’s almost never worth dumping points into a skill before you make a white check. Result: -1 Logic, Learning caps for the following raised to 6: Visual Calculus, Suggestion, Electrochemistry, Composure. Instead it’s better to back out of a conversation before performing a white check. One wrong move can put you in a world of hurt — closing off certain paths to success or putting you in the ground. Disco Elysium can be dark, beautiful, grimy, and entertaining all at the same time. Just keep remember whenever someone — or something — warns you a clue won’t be around forever! Ask around, there are people to the west of the mural.

Each bottle is worth 10 cents. So, uh, think carefully. Result: 300 XP on completion, -1 Authority, All MOT learning caps raised by 1. Interfacing is the required stat. (apartment 10, accept the cleaning lady’s quest to investigate) and wear them. It only ever costs 100 XP to unlock another skill point! Result: -1 Encyclopedia +1 XP for every orb clicked, All INT (Blue) learning caps raised by 1, How to get: Pick up pants near the fishing village (just north of the drunks) and wear them or choose neutral/moderate dialogue options (Don’t commit to any political philosophy [communism, fascism, libertarianism], whether “I don’t want to get involved” or “can’t we all just get along?”), While researching: 1 hour 25m, -2 Half-light, Result: Moralist Dialogue options heal +1 Morale, Learning Cap for Volition raised to 5, Learning cap for Logic raised to 5. You might have noticed the clock in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Are you trying to click on the group of 3 traps? How to get: Presumably something to do with the music guys? How long it takes to internalize and what the effects are during the internalization process. That means you can try them more than once. This actually goes for most of the “main” tasks in Disco Elysium. Just talking to Garte, asking why Silvie left, and loudly proclaiming yourself a feminist should be enough. Make sure you do wear any clothes that can give you a bonus. So consider carefully which thoughts you want to pursue, because I’m not going to plot out every possible dialog option they affect. Given that there are hundreds of circles throughout the game, that’s well worth the trouble.

They ought to help you put your best foot forward. It’s to the west of the hostel, next to an unnamed NPC on some stairs by the waterfront. It’s a great source of money early in the game with pretty much zero consequences. While researching: 30m, Learning cap for Endurance raised to 4, Result: All currently locked white Endurance checks unlocked (literally only useful for examining the corpse, waste of 2 skills points). How to get: Keep talking about your suicidal desires. How to get: Keep hitting physical objects with your bare hands/feet. Result: White check failures heal morale, +1 rhetoric (?).

It will say things like “talked to X person,” or “gave Y person a hat.” These don’t just add to your odds of succeeding. You need to reach a certain amount of progress in the main murder case before a certain in-game day. How to get: Pick up shoes in the Apartment buildng. They don’t apply to future locked checks and can’t be re-enabled. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Alternately, you have to pass a hidden Inland Empire check. (You might need to talk about Gabriel earlier and say you’ve lost your memory due to heartbreak? Your email address will not be published. Then make the initial check. Home > Guides > Disco Elysium – Thought Cabinet Guide. While researching: 7 hours 10 m, no other changes.

I thought it was just a gag. Some preliminary information can even help you gather clues that you will take back into the main investigation further down the line. I once kicked an inanimate object, for instance, and only took damage for my trouble. Talk to Cuno about the Magnesium residue, be positive about it, and pass a Composure check after talking to him. But not all thoughts are created equal! How to get: Wonder when you were born after questioning Klaasje about the dead merc. You probably need more information, higher skills, and/or bonuses from clothing to help you finish. All FYS (Physical/Pink) learning caps raised by 1. Collecting the tare also doesn’t cause time to progress. Removing complete thoughts is permanent, however! +1 Pain threshold. The official Reddit community for Disco Elysium - a mind bending RPG and the best existential dread simulator ever created.

How to get: Keep referring to yourself as a superstar. You can tell what things affect your chances by hovering over the white check. Walking around doesn't take up any time. +1 Conceptualization. Except it comes with the added benefit of highlighting new items in the world while you hold it. ), While researching: 8 hours 10m, -1 Visual Calculus, Result: +1 Inland Empire, All INT White Checks unlocked. You nerd out over Kim’s car, and…. However – just adding the thoughts to your inventory, without internalizing them, affects the way you think and speak. While researching: 4 hours, All red checks fail, Result: Critical success/failure thresholds lowered by 1. They’re a limited resource in Disco Elysium — in that you can only have a certain number equipped at one time.

As your character learns more about the world of Disco Elysium and himself, he will gain access the various thought – worldviews, ideologies, personality traits, hobbies. Finally, since most in-game checks are repeatable, you can always come back with your partner in the morning and try again with his help. How to get: Support Facism (stand against women and immigrants), While researching: 9 hours 10m, -1 Composure, Result: Nationalist dialogue options damage -1 Morale, Alcohol gives +2 FYS (Physical/Pink), How to get: Constantly apologize / dunk on yourself (4 times?). They can lead to inner monologues and even fully developed thoughts that will help you on your investigation. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Absolutely do that! Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. That might discourage you from looking into every little thing that crosses your path… Don’t let it! There’s even a thought that will give you one XP every single time you click on the observation bubbles. While researching: 2 hours, +2 Authority, +2 Suggestion. Observing the game first helps you fail. There is very, very rarely anything in Disco Elysium that isn’t ultimately useful in some capacity.

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