Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis officer who was arrested and charged with murder after using a knee chokehold on George Floyd, has a history of complaints against him. Borton had been driving 10 miles over the speed limit. The reason for the traffic stop? Minutes after the car pulled up to Bergh’s house and he got out of the car, Chauvin and his partner pulled up in a police car behind them without any sirens or lights and with “their guns drawn on me,” Bergh said. Experts have said that prosecutors likely have a long road ahead in securing an airtight case that would take all four men to trial. [29] During the final two[30] minutes Floyd was motionless and had no pulse. [2][3][4] The incident set off a series of protests around the world. She told the newspaper that Chauvin and the other officer released her roughly 15 minutes later without an explanation. 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On June 3, Ellison amended the charges against Chauvin to include unintentional second-degree murder under the felony murder doctrine, alleging that Chauvin killed Floyd in the course of committing assault in the third degree;[42][43] But, she added, "We all worked together certain nights and they would have crossed paths.". Chauvin started his career as a police officer in 2001 at age 25, after working as a security guard and a McDonald's cook. He was loved. Then, within one week, he was filmed kneeling on. California’s COVID-19 efforts fare better than national average, but hospitalizations are rising. In an email to BuzzFeed News on Thursday, Bergh said that had he and his friends not been white, they would have “likely been shot” by the officers. [49], Chauvin was released on conditional bail on October 7, 2020 after posting a bond of $1 million. Chauvin is due to appear in court later this month. [60] The Washington County prosecutor's office announced on July 22, 2020 that Chauvin and his wife under-reported joint income by a total of $464,433, including more than $95,000 from Chauvin's off-duty security work. [32] While knee-to-neck restraints are allowed in Minnesota under certain circumstances, Chauvin's use of the technique has been widely criticized by law enforcement experts as excessive. He said the officers finally released their friend “after what seemed like an eternity” and returned their Nerf guns. Officer Derek Chauvin was disciplined for pulling a woman from her car and frisking her during stop for speeding, one of 17 times he's been investigated. Chauvin is being held at a state prison. On Monday, Chauvin made his first court appearance via videoconference, and a judge set his bail at $1.25 million with no conditions and $1 million with conditions such as turning in his guns, refraining from law-enforcement work, and not leaving Minnesota without permission. The Post said it was unclear which officers fired at Reyes and what Chauvin's involvement was. The database showed that Bergh filed the complaint on May 3, 2013, and his case number in the database matches one of the case numbers in Chauvin’s complaint profile released by the Minneapolis Police Department. since. Her work has been featured in the Washington Post, National Public Radio and the Baltimore Sun. Videos taken by bystanders showed that Floyd was not resisting arrest when Chauvin first put his knee on Floyd's neck and that Chauvin refused to move his knee even after Floyd passed out, despite numerous people urging him to stop. "His face, attitude, posture would change when we did urban nights," she said. Derek Michael Chauvin (lahir di Oakdale, Minnesota, Amerika Serikat, 19 Maret 1976; umur 44 tahun) adalah mantan perwira polisi Amerika yang didakwa atas pembunuhan George Floyd di Minneapolis, Minnesota, pada 25 Mei 2020.Selama penangkapan yang dilakukan oleh Chauvin dan tiga petugas lainnya, ia berlutut di leher George Floyd selama hampir delapan menit sementara Floyd diborgol dan … Bergh said he immediately dropped his backpack and trumpet on the ground and complied with their orders. But when the officers tried to bring him to their cruiser, he fell to the ground. He said a few days after filing the complaint, someone from the department called him to ask for a few more details about the incident. Esses Cookies nos permitem coletar alguns dados pessoais sobre você, como sua ID exclusiva atribuída ao seu dispositivo, endereço de IP, tipo de dispositivo e navegador, conteúdos visualizados ou outras ações realizadas usando nossos serviços, país e idioma selecionados, entre outros. Both George Floyd and Derek Chauvin lived in Minnesota's Twin Cities and even worked at the same nightclub before Chauvin knelt on Floyd's neck during an arrest on May 25, killing him. At the age of seven, his parents divorced and were granted joint custody of him. Borton said Chauvin and another officer pulled her over as she was returning home from the grocery store with her infant. 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Postal Service and orders search for mail ballots in Texas facilities, Photos: Trump team wants more Michigan vote inspectors, Election experts and officials respond to Trump’s false claims of victory, fraud. According to the former owner of El Nuevo Rodeo, a Latin nightclub, Chauvin had worked there off duty as security while George Floyd was working as a security guard, but was not certain whether they knew each other. In Los Angeles, officers with the LAPD’s Hollywood Division took at least 585 people into custody on Monday alone. In both cases, Chauvin received a letter of reprimand. [13] In Washington, peaceful protests descended into chaos after federal law enforcement fired tear gas, rubber bullets and flash-bang grenades at demonstrators to clear a pathway for President Trump to walk to a nearby Episcopal church and pose for a photo-op holding a Bible. Kristofer Bergh, a 24-year-old white man from Minneapolis, was one of the people who filed a complaint against Chauvin and another officer, accusing them of pulling a gun on him and his teenage friends in 2013 after one of the teens shot a Nerf gun that may have struck a passerby. [16] “That friend later told us that in the squad car he was verbally berated further, being told that he was a worthless piece of shit who is soon going to have a rap sheet a mile long,” Bergh said.One of the officers told the teens that “we’d all be 18 by the end of the year, meaning we can all go to ‘big boy jail,’” Bergh recalled. Neither the nonprofit database nor the Minneapolis internal affairs public summary include dates or descriptions that incited the complaints. Ao continuar com a navegação em nosso site, você aceita o uso de cookies. Derek Chauvin, policía imputado por el asesinato de George Floyd, en libertad tras pagar 1 millón de dólares Redacción/Informativos Telecinco 07/10/2020 23:51h. The three friends told BuzzFeed News that the officers did not physically harm them or threaten them, “aside from the inherent threat implied by aiming guns at us,” Bergh added. “They told her it was because we had been trying to elude them,” Bergh said. Chauvin was arrested on May 29. When one of the teens admitted to the officers that he was the one who had shot the Nerf gun that may have hit a passerby, Hanson, Bergh, and Petersen said the officers took their friend to their squad car and “detained him” for a while. It's absolutely beyond words," she said. Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman charged him with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter,[5][38] Chauvin was also praised at various points in his career, according to the Star Tribune — two women commended him in 2008 and 2013 after he handled domestic-violence calls, and he was awarded a Medal of Commendation in 2008 after he disarmed a man during one of his nightclub security shifts. Chauvin had a reputation for being overly aggressive and combative, according to the nightclub owner who employed him as a security guard. The killing, which bystanders filmed, began with a 911 call to report a counterfeit bill and led to days of civil unrest across the globe. Huge, peaceful protests spread across L.A. and end in more arrests. Throughout the nearly nine minutes Floyd was trapped under Chauvin's knee, he called out for his mother and said he thought he was going to die. Molly O’Toole is an immigration and security reporter based in the Los Angeles Times’ Washington, D.C., bureau. Demonstrations large and small unfold throughout California as protests ignited by George Floyd’s death show no signs of slowing. Floyd's brother shares what it was like growing up with George, All four ex-officers charged in Floyd's death amid protests, protesters in Minneapolis and across the country, subject of 18 prior complaints filed against him, A look at why ex-police officer Derek Chauvin is charged with third-degree murder, George Floyd and Derek Chauvin once worked overlapping security shifts at the same nightclub. Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Floyd's family, has suggested that Floyd and Chauvin crossed paths at the nightclub, but Santamaria told KSTP, an ABC affiliate in St. Paul, that she wasn't sure they ever met. “It was terrifying.”. Caso não concorde com o uso cookies dessa forma, você deverá ajustar as configurações de seu navegador ou deixar de acessar o nosso site e serviços. Contact Tasneem Nashrulla at

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