Located six miles north of Denton, Montana, the 800-acre Coffee Creek BLOCK Management Area is located between a 320-acre parcel and … Montana Bird Hunting. Numbers seem ok this year....probably down somewhat from an average year, but we're finding some birds.

NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) maps which are based on free satellite imagery are useful, but not near as good as yield maps as a first cut for thinking about profitability on a fine scale within fields.

The Coffee Creek property is located six miles north of Denton, Montana and is enrolled in the Block Management Program, and like all PF properties is open to public hunting and recreation. Ducks Unlimited provided the design and is funding the work in partnership with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (the WMAs landowner), FWP, and PF.

The chaps are one-size-fits-most, and she’s got some skinny legs, so they were a bit baggy in the thigh, but otherwise worked great. We don't go out and take our limit in 30 minutes like we have in some of the really good years, but we manage to find some birds if we put the time in.. The future of Precision Ag is in sensors, data usage, AI, and robotics. Integrated Solutions (IS) Specialists Panel: The prediction is for Precision Agr to be focused on smaller and faster equipment about five years into the future. The Copple Tract was a co-purchase of an adjacent 600 acres through a $30,000 cash contribution made possible by a Gibson Guitar donation from Ren Ferguson of the Gallatin Valley Pheasants Forever Chapter. She was a bit nervous to be on her first hunt – and she is a bit of a worrier. Deer, bear, squirrels and turkeys all feast on this high-protein mast crop to prepare for…, Hunters and anglers support wildlife and wild places whenever buying licenses and a wide variety of archery, fishing and gun-hunting gear. The Coffee Creek property is located six miles north of Denton, Montana and is enrolled in the Block Management Program, and like all PF properties is open to public hunting and recreation. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. ( Log Out /  Acre Value – provides information on real estate and land data, Granular Business – helps deal with farm management complexity, including labour, Granular Agronomy – helps manage crop inputs to maximize profitability, Granular Insights – allows the visualization of the economic impact of your agronomic decisions on every acre.

Turns out, her unloaded shotgun was just as effective as my loaded gun.

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